Zombie War – The Last Survivor v1.16.0 MOD APK (God Mod, Money, Ammo) Download

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Zombie War – The Last Survivor, presents the war of zombies and extends it in the context of all the zombies. Faced with the horror of the world’s destruction, the players must take action to fight this sweep. Weapons such as guns or grenades have been added to make it easier for you to eliminate obstacles in your path. The long quest becomes your struggle with thousands of zombies on different levels.

Zombie War - The Ultimate Survivor


The system needs to receive major improvements to be as successful as the current Zombie War – The Last Survivor. The images displayed in the game are created using 3D models. In the first-person perspective, players will watch everything that happens and focus on the profession. The sound mix is ​​added to create the best story. The sound of guns, bombs, and grenades will be important to make the story interesting.


The environment in Zombie War – The Last Survivor is extraordinary. Players will go through 10 different maps that describe the location of knowledge from above. Players can find themselves or search for friends by observing the dots on the map. In addition, the promotion of collecting weapons also helps players to get some victory when facing zombies and their allies. The number of 10 weapons that can be selected or improved and renovated will make you satisfied.

Zombie War - The Ultimate Survivor


The chaotic world has hundreds of opponents who are always looking to defeat you, but also, they are divided into different types by Zombie War – The Last Survivor. Undead zombie targets will make it difficult for you to meet them while moving. They will fight in groups or wait for the command of the strongest zombie. Their reaction when hit is back; that will be your time to hide. The most difficult challenge created by the system is the zombie bosses; they have a bond and take a long time to break.

Show your fighting skills

Zombie War – The Ultimate Survivor and leaders will be your next target. The player becomes a hero and tries to protect the survivors in the battle of the virus that attacks humanity. Many situations arise that require you to do everything carefully and to the best of your ability. In addition to special weapons, you can get more rewards if you defeat the boss who is the first zombie.

Zombie War - The Ultimate Survivor


  • Score points by transforming into a hero and doing different tasks in the human war against the dangerous zombies.
  • Discover the unique elements in the production system to create the beautiful graphics and sound used in the game.
  • In addition to many new special skills to fight the attack of zombies, you will need maps and weapons provided by the system.
  • Many different types of zombies will make your journey more fun; Facing zombies with their own characteristics, you need a plan.
  • The first zombie that leads this army to destroy the world will appear when the player defeats all the zombies on the way.

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