Zombie Survival v2.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP, Menu) Download

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Undead City: Zombie Survival is an action RPG where superheroes fight zombies. Zombies suddenly appeared in the city. He is a superhero who has learned magic to face him!? The player controls them and uses various magic to kill the zombies that fill the screen.

Undead City: Zombie Survival Undead City: Zombie Survival

Destroy the line of ZOMBIES!

Zombies breed in the battlefield one after the other. Drag the screen to move your hero, defend against enemies, and their barrages, and launch attacks. Defeating enemies drops knowledge items that can be collected to level up characters and learn new skills and upgrades. When learning and developing various skills, the goal is to break the levels that are divided into chapters.

Undead City: Zombie Survival features unlimited power. There are two types of battles. Some characters seem angry about Krillin being killed. It’s a Van Saba-style top-down RPG, with mechanics built in stages and constantly improved with equipment.

Undead City: Zombie Survival Undead City: Zombie Survival

The character is unique to attack the level, and for this type, it is good that there is no power limit, and you can guess the background as long as the time allows. As for the equipment, in the existing work, it is not possible to make it to a higher level without preparing the same equipment, but if the type and level of the equipment and match rings, they can be used as accessories.


When you clear the levels, you can get resources like diamonds, and you can get tools to draw gacha. Special abilities are set for each device, and it is possible to increase the level and rank through the connection. The working character (hero) can be changed, and this can be upgraded using money.

Undead City: Zombie Survival Undead City: Zombie Survival


There are mistakes in the initial stage, so follow the flow and remove the stage. In battle, you can collect diamonds necessary for gacha tools, so it’s a good idea to get the necessary resources when defeating enemies.

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