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The world is in a real crisis right now because of the emergence of unknown vaccines. It turns us, humans, into secret zombies. To prevent this from happening, you must join Zombie Frontier 3 now to fight and protect people. In this game, you will become one of the best snipers, use guns and equip them with various equipment to protect them and fight with many zombies. Overcome thousands of difficult challenges and then improve day by day and become the best sniper from every shot.

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS


This is a unique shooting and survival game. This game brings a terrible war, with the best combination of graphics. Through this game, you will be immersed in the post-apocalyptic world when human life has been turned upside down by many zombies. Players have to fight in hundreds of different levels corresponding to 120 difficulty levels. Players will play like a good gun, using sniper skills to kill zombies.

Constantly test your SNIPING skills after battle

You may feel nervous when an unknown vaccine infects everyone around you. Play as a survivor, fight and play the best role – to kill the waves of zombies that threaten the survivors. When you pass hundreds of difficult levels, it means you have real sniping skills. Don’t forget to test your gun skills in the ultimate war game. There, you must show good strength to overcome the apocalypse of evil spirits.

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

SEARCH FOR MONEY, PVP, or fight with powerful animals

Players will have an adventure in the survival game called Zombie Frontier 3, whose main task is to defeat all the zombies. The game brings the most intense and dangerous battles. There are 5 head-to-head battles with bosses, it will involve daily quests as you get stronger. There are also about 60 dangerous missions, 2 mission maps, and countless other supporting missions. In addition, there are events supporting players beyond the battles where you can improve yourself.

There are more than 30 preset tools with different uses

In this game, the most important thing should be the highest guns with a lot of 30 special guns, with many uses and uses. It can be MP5, AK47… and many more guns. You can use grenades or bombs in hand-to-hand combat with bosses. Naturally, the number of ammunition weapons in Zombie Frontier 3 is produced in limited quantities, and that makes it more competitive and attractive than ever.

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

Improve the chances of survival for yourself and your group

Players should pay attention to their own strength and health when participating in the battle, as you can die and have to start over. Be cautious in every move; The best way is to survive for yourself and your friends. Use the products that have been awarded to be used for the most important purpose. Don’t forget to upgrade your arsenal of weapons, ammunition, and other defense equipment. That also helps you to win and overcome the terrible apocalypse in the game.

Play as the main soldier, fight and destroy the epidemic

You are both a main soldier and a leader who controls many other friends while participating in Zombie Frontier 3. That’s why you have to Strategize when you participate in battles against multiple bosses and waves of zombies. Make a perfect strategy, plan every step to destroy every monster. Get ready for the war to eliminate the entire epidemic.

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS


  • Have a real survival game as you fight waves of zombies, play as a supergun hunter & make your way through 120 challenging levels.
  • Shoot like a professional sniper, test your skill level at the end of each difficult level, live the best military life.
  • Take on the fierce wars with five boss battles, 60 gunner missions, mission maps & many other intense battles.
  • Choose the right gun from more than 30 state-of-the-art weapons, providing the best strategy to destroy all enemies while using the big guns in stock.
  • Increase your chances of survival as you use valuable items to improve & grow your ammunition arsenal, winning every battle.

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