World War Polygon MOD APK 2.23 (Unlimited Money) latest 2022

The world war polygon mod apk is a game that has been around for many years and it remains one of the most popular games in history.
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The world war polygon mod apk 2022 is a game that has been around for many years and it remains one of the most popular games in history.

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It provides hours upon hours of entertainment to those who play it, with people often spending their entire day playing this game on their phone or tablet.

If you are looking to download this app make sure you look at all reviews first before downloading as there may be some negative feedback about the game not working correctly or other problems like crashing or lagging during gameplay.

Amazing features of world war polygon game

War game is an awesome idea for those who want to enjoy the roller coaster ride of battle. There are different genre of war games like first person shooter, real time strategy like Starcraft 2 and turn-based strategies like Civilization which offer their uniqueness. However, the main common thing in all these games that you need to win a battle or defeat enemy’s army. World War Polygon is a modern war game which has its own unique 10 amazing features that you cannot find in any other strategy game. Let us have a look at these top ten features of this awesome game.

Free to Play:

This is the first feature of world war polygon which makes it different from any other war game. You do not need to pay a single penny to play this awesome strategy game. This is the first strategy game which will let you explore its strategic elements without paying even a single dollar for it.


This is another feature of world war polygon game which makes it different than any other strategy game. There are six unique classes to choose from in the game that can be upgraded individually as well as their weapons to fight against enemies. All these features make world war polygon one among the top 11 best free android games 2016 .

Twitch Integration:

The next amazing feature of this modern style war game is twitch integration with social media, allows players to share their battle results with friends and other players on a social platform.

Integration with Twitch:

Another awesome feature of this war game is integration with twitch which lets you interact with your viewers while live streaming. This feature makes world war polygon one the best android strategy games to stream in 2016 . You can also invite your friends to help you fight against enemies by giving them control over troop’s movement during the battle.

Lively Environment:

One of the most amazing feature of world war polygon is a lively environment. The game will let you experience a realistic battle with proper lighting, shadows and textures which creates an immersive world for players to enjoy their time in this war game.

Huge Map Size:

The next amazing feature of this strategy game is huge map size. There are different types of battlefields as well as locations waiting for players to explore as they play through missions which keeps them engaged throughout the gameplay.

Varied Enemy Types:

One more unique thing about this strategy game is that it offers varied enemy types at every step so that player always has challenge ahead to accomplish his mission. This makes it one among top 11 best war games for PC 2016 .

Multiple Wars:

Another memorable feature of this game is that it allows players to take part in multiple wars which you can play anywhere anytime without having to wait for opponents. You can also fight with your friends and other players around the world on different maps where everyone has access to same weapons, upgrades and statuses.

Variety of Weapons:

World War Polygon offers a variety of weapons like machine guns, rockets, grenades etc. that can be used against enemies strategically to win battles with ease thus proving itself one among top 10 android strategy games .

Detailed Stats:

This amazing war game offers detailed stats related to player’s performance in missions by providing a rank and a medal. This allows players to achieve their goals in the game step by step by letting them know their actual progress. These 10 amazing features makes world war polygon one of the best android strategy games for 2016 . The urge to play this modern war game is difficult to resist thus it’s necessary to download world war polygon on your Android device so that you can kill time playing this exciting strategy game whenever you want without having any interruption much like top 5 best offline games for android 2016 .


The last and final feature of this stunning and interesting strategy game is free which lets users experience an uninterrupted gameplay with proper configuration and smooth controls. So, why wait? It’s high time for you all to take advantage of these amazing features and download world war polygon on your Android device right away to experience an engaging gameplay with great visuals.

Steps to download and install the game

1- As first step, go to ‘Settings’ and allow installation from ‘Unknown sources’.

2- Now as second step download the game from link given below.

3- As third step install the downloaded file and enjoy.

4- Now you can play the game whenever & wherever you want, this is an offline game.

5- Please note that by following any of our tips you help us serve more readers like yourself for free .

FAQS about world war polygon mod apk

Q: Is this game available for PC?

A: No, the game isn’t compatible with PC. And we don’t have any information about its release on Windows platform in foreseeable future.

Q: What device is compatible to play the game?

A: This strategy game can be played on all Android 4.1 and up devices.

Q: Is this a multiplayer game or an offline-single player?

A: It’s an offline single-player strategy game which you can play whenever & wherever you want without having any interruption much like top 5 best offline games for android 2016 .

Q: What is the size of the game?

A: It’s relatively a small sized game. The download will commence immediately on being clicked so don’t worry about its file size.

Q: Does it require internet connection to play?

A: No, you can play this strategy game offline anywhere without having internet connectivity much like top 5 best offline games for android 2016 . So, there won’t be any need of WIFI or 3G/4G connection to play this amazing war game.

Summery of world war polygon mod apk

The world is a dangerous place, and it’s even more so when you’re in the middle of a war. In this game, players will have to battle enemies from all over the globe as they fight for their countries’ pride and glory. This strategy RPG features turn-based combat that takes advantage of an intricate rock/paper/scissors system where different unit types counter each other effectively. Players also need to think about what items or skills their units can use during battles because depending on who they are fighting against, some moves might be better than others! Would you like to know how your brain works?

What's new

Hello! We are working on new big update and this is our first important step towards it, bringing bugfixes and game engine modernization:
* Removed permissions request
* Important modernization of game engine
* Performance boost and bugfixes


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