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HERO-SPECIFIC ONLINE BATTLE-TYPE SURVIVAL STG! Create attacks with unique weapons and local equipment!

“Wild Arena Survivors” is an online battle survival STG that creates attacks with all heroes’ weapons and local products. The screen is a LOl top view that makes it easy to see the environment, and the operation is a virtual pad that makes it easy to play with a smartphone. Each hero has his own characteristics, and when thinking about handling personal weapons, you can fight with local products. Whether it’s solo or duo, let’s survive to the end with a battle that makes you the best!

Wild Arena Survivors

LET’S STG where you survive with LOL-Type operation!

It is a Lol mode of operation that moves with a virtual pad on the monitor screen and functions such as attacks, skills, and items with buttons. Start with summer diving and fighting while destroying trees, rocks, wooden boxes, etc. to get items and weapons to strengthen. In addition to two unique weapons, use all the items that can be obtained locally to survive until the last person or group.

Wild Arena Survivors

HARD AND HARD HEROES! Let’s create more battles!

Weapons and status can be upgraded for each hero, and mission rewards are set for each. Use your favorite behavior and carefully strengthen it. There are two types of weapons, and you can fight in a special way, so you have to create a strategy together with local products.

Wild Arena Survivors


This map is pretty easy to see, such as treasure chests and battle symbols. The control system is easy to approach, and those who have played top games like Lol should get it easily. The battle rules are also easy to understand, so it can be recommended to many people, from those who like online battles to the beginners of this genre.

Wild Arena Survivors

HERO-TYPE NOTES have their own, and how they fight at home!

What do you use, and how do you strengthen it? He is a hero-type character in the Battrois series, and it is a style similar to the Apex Legends series rather than PUBG. The character has a strong character, and the way you fight changes a lot by strengthening weapons and changing the items you use locally. Usually when the character gets and strengthens the things that are good about him, it is very exciting to be able to hit a lot of fire. In addition, there are many cooperative activities, such as cooperation in “Duo” where two people cooperate and fight.

Wild Arena Survivors

It’s not just a serious battle, but it’s interesting for such a strategy to lure you into the trap!

You can also fight by inciting animals to enemies. There is also a difficulty that has a different aspect of the battle because there is an additional power for the character. However, the point is that he can not only distract him with a fierce battle, but also steal and play with the enemy and lure them into the trap. Like the Lol series, you can hide in the bushes or run around blindly, and you can use many strategies from there. Depending on how strong you are on the ground, it is possible to increase the level of your strength to some extent, so you can have an interesting battle where tactics are important.

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