Weed Firm 2 MOD APK 3.0.54 [Unlimited Money] Latest 2022

Weed firm 2 mod APK is a simulation game for android. It is a sequel to the Weed firm. In this game, you have to buy seeds and start growing plants by spending money. You can earn more money from selling weed plants legally in this city. You have opened multiple locations for business and hired employees to work with you. So expand your business successfully with us! After installing modded apk on your android devices.
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Weed firm 2 mod APK 2022 is a simulation game for android. It is a sequel to the Weed firm. In this game, you have to buy seeds and start growing plants by spending money.

Fishing Clash (MOD, Big Combo)

You can earn more money from selling weed plants legally in this city. You have opened multiple locations for business and hired employees to work with you. So expand your business successfully with us! After installing modded apk on your android devices.

Features of Weed firm 2 mod APK:

Free shopping Experience Unlocked Everything Unlimited Money This game is paid game, but our team managed to crack it, so you don’t need to pay anything to play this game.

Download the latest version of Weed firm 2 mod APK + data (cracked) for android from the download links below.

1- Open multiple locations for business and hire employees to work with you

2- Buy illegal seeds and start growing plants

3- Sell weed plant legally to collect more cash

4- Expand your business by getting new vehicles and unlocking all items

5- Play this game without paying anything

6- Your all friends will love this game

7- Recent updates include new locations

8- This is paid game, but our team managed to crack it, so you don’t need to pay anything

Mod (unlocked) Features

1- Unlimited Money

2- Unlimited XP

3- All items unlocked

4- Unlock all jobs

5- No energy required

6- Unlocked VIP

7 – Unlimited fuel

8 – No ad popups

9 – Need not root device

10 – Need not internet connection

11 – Many more features, download and check out.

1- Currency:

If you want to play this game smoothly and fast, I suggest you take a look at your in-app purchases section and turn on unlimited money.

2- Graphics:

This game is developed by rayark international limited, an authorized enterprise of the google play store, so graphics are as good as the original game. Also, all the objects placed in the city have been carefully designed, and a lot of attention has been paid while designing. The world map is one page where you can view all the locations near those cities where you have opened your shops and services.

3- Update:

It’s a new update, and developers always keep their apps up to date with the latest features and bug fixes frequently; so if you haven’t updated your game yet, do it now, and this is a must every time.

4- Villas:

if you are new to this game, I suggest you not buy villas as it’s highly costly on the first day. So save your money for some other business location instead of buying villas at the beginning of your gameplay so that you can upgrade these later on by selling weed plants etc.

5- Cars:

Cars are beneficial in increasing your revenue, but better cars come with more cost, so I would say that never go for any car without checking its payment first, i.e., each vehicle has a different price, so that may vary from one another. You can also sell old vehicles which are no longer in use to buy new cars.

6- Business:

a business location costs a lot at the very beginning, so try to be in a good business connection with other players in the game and also get some places by sharing your views on social media sites, i.e., you can get sponsorship from friends, fans, etc. for opening their shops and services to earn easy money without paying anything.

7- Career:

Each career level contains eight levels that allow you to earn more cash, but it’s not mandatory for all of them, so focus more on head manager rather than others as this position gives you double cash than others. So don’t do anything wrong to get there and stay there always so that every time you collect money from the shop, you earn double the amount of money.

8- Side quests:

All players don’t need to follow them as some side quests are occasionally repeated but still worth spending time on them as they give you more XP, which increases your level and helps earn orbs or collectibles, i.e., weed plants, etc.

9- Daily jobs:

These are repetitive tasks given by the game developers, so try to complete these daily jobs first before doing anything else; otherwise, it may be difficult for you to cope up with later challenges. So remember, do your daily tasks first, then think about completing other main missions.

10- Stages:

Stages are divided into 11 parts, each containing certain stages that reward you XP that increase your skill levels and Income earned. It’s advisable to focus on bread and butter jobs that give you more cash, i.e., planting, harvesting, etc., as this money may help you later in the gameplay.

11- Collectibles:

Try buying cars; don’t forget to purchase collectibles which help increase your revenue for sure, so I would suggest not missing these out. Try setting the alarm or calendar reminder for doing this task daily because one day missed will let you behind permanently.

12- Coins:

If you want to succeed in life, then always remember it’s essential to do something different than others, so try collecting coins at any cost rather than relying on stage completion rewards because they are just not enough to buy new buildings, cars, and locations.

13- Missions:

Try completing them one by one, not all at a time, because sometimes you will keep getting repeat orders, so meet them in order; otherwise, it might be difficult for you to upgrade your weed firm, etc.

14- Upgrade:

It’s essential to upgrade your existing buildings and services because this is the best way to increase your revenue. Only when you have sufficient funds, enough space, etc., try upgrading these items, then cash in on that cash booster item, i.e., money-making machine. It’s better than selling old things and buying new ones without any cost. For example, if your building requires 10000 dollars, then it’s better to upgrade it instead of selling it and buying a new one with the same amount. This will help in increasing your revenue by more than double.

15- Fortune telling:

Try your luck, especially when you need to buy collectibles or special items by spending money and if you don’t want to lose real cash, then always use this free of cost alternative and try various quests and missions and check how much money is rewarded for completing these tasks.

16- Websites:

Take advantage of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. because they will help you in earning up to 100$, which can be helpful at times, mainly when nothing works as planned, so it’s better to find such sources as early as possible by trying out different ways on those websites.

Steps to download and install the game

1- Download Weed firm two mod APK from the below link.

2- Download data (obb) file from the above-provided download link.

3- Place both apk and obb files in your phone’s internal memory or SD card, depending on your device storage.

4- Before you proceed with the installation, you have to enable the unknown sources option to install third-party apps. To do so, go to settings then security and enable unknown sources option, thereby confirming it with the below screenshot:

5- Now install Weed firm two apk files and complete the verification process similar to the original game, i.e., select language, set country, etc. Then start playing this fantastic game without paying anything.

FAQS about Weed firm 2 mod APK

Q1- I am unable to install the game; why?

A- Make sure you have enabled the unknown sources option in the settings menu. If it is already enabled, then try clearing data and cached files of your current installed apps by going into the app manager in settings. Now uninstall the previous version using app manager and restart your device. Then try the installation again, and it should work fine.

Q2- What is the obb file?

A- It is nothing but a data file containing information about the game, its location in your device’s internal memory, required images, etc. So without this file, you can’t play the game because it contains all the necessary instructions to start playing the game on your android device. It will take double space in internal memory if you install both modded apk and obb files together. Now, if you have downloaded only a modded apk file, there is no need to download an obb file.

Q3- If I am stuck at some level or have any issue with any particular task or building service, what should I do?

A- If you find any such issue, follow our video tutorial or written guide, and it will surely help you get past that level or complete that task without wasting your real money. We have provided all the necessary information to complete this game efficiently and quickly, so use them and get the best possible results.

Q4- This game does not support my phone?

A- Well, we play this game on devices like Micromax, Samsung, etc., which are not officially supporting this game because of low specs, but it works after using modded apk file, data (obb) file OK. So download the modded apk file from the above link, install it on your device, verify the app license process, and start playing it on your device.

Q5- My app is crashing or not opening or working very slow; what should I do?

A- This game is hefty sometimes, so it’s normal, but the best solution for this problem is to download data (obb) files of small size, which will help games run smoothly.

Last words on Weed firm 2 mod APK

Just download and install the modded apk file for this game from the above-provided link; follow our video tutorial or written guide provided below to understand this topic better. You will not have any issue getting passed through any level, completing the task without spending a single rupee. So enjoy this fantastic game with unlimited money and other features free of cost..!

What's new

INVENTORY - all your items and stock in one convenient location
The most intriguing CHARACTER - astronaut impersonator
In by popular request: Energy sharing pet - CHAMELEON
New level to challenge the most resilient
Magical hoodoo ITEM to protect Ted from intergalactic law enforcement
Numerous improvements and bug fixes



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