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Rope Hero will be a game that can make its players happy. If you are a gamer who has a special interest in superhero games, this is a game that should not be missed in your game collection. With this game, you will turn into a special superhero and do the tasks that the game has set for you.

Rope Hero: Vice Town


With any game, the gameplay feature will always be the feature that always needs the most investment. Players will be able to hear about the performance of the game from the game that the game was created before. For this reason, the creators of Rope Hero have also researched and created for them a familiar but popular game.

The role playing game will be able to bring many different aspects to its players. And with the game inspired by the activities of the superhero, the players will be able to experience the real superhero activities through this game. Experience and feel the life of a real superhero from the scene where the game is set.

Rope Hero: Vice Town


To increase the interest of its players, the competition will always be a feature that the game must pay attention to. Especially with games based on superheroes, the set of challenges is also provided to create a good feeling. That’s why the game will give you the most interesting challenges that you will have to use the power of superheroes to do.

In the game, you can choose the direction your superhero character can develop. One will be the right way; You will control your superhero with special powers to be able to help the police force and fight against criminals. The two will be different when you use your power for bad things like fighting the police and joining the mafia gang.

Rope Hero: Vice Town


In addition to the attractive game, players must also be equipped with a suitable control system. With the content of the superhero, many players think that they need to do different tasks to be able to control the character. But the game also understood its players’ brains and designed for their direct control.

Many of the actions that the character can perform in Rope Hero will be controlled by the buttons in the game. Along with that, you will also have many other useful functions with the button that you can operate very easily. With just touches and swipes, you will now be able to control many different movements, such as moving in the air, shooting, or driving fast.

Rope Hero: Vice Town


Finally, the game always wants to be able to bring your best knowledge in your game. Because of that, many different options are installed in your game for you to experience. The first thing that needs to be addressed is the connection that comes from your base – the string. This will be a powerful weapon if you know it for your purpose.

Next will be the variety of weapons that the character in Rope Hero can choose and use all of them. Many different weapons such as pistols, shotguns, melee weapons, heavy weapons, and many more dangerous weapons. In addition, many special vehicles can also be added for players to control, such as trucks, bicycles, red tanks, helicopters, airplanes, mechs.

Rope Hero: Vice Town


  • The game is based on the concept of superheroes in ordinary life.
  • The role playing game gameplay will be able to help the participants in different situations easily.
  • A challenge has been put into the game to create difficulty that you have to overcome.
  • A variety of heavy weapons and vehicles will be used throughout the game.
  • The character controls have been carefully designed so that players can quickly use and participate in the game.

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