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Download the latest version of twitter mod APK, one of the best and trendy app on internet which includes ads free and premium access.
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Download the latest version of twitter mod APK 2022, one of the best and trendy social app  like Hago app on internet which includes ads free and premium access.

About Twitter APK

Twitter mod APK is a service that lets users post messages up to 140 characters long. It’s become so popular like TikTok MOD and now has over 200 million active users who check their Twitter accounts frequently, many several times an hour.

There are multiple ways of getting this information to your users: you can scrap the Twitter API yourself or use one of the many 3rd party apps built around it.

However your users want updates they want them fast and efficiently, if they have to do much more than click a link then you’re wasting their time.

As such I chose not to go with any 3rd party apps but instead chose feed2js, which allows me to create dynamic RSS feeds powered by none other than.

Twitter! This way your visitors will see new tweets in their standard RSS reader of choice, but more importantly, it gives them a way to follow that Twitter account directly from the site.

First, you’ll need a Twitter developer account and create your app for this purpose. It’s free and only takes a moment.

Once you’ve created an app with access to read/write tweets find your apps “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” which you will use when configuring feed2js below.

There are two methods for including the code on your website: Method 1 – easy but the least effective Method 2 – harder but uses caching to ensure freshness, recommended if possible Note: for both methods make sure you’re using one of our supported browsers (Firefox 3, Safari 3, Opera 9, IE 7/8).

Once you have your script configured insert it as the first element of the body as this will ensure it loads before any other javascript or CSS.

Features of Twitter mod APK

Once the script is on your page any user visiting will be able to view recent tweets by any of the users they are following.

This is what it will look like:

You can click through to individual tweet pages or follow that Twitter account right from your site. I’ve even included a “whole list” link if you’re interested in seeing all tweets, not just those of people you’re following.

There’s also an RSS icon ( ) which leads directly to the feed2js display and options for turning off retweets and switching between “friends timeline” and “global timeline”.

There is one small problem with this otherwise perfect solution: Twitter has decided not to expose their updated API until late March 2010.

MOD features

  • Fully unblocked app
  • Ads free.
  • Premium feature access.

Steps to download and install Gb Twitter Mod APK

1- Firstly, go to the end of the post and click on the download button

2- It will send you to download page

3- Here, tap on the download button and wait for sometime

4- Now move to mobile security options and enable third-party apps

5- Uninstall the older version if you have already installed it already

6- Lastly, install the downloaded file in the mobile file manager, which will take 5 to 10 seconds.

FAQS of Twitter Premium APK

Can I use this Twitter mod?

Yes, you can! But only if your device is rooted.

How does it work?

It modifies the APK file of Twitter and makes it possible to run twiter on a lower android version.

Why should I root my device for this?

Rooting gives us access to modify protected system files, which enables MODs like this.

Can I also install other apps with the same method?

Yes, you can! But I’m not sure about all apps; try yourself what works and what does not…

What’s the difference between a custom ROM/xposed/twitter mod apk? How Does Xposed Work And What Is It Good For?

All those questions are already answered in detail at my blog: click here.

How do I uninstall the mod?

Just go to the play store and install the official Twitter app

If you get force closes after installing the official app, reboot your device.. (sorry for this bug). I have another question. Just drop it in a comment! I will answer them as fast as possible. 😉

The bottom line of twitter mod APK

Hello and welcome to this guide on how to add a Twitter feed to your site using the Twitter mod APK API. As we know we must provide our users with the best experience possible so in this article we will try and give you some ideas on how to achieve that goal.

While many existing programs already provide such functionality, chances are they’re not built for you and me but instead designed around companies or other organizations who want their own branded Twitter feed; sometimes this might be fine but often it’s simply too much.

The reason I created this script is that I didn’t want any of those fancy features which usually come with these types of scripts (or even worse: you need to install WordPress sIFR just because they include a Twitter feed).

I want you to be able to simply put this on your site and have it work. This isn’t always possible of course, but what are the odds some other script out there has the same setup as you do?

Unlikely! And if they don’t then rest assured that with a little bit of work you can make this feed your own in no time at all. With that said let’s get start.

First of all, what is Twitter? To quote their website: “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question:

What are you doing?” In short, it allows users – call “twitterers” – to post short messages of up to 140 characters which are distribute to the people they choose to follow. These posts are called “tweets”. They can also see tweets posted by people they follow on their @username timeline sIFR

and if you have an RSS feed it will automatically add as a Twitter channel. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is! Let’s get start!

First, you’ll need a Twitter developer account and create your app for this purpose. It’s free and only takes a moment.

What this does is allow us to access Twitter via their API (which stands for Application Programming Interface).

This API allows us to retrieve tweets from the Twitter database programmatically, but if you prefer more information on what an API is you can also refer to Wikipedia.

If you have interest in taking a look at the Twitter API before continuing then feel free to take a look at their documentation.

It’s very complete, but let’s be honest: who has time for all that when we can do it in ten minutes with our script? Well, let’s get start!

Configuring your Twitter Feeds!

First things first of course you will need a Twitter developer account which is free and only takes a moment so sign up today!

Like twitter if you are looking to increase your flowers on other apps you should also consider Insta Stalker app and Tantan Premium app which are also best.

To get your app key and secret simply visit, create an application (it doesn’t matter if it’s for personal or business purposes), and retrieve these two pieces of information from the app’s settings page.

As you can see I have entered my information into three separate boxes on this script for your convenience.

You will need these values to configure your feed! Of course, if you’d rather not use the bottom line of google+

Sorry, looks like your browser doesn’t support Iframes.

Finally, make sure that whatever account you enter here is also added to google+ via Settings > Accounts.

Once all of this is ok simply save your changes and reload the site! Congratulations, you now have a Twitter feed on your site! Now let’s take a look at what else the script does for us.

Customizing Your Twitter Feed Using Google+!

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