Twirly Whirly Wizard v1.0.3 MOD APK (High Gold Drop, God Mode) Download

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Action RPG with the pleasure of skillful DECK Editing!

Twirly Whirly Wizard is an action RPG of the “Vansaba” series. Choose from various jobs that are divided into three classes: wizard, ranger, and warrior, and compete in different levels such as grass and volcano! By setting up a deck of skills first, the element that can influence the absurdity of character creation in the stage is an exciting RPG.


In the battle phase, drag the screen to move the character, and when the value of the attack attack is specified in the upper left corner, the skill is fired. Hordes of enemies will appear from all directions, so let’s escape and use shooting skills. When you defeat the enemy, you drop a blue ball, and when you collect a certain number of them, the character advances. Three skills will appear at random, so you can choose one of them to get and strengthen skills and prepare for hordes of enemies.


When I did the first battle without doing anything without instruction, I thought it was very difficult… Then, when the skill deck was installed, the difficulty level became easy , and the excitement and fun of defeating hordes of enemies at once. up. The game is like “Vampire Survivor”, but the point is that you can prepare skills in advance, and you can reduce the randomness of character development on the level as much as possible. There are many new skills that can be added, and it’s nice to be able to unlock unnecessary skills and make only the skills you like appear.

Use SKILL DECKS and permanent training manuals!

You can choose the active character and the action before the game starts, and the passive skills will change accordingly. In addition, decks related to the acquisition and strengthening of skills that occur during battle can be set in advance, and unnecessary skills can be removed or simply Special skills can be developed and trained intensively. There is also a permanent training program for learning skills to add to this skill and to strengthen the attack.

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