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Whether you want to test your brain’s thinking ability before challenging riddles, or ask multiple players around the world how smart you are, come to Trivia Crack; The game will help you fulfill that wish. This is an entertaining quiz game used on mobile phones. With a simple interface, a complex questioning system, especially complemented by the socialization feature, is guaranteed to bring people into a world full of great experiences.

Challenge yourself with multiple based questions

Trivia Crack provides you with a plethora of questions listed in specific areas. The game gives you geographic knowledge about the route, the boundaries between countries, or a historical understanding of important milestones dating back a long time; You can also totally challenge science about genius with excellent scientific knowledge. In addition to this, the game also provides question packs on sports and music topics for you to choose from freely as per your advantage.


Not only that, but the game is the perfect place for you to challenge yourself with friends and many other players around the world through the competition mode. Because it’s a puzzle game, to win in this mode you need to have a thorough understanding of several areas and show your sharp thinking in each question. So, prepare a careful mind and focus on winning every match.

Simple interface and easy to play

Trivia Crack has a straightforward interface. Click New Game to start the challenge. First, the screen interface will show empty slots so players can add characters and crowns. If you want to get more crowns, choose to spin the wheel and answer all standing question packs. Each question is accompanied by four supporting answers; Prioritize the correct answer to continue your spin; If you get it wrong, you will lose your chance to win the next spin.

You will get a character after collecting three crowns in the slot. To win a round, you must have a maximum of 6 characters before the other player. In addition, you can also choose the challenge method after answering a question correctly. That is, you have to bet on one of the characters on the following question; If you answer correctly, you will steal one of your opponent’s surfaces; And vice versa, if you answer wrong, you will lose one character you collected.

Useful support rights only

Not only that, the game also gives you a helpful advantage with power-ups. If you get two consecutive questions wrong, you can use the Bomb to clear it and move on to the next spin. Plus, with double chance, you don’t have to worry about getting the answer to the first question wrong because you have the right to move on. Also, when faced with questions that are out of your range, tap Skip to move on to the next question. And a lot of other helpful help is waiting for you.

Rules of play to determine the winner

The game will end after both players complete 25 rounds. The player with the most characters will be the winner. But if by the 25th round, the characters keep you and the opponent on par, the game will ask challenging questions, the victory going to the person with the correct answers. In addition, if two players continue to tie in this final question pack again, the right to win will go to the person who started the match.

Different play modes for everyone’s liking

Trivia Crack not only offers an online competition mode but also has access to several other modes. With single-player mode, you can get all the high scores without waiting for anyone. Or if you are a person with broad knowledge, it is very easy for you to pass the questions in the remaining mode, then immediately get into the survival mode. This mode helps you get more new experiences while challenging real-time non-stop questions.

Social features connect to social networks

In addition to playing against random opponents arranged automatically by the game, you can also invite your friends to compete with you. Since the game can connect directly to social networking sites like Facebook, let’s chat with them and discover the intelligence they have been hiding for so long. What’s more, you can take advantage of this medium to share your game progress as well as the levels you’ve achieved.

Trivia Crack is a cool puzzle game. The game contains multiple questions about six areas, with levels ranging from easy to extremely difficult. If you want to challenge your wits and entertain your friends, then you must try this option.

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