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Tribal Idle is a role-playing adventure game with many familiar and friendly elements to explore the vast world from a strange and beautiful perspective. Players can also do whatever they want to enjoy the beautiful life and even participate in various fun activities to compete with others. On top of that, the following expansions are new and exciting so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of entertainment from different lands.

The Idle Tribe

Start a new journey into a vast and dangerous world

The first thing a player does when coming to Tribal Idle is to start a journey to the far reaches of the world in search of its joys and secrets. The game also adds a story that perfectly interacts with the game to motivate and inspire everyone to complete all tasks with efficiency and more work. People can also participate in additional games to get more rewards or level up while improving the hero.

Build a powerful HERO ROSTER to win every battle that comes across

If the players want to discover all the wonders of the world, they will need an army with the best skills with the best fighting skills. The preparation of the team is also necessary when the diversity of the hero plays a big role in the player’s victory when going through many challenges or battles. In addition, the combination of symbols is also very exciting when they have a strong resonance or influence to improve the overall energy or many other things.

The Idle Tribe

COMPLEX COMBAT Mechanisms with ultimate turn-based gameplay

The main battle mode in Tribal Idle is turn-based, and players must use each character’s abilities to destroy the opposing enemy. The player will have control over all the smallest things in every turn, such as casting skills, items, and more to weaken each target. If they are lucky, they can connect all the skills together and improve each character’s ability to win through wisdom and courage.

Upgrade the hero with beautiful features and details

Improving heroes throughout the journey will help create excitement and motivation when discovering their new powers. That also helps open up more hidden potential in the energy and makes the resonance skills’ effects bigger and stronger. Players can also change the lacks or skills in each hero and achieve good combos regardless of enemy type or strategy.

The Idle Tribe


The dungeons that appear everywhere in Tribal Idle are the perfect opportunity for everyone to find new charms or items for exploring the world or fighting. The small changes in the environment of the dungeon are also dangerous, and even the constant appearance of monsters in the dungeon will make many happy. Although the difficulty of the dungeons is limited, their rewards are focused on crafting or upgrading that expands on many things.

Compete with other players in FIERCE BATTLES

If the players are not satisfied with the battles with the legends, then the battles from the real players can be a new experience. Heroes are all difficult targets, and players can adapt their skills to become human targets. Despite the difficulty, players can make a big difference to the most exciting battle by winning or more.

Tribal Idle promises to bring people new experiences to the game-entertainment or the like and give them the best discovery while diving into the world. Most of all, battles with special animals or opponents are done in fun and provide all new explorers with excitement in the gameplay.

The Idle Tribe


  • Explore the vast world through exciting emotions while fighting or experience new emotions that strengthen the battle.
  • Create powerful hero lists for different situations and enemies based on multiple combinations and more to deliver powerful mechanics in every turn.
  • Thrilling turn-based battle mechanism to encourage players to understand how to use each character’s abilities and characteristics to defeat enemies and more.
  • Participate in activities around the world to gain good luck or progress in the skills and abilities of heroes and more.
  • Compete with other players’ teams to gain special rewards and rankings while learning new battle tactics and strategies worthy of a hero.

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