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The Wanderer- Post-Nuclear RPG takes the player to a devastated world after a devastating war. When joining this empire, you take on the role of a hero who is very lucky to be the last survivor. However, facing you are different challenges to be able to manage life is difficult. Can you beat this survival RPG game with apocalyptic scenarios?


We welcome you with unbelievably accurate, top-notch pixel quality. Now, you can enjoy the most exciting feeling in a special place that recreates the whole adventure. In addition, The Wanderer- Post-Nuclear RPG also provides players with a customizable hero character. You are allowed to modify parameters and stats to develop unlimited power.

The Wanderer - Post-Nuclear RPG

The Wanderer - Post-Nuclear RPG


Also, are you ready to venture out into the more exclusive land of the mobile screen? An adventure through many cities awaits you. Now, players can explore more exciting places with The Wanderer- Post. Regarding the random house on this walk, your imagination will tell you which house to find. Or even medical stores and police stations can help with your progress.


Do not give up, whether you are a new member or an old player, when you walk and go through many times playing the game, you will not escape the feeling of not being enough trust. Because every time we participate, we will change the location in the map not according to the general terms. A new plan for a new expedition will arrive when the player chooses the place he wants to visit.

The Wanderer - Post-Nuclear RPG

The Wanderer - Post-Nuclear RPG


During this journey of discovery, you can meet some animals, pay attention and take care of it. In addition, in addition to the fact that players can use their own power to control enemies and find the source of life, the animal will be your right hand. They will help you collect the material by pointing to the correct location. In addition, it can also help the players to prevent the attack of the enemy.

The Wanderer- Post-Nuclear RPG not only allows you to improve your own power through stats, but it also allows you to directly update the stats of your partner, no other way. like the animals themselves, cute darling. Although modifying a pet’s power directly may sound like it doesn’t affect your power, it’s the wrong way to increase your fighting power and survival. Moreover, the player can use the skill and strategy to attack the enemy by looting.

The Wanderer - Post-Nuclear RPG

The Wanderer - Post-Nuclear RPG


To move from different places, especially on the map, players can use the help of cars. However, in The Wanderer- Post-Nuclear RPG, everything is not easy to achieve; You have to find many places to be able to assemble or repair the damaged car. As difficult, but if you can complete the car, it will be faster to pass through the landfills and the electricity. In addition, players will have time to return to the camp before your changes lead to many consequences.

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