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Download the greedy cave mod APK, a role-playing game for android with upgraded features.
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Download the greedy cave mod APK, a role-playing game for android with upgraded features.

About the greedy cave mod APK 2021

The greedy cave game is developed and offered by Avalon-Games, famous for providing role-playing games.

Let’s dive into the game’s story, where you have to start from the largest continent with Milton’s name.

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It seems that this continent was a forgotten place, but after researching for some time, you can find many treasures.

Many players are searching for a greedy cave to collect gold and other treasures, and also, you will enjoy the battle for rights and property.

On the other hand, after searching the cave get ready for a battle because everyone wants to become rich.

Furthermore, there are many caves, and you don’t know precisely where cave gold is, and with searching the cave, you have to secure yourself from enemies.

In addition to this, alongside the enemies, there are many other monsters in your journey, so you have to defeat them also.

You have the chance to buy new weapons, equipment, and skins by installing the mod APK of the greedy cave.

Download The greedy cave APK

You can use the above provided link which can directly move you to play store where you can get the free basic version if you don’t have access to store.

The features and resources are same in mod and original APK but here in APK you have some limitations and have no hacks and cheat codes.

The greedy cave guide

follow the below provided the greedy cave guide and tips to win the game.

Since nobody has composed any aides I chose to make one.

This game just came to NA as of late so the data is still genuinely new and I am available to refreshing it as I learn a greater amount of this game.

I’m presently approaching to fruition of the ordinary stage and I have plenty of experiences and tips for how you all should move toward this game.

Locations (What do they do?) 

Cavern This is the place where you head to your experience.

The level is isolated in 11s, each even level you go to(21, 41, 61…) you will experience a manager beast toward the finish of the cave.

The odd levels for the most part have more fragile beasts and more vulnerable things and a prologue to the new region you have opened.

After you rout a supervisor you get an uncommon prize on the base left.

Old Lady POTS-Here you can purchase pay-to-play pots that I don’t suggest anybody getting them since you can open them just by doing your day-by-day wheel turn.

WEAPONS I don’t suggest anybody purchasing anything from here, not till the later phases of the game.

However, it offers a decent calculation of the things you ought to be searching for when you’re out investigating.

These are the cogwheels you ought to have when you are adventuring.

They are the most noteworthy most extraordinary cogwheels of the stage beginning from the gems working down to the gold.

Day by day wheel You ought to burn through 50 precious stones for two twists every day to get great prizes.

Make sure to do this regularly for your possibility of 300 crystals(happened to me once).

Metal forger Hammer with green logo You can exchange the details of your thing for 50 precious stones.

Sledge with yellow logo This overhauls your thing and the details inside the things.

The initial three redesigns require gold. What’s more, the most extreme redesign is up to 10.

After three updates you are needed to pay in precious stones to keep redesigning

Avalon(More about us) This is essentially an interpersonal organization territory to get together Chinese people.

There is a chest next to the structure you can use to store in your things.

Notice Board They are fundamentally the missions that you ought to do each time you enter the cave.

They go down intermittently so if you don’t achieve it you can’t enter the following mission.

I suggest doing these missions and getting your precious stones which you ought to spend on the wheel.

accomplishment each time you’ve accomplished something unique you can get extra precious stones from so I suggest watching that every day also

STATS(what does each detail do?) Each detail covers level 10.

At the point when you level 4 details, you will choose which expertise to have.

At the point when you raise 4 red stats(attack, guard, power, crit, evade, mana) you will choose blue or red expertise neighboring your detail bar.

If you raised the blue stats(health, additional gold, extra exp, karma) you will choose utility abilities nearby the detail that assists you with your experience.

Attack (1% per detail 10% altogether) This is your base assault.

At the point when you auto a foe the detail is applied to it. It has nothing to do with any of your wizardry assaults

Defense (1% per detail 10% altogether) This is the safeguard for foe base harm, it doesn’t matter to their enchanted assaults.

So on the off chance that you have loads of protection, it will do nothing to adversaries that do for the most part enchanted damage(as you venture further into the cave you will experience these foes)

Power (1% per detail 10% altogether) This is essentially your enchantment harm, it intensifies your force-based abilities.

I prescribe this detail for anybody going to the blue way ranges of abilities.

Crit(0.5% per detail 5% altogether) This is a solid detail in that it expands your normal harm by about 30% per auto.

You can tell when you handled a crit when the numbers turn out in yellow.

Dodge (0.5 per detail and 5% altogether) CAPS AT 42% a detail that makes the adversary miss their assault including their enchantment assaults.

Mana(1% per detail and 10% altogether) This detail raises your all-out mana pool.

Health (1% per detail and 10% altogether) This detail raises your all-out wellbeing pool.

Additional Gold I haven’t raised this detail yet I trust it simply raises your gold pay for all that you do

Extra Exp I haven’t raised this detail yet I trust it helps ranch exp a lot simpler for each beast you murder.

“Extra XP/gold gives you simply that, if you execute a crowd that gives 3xp and 5g while having +2 extra XP and +1 additional gold that horde will yield 5xp and 6 gold.” – Druxl

“Extra XP is exceptionally decent toward the beginning however I don’t know it merits the ability point.

At the most I’d say placing multiple focuses into it isn’t great and you should likely attempt to have it on gear.” – Druxl

Karma This improves the probability of improving things for every chest you open or pot you open.

It can represent the deciding moment from getting a nice thing to an uncommon special thing.

“Evening out into Luck gives you +5 Luck for every 1 expertise point.

At present, I’m around floor 90 on Normal and with 10 karma base detail I’ve discovered most likely 5 orange (dim gold?) Items.

Karma is probably a late midgame to endgame detail I would think. Most likely not required until you’re cultivating Nightmare mode if by any means.” – Druxl

RED SKILLS I haven’t done the red ability way so I can’t offer any remarks about it anyway I can mention to you what you need on the off chance that you wish to attempt this way.

Prerequisite STATS FOR RED SKILLS IN ORDER OF MOST IMPORTANCE ATTACK You’ll require this detail so your assault is reliably solid.

Try to raise this alongside crit.

CRIT You need this detail for later phases of your ability that intensifies your harm when you do land a crit.

You’ll require this to land tremendous blows of harm at the later phases of the game.

Protection The explanation I put this detail in the least section is because the hardware you get can fill the guard that you need.

You, by and large, needn’t bother with this detail because at the later stages the greater part of the adversaries is doing enchantment harm,

so this is useful for cultivating gears yet it is anything but a detail that will represent the deciding moment of your character.

BLUE PATH This is a “mage” arranged way however it’s still genuinely physical.

The range of abilities has a blend of professional killers dependent and enchantment dependent.


Mend This can recuperate you as much as an elixir. The more POWER you collect the more recuperate you can have.

It is valuable by and large and you will utilize this frequently.

Component Mastery This aides intensifies the sorcery harm that you have.

You can see the measure of enchantment harm you apply when you hit a foe and see a purple textual style.

You ought to consistently determine the status of the adversaries’ shortcomings as they can help you a ton in clearing beasts.

Chain Attack This ability permits you to auto multiple times in fast yet with decreased harm.

The base harm is poor ordinarily yet it’s the sorcery harm that you are applying in that 3 fast assault is the thing that you ought to be investigating.

Weakness understanding This builds your harm by half on the off chance that you assault foes with their shortcoming component

Mana Siphon This is your meat and potatoes for support alongside recuperate.

It assists you With recuperating mana however does next to zero harm. I HIGHLY suggest you utilizing this reliably on more fragile foes of the level, the ones that do less harm than you recuperate.

When you get it I prescribe these beasts to utilize to recuperate your tapped mana:

Stranglethorn Turtle, Vicious Deathshroom, Fang Crocodile, Flesh Eater, Lost Miner, March Hare

Moment Dodge When you effectively avoid the adversaries all-out harm is decreased by 1/3.

If you land 3 effective evades, the adversary can do 1/3 of its complete harm.

Energy Burst This does a gigantic explosion of harm by your complete excess mana and your absolute force.

I suggest utilizing this against brilliant beasts.

Force field 

Details I RECOMMEND FOR BLUE PATH: Power Definitely power. The more this detail is raised, the more grounded your mends are and you will want to last more in battles regardless of how little harm you do.

Evade This detail will assist you with debilitating your adversary through Instant Dodge.

It is solid against adversaries with high assault speed.

Mana, This is a detail that is useful for the Siphoning strike.

You can likewise have more mana to take advantage of to do moment burst also.

It’s acceptable however it ought to be the last detail to raise.

Basic DAMAGE: “Natural harm is exceptionally simple to math out. Any EDmg you have in your details will be added together and attached independently to your assault, I’m uncertain if EDmg profits by crit.

Any Elemental protection diminishes Edmg straight up, which means if you have 25 fire harm and assault a horde which has 23 fire safeguard you will add 2 fire harm to your assault.” – Druzl


THING TO LOOK OUT FOR Chests Regular chests that convey below average cogwheels that don’t justify anything.

You should in any case open these as you go because infrequently you can discover gold pinion wheels

Brilliant Chests These chests are excellent for discovering things with details or even brilliant hardware.

Your character ought to reliably expand upon brilliant chests or great finds from chests.

During the later levels of the even numbers (21, 41, 61) You can even discover orange bolded things. Those are exceptionally uncommon.

Skull Pile they are captivating fixings. 

Pots These contain pots, pick hatchet, and valuable parchments.

At the point when you’re out investigating, you should make a special effort to discover them.

pickaxe-simply needed to add that pickaxe assists you with separating dividers, you can even once in a while discover pot and skull heap things from them.

Brilliant Angel This young lady can change your standard things to gold. So snap and drag the thing to transform it into gold.

Green Table is the place where you can do your charms. When you accomplish a specific detail from the captivating.

It will remain, redesigning your gear doesn’t raise the charming detail.

It goes through your mana pool to do the charm so don’t stress for the expense of the captivating.

If you are searching for a specific charm, I propose getting it at the shopping center before entering the level as the captivate might be rare

A tip I prescribe to everybody is to not combine in your captivates as one

The greedy cave cheats

Install the modified version and get access to the greedy cave cheats.


  • Randomly generated cave levels provide a different game experience every time!
  • Hundreds of monsters to defeat!
  • Hundreds of pieces of equipment to collect!
  • Hundreds of quests and achievements to conquer!
  • Enchant/Reform/Level up/Gold collecting, and more abundant systems to explore

Download the greedy cave mod APK 2021

1- Firstly, uninstall the older version

2- Enable third-party apps to run in mobile security options

3- Move to the download page and get your file

4- Lastly, install it on your mobile

5- Start enjoying the game


If you want to become rich, try the greedy cave mod APK, free to play and access the advanced and paid features free.

There are different challenges and difficulties at each level that keep the players engaging and hooked.

So download the greedy cave mod and explore each cave to collect tons of gold and become a rich person in the world.

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What's new

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Fix the crash caused by keep clicking the button for restoring HP.
Fix the crash after collecting some suits to the backpack.



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