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Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a game that offers you unexpected gameplay where you will use your weapons and kill the enemies that appear. You will try to save more friends and get more points in the game against all enemies. Also, depending on your performance, you will unlock important items to help you complete the quest.

Survive in the dark VOID full of MONSTERS

When you encounter Hope: The Dark Cave, the player will be with a yellow character who is always shaking because of the black space around him. He is equipped with a gun used to shoot enemies that appear and can kill his friends if not careful. The goal is simple: to survive as long as possible and find your friends hiding in the dark.

An interesting but creepy point that this game brings is the dark environment around the character that makes you can not see anything but objects moving close to the character. Because of the limited vision, the player must be careful and have a quick eye to attack the enemies who want to capture the character. Also, you have to touch the place on the screen to kill the enemies you see and start with the first game.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave Hopeless: The Dark Cave


In Hopeless: The Dark Cave, the player will go to the first mode, Hopeless, and the environment is similar to the one described above. Only one character appears in a bright place and tries to fight the enemies. At the same time, the interesting point is that the character’s enemies and friends can go anywhere, and sometimes you will surprise and attack your friends. In addition, each character standing close to the other increases the player’s chances of survival.

When new characters appear and are in a group with you, it will be easier to survive because the level will only stop when the enemy has stolen all the characters you control. At the same time, their frequency will increase and help you create good combos. It is still time for them to make their plans. When the number of people in the indicator on the right side of the screen is written, most of the characters are running away in one character to save other friends.

When you reach a level in this game, you will be able to unlock some additional features such as survival. Instead of saving your friends from the darkness, you will control three characters standing in a tower and focus on the enemy. You will try not to let anyone fall, and there will be no more friends in this mode.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave Hopeless: The Dark Cave

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Surely you already know how difficult Hopeless: The Dark Cave takes you, so over time, things will appear to help you. There will be important things that you can unlock depending on your performance, and all kinds of positive energy boosts, vision, etc. At the same time, with certain difficulty levels, you can buy boosters before facing enemy waves.

Gameplay full of surprises is waiting for you to meet with content such as:

  • An environment in the dark where monsters are always looking to kill you or your friends to save.
  • With invisible, players will try to see and react to what they see, not against friends.
  • Waves of enemies appear regularly, and the spawn rate will increase daily by trying to catch your friends.
  • When you complete the game to a level, you will continue to unlock new challenging game modes.
  • With competitive gameplay, players also have access to some necessary items to help you in observing and attacking enemies.

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