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If you’re a fan of chatting and exploring and solving fun puzzles, then text or die is the perfect choice for you in moments of fun. In this brain war, there is a high need for flexibility and agility in thinking to be able to give the fastest and most accurate answers. We’ll bring you many more friends to compete in this special ranking in the middle of the ocean.

text or die text or die

relief tower

First of all, blue and red plows with unequal heights exist before the eyes of the player. These buoys are your lifeline to get out of the water. Apart from that literal meaning, it also has another feature. That is, each float will represent a certain letter, producing a meaningful line, which will also be the answer to the hunger sentence you’re looking for.

Around you are usually 4 to 5 other players from different parts of the world. Everyone gathers here to win the Text or Die puzzle. There will be blue and red floats on the screen, with the blue in the middle representing the player himself; The rest of the red are your competitors. Can you become the center of the tallest?

text or die text or die

face shark hunger

The player and his friends are swimming on the calm blue ocean. At first glance, it seems like a scene where people go on a picnic or a trip, but there is a sad story behind it which few people know. If you are also involved, we will tell an exciting story to the marketer. The story goes that there are giant sharks at the bottom of that sea that are starving for lack of food, and you can become a target for them to eat immediately when given the opportunity.

Solve puzzles quickly and accurately

This story sets an urgent task for you and your competitors to do everything possible to keep your body from falling overboard. Text or Die puts the player on a puzzle task to effectively upgrade the cannon to a very high level. In particular, you have to solve puzzles quickly as your defense tower slowly sinks to the bottom as time passes.

You’ll get a lot better if you solve the puzzles for as long as possible. As the north becomes taller, the tower can grow proportionally and rise significantly. Specifically, after each answer, the player, knowing the answer, also knows your rank compared to the other players. Please keep your life longer than rival to avoid prying eyes and food of shark.

text or die text or die

limited signal collection

Initially, Text or Die will give you fairly simple questions for players to get used to as they gradually adapt and think about gameplay and puzzles. However, to higher levels, of course, the difficulty level of the puzzle also increases significantly, making you think twice to find the answer. Knowledge is limitless in this world, so players inevitably face difficulties in some puzzles. We will assist you with an excellent recommendation system that works to its fullest potential to help you achieve success.

– Immerse yourself in a world of puzzles that go from simple to complex with many different areas without limits.
– Use hints when necessary to avoid wasting later as they all have their limits.
– Compete with many other players from different countries of the world represented by red pontoon towers.
– Must mobilize brains and agility to be able to find the fastest and most accurate answer.
– Avoid shark attack and gaze waiting to hit the sea water.

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