Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium MOD APK 1.51.0 (Free Shopping) Latest 2022

Download the latest version of Tap Tap Fish mod APK, a simulation game which includes unlimited gems and free shopping.
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Download the latest version of Tap Tap Fish mod APK 2022, a simulation game which includes unlimited gems and free shopping.

About Tap Tap Fish mod APK 2022

Tap Tap Fish mod APK is a simulation game for android. You can download the game on your Android phone and play it.

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On the other hand, tap Tap Fish mod APK is developed by Voodoo. It has many of the features that you will see in other simulation games.

Moreover, the game starts with a small aquarium which you must maintain well so that your virtual fishes will be healthy and happy.

In addition to this, you need to feed them regularly, take care of their hygiene, check their health condition and sell them when they are bigger than their age.

Also, there are many new fish for sale in the shop, but some also come during special occasions like new year’s or Christmas eve.

However, all of the rarer fishes need to be unlocked through collecting badges or collections items which increase as you advance during gameplay.

Lastly, the game is available only online, so you need always an internet connection while playing the game.

However, some of its play options are restricted while your device is not connected to the internet.

Tap Tap Fish mod apk has almost all the features that other simulation games have.

The idea of caring for cute fish might attract many people who like this kind of game on their phones.

You can download Tap Tap Fish mod apk here free from our website and start playing it after installation on your Android phone or tablet without any restrictions.

To get started with this amazing game, check out our guide below which will show all the steps required to download and install the game on your android device running Android version 4.0 or under.

A without stress Game You Can Enjoy While Relaxing Comfortably

It is safe to say that you are burnt out on your bustling common life?

‘Tap Fish – Abyssrium’ is an inactive loosening up game that will assuage your pressure and assist with quieting your brain.

Welcome charming fish companions who look for solace and unwinding in the aquarium. Unwind and watch your aquarium become greater without making a decent attempt.

Fill your tranquil aquarium with a lot of fun loving adorable fish companions. Enjoy a reprieve from your bustling day by day lives and unwind.

Extend your aquarium and meet loads of adorable fish. The inactive loosening up game ‘Abyssrium’ is a pressure alleviation game which you are unquestionably going to cherish!

Game features

Aquarium Full of Adorable Fish

You can befriend beguiling fish which you just went over on TV, in books, or aquariums. Meet brilliant and charming whale companions remembering dolphins and whales for the game.

Also there are such countless sorts of fascinating companions anticipating you in the aquarium like sharks, fishes, beams, lampreys, and even felines and adorable canines!

Suggested for People Looking for Relaxing Game

Abandon everything briefly and play the inactive loosening up game ‘Abyssrium.’ Take a full breath, play this lovely game, and let your psyche be tranquil.

The delightful and quieting music, an assortment of views in the remote ocean, and cute fish companions will keep you engaged and peaceful.

Simply watching fish companions swim in the aquarium will help you feel loose and keep you quiet. You will likewise be fulfilled seeing the ocean animals develop all through the interactivity.

Exceptional Features For You

As ‘Abyssrium’ is an inactive aquarium tapping game, it offers the accompanying elements for your unwinding, delight, and mending your spirit:

Aquarium Growth: Aquarium will extend quick and level up right away. The sum total of what you have is to do is tap.

New Characters: A wide assortment of fish, whales, and creature companions shows up consistently.

Loosening up BGM: Listen to the delightful song that will consequently relieve your spirit.

Startling Fortune: Surprise rewards are given including Mystery Chests, Lucky Bubble, Mysterious Eggs, etc.

Simple to-Grow, Easy-to-Expand Aquarium

The pit with the Lonely Corallite isn’t the lone aquarium you will meet. There are different aquariums with various subjects in the game.

As you progress in the game, new aquariums will seem which will cause you to feel without a care in the world.

There are various types of lovable, charming fish in each aquarium that anticipates you!

Quiet Your Minds with Abyssrium and Seek Comfort

Enjoy a reprieve and play the inactive loosening up game ‘Abyssrium’ where you can mess around with no pressure!

You don’t need to control anything and make a decent attempt! Let the game run without help from anyone else and the aquarium will consequently grow.

With lovely landscapes and cute fish companions swimming in the aquarium will recuperate your spirit and cause you to feel loose.

It is safe to say that you are burn out on commonplace day by day existence with no fervor and having such a lot of pressure?

Tap ‘Abyssrium,’ the inactive loosening up game that will assist you with loosening up taking a gander at it.

You will be astound by the magnificence of the aquarium which will keep you engaged each day.

FAQS about the game

Question: What is Tap Tap Fish mod apk?

Answer: It is a Simulation Game for Android. Download the game from our website and install it on your mobile phone or tablet running android version 4.0 or below.

Play the game without any restrictions after installation with no internet connection also.

Question: Do I need to get an Apk downloader software to download Tap Tap Fish mod apk?

Answer: If you have a good internet connection you can download tap tap fish mod apk directly from our website, but if you want to play offline then yes you can download an Apk downloader software either bluestacks,droid4x, or other and searchTap tap fish” in its search bar or you can download the apk from any of these websites and then click on install and the game will start downloading.

Question: Why there is no search option on our website?

Answer: The search option is available only for visitors and not for bots. All of our articles are index by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc so that our users get an exact result while searching on the internet about their queries. You can also visit other sites related to Android games and apps to get more information.


We hope you enjoy playing this exciting new game on your Android device. If you encounter any issues while playing this game, leave a comment below and we will be back with a solution.

What's new

[1.38.0 Patch Note]
- Meet brand-new fish in the newly launched Water Park Event!
- Check newly added Bonobono and friends!
- Complete the extension missions to get 7 kinds of extensions!
- The 2 types of Bonobono packages have been released in the Abyss Tank.
- Gouldian Finch has been added to the Mysterious Egg.


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