Tank Hero Mod Apk 1.8.9 (Unlimited Coins And Gems) Latest Version 2022

The Tank Hero mod APK is a great game to play if you are looking for something new. It has over 10 million downloads and the developers have put in some amazing features that make it easy to enjoy this game on your phone or tablet.
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Tank Hero Mod APK (Unlimited coins and gems) 2022 is a great game to play if you are looking for something new. It has over 10 million downloads and the developers have put in some amazing features that make it easy to enjoy this game on your phone or tablet.

There are lots of different levels, power-ups, weapons, and upgrades so there is always more than just one way to beat any level. If you’re interested in playing the Tank Hero APK then be sure to download it today!

Lastly, if you are looking for other amazing arcade games then try Payback 2, Max Payne Mobile and Bowling Ballers  which are also excellent games to play.

key features of tank hero game

Realistic 3D model in Tank Hero mod APK

3D tank models are simply insanely good-looking – you can admire them from any angle, zoom in and out, rotate the model to look at every detail. Turn your head around and see it approaching you instead of just watching a small top-down view.

Interesting game modes

Each game mode adds something new to the game. Classic mode is great for quick, intense match-ups where the first one who gets 3 wins the game. Skirmish mode offers a long tactical battle with a fixed number of tanks on each team. Zombie mode adds a cooperative aspect to it – players have to survive waves of zombies attacking them from all sides.

Unique art style of tank Hero mod APK

Not many games use paper cutout graphics these days – they are not as popular as before but I think that’s a good thing – it makes Papercraft Battles stand out from the crowd! There are lots of small details in this game that you can miss if you just play casually once or twice – be sure to check everything thoroughly!

Two different tank classes

There are two different tank classes in Tank Hero Mod APK unlimited health – the first one is faster and smaller, which makes it easier to hide behind obstacles on the map. The second one has more health points but is slower and bigger – it’s harder to miss with big shots of this tank!

Arcade-style controls

Controls are very simple, each movement requires just one finger (with exception of shooting – it requires both fingers at once). Just swipe on the screen where you want your tank to go; rotate your finger around an axis of your choice to turn your turret; tap anywhere on-screen quickly twice to shoot. It’s really fun!

Wide selection of tanks

You can pick between almost 20 different hero tanks that all play and feel very different from each other (one of them even flies!) and you can upgrade almost every feature of those tanks to make it better – turret rotation speed, rate of fire, damage per shot and much more.

Great variety of maps

All maps are very unique and offer different tactical choices that can be made during the battle; some maps require raw power to quickly take over the location with strong turrets while others are good for sneaking attacks around enemy flanks or constantly running away if things go bad!

Amazing music

Each song fits the theme of Papercraft Battles perfectly – they’re fast-paced, fun rock songs that brighten up your mood while playing this game! There’s nothing similar out there so be sure to check it out!

Two control modes for devices with no physical buttons

For those rare devices that have only touch screens, you can choose between two styles of controls – “touch” or “tilt to rotate”. In both cases, your finger is used for moving and shooting, but in the first case tapping anywhere on the left half of the screen moves your tank to that side and the same thing applies to the right side. In Touch mode you use Tilting instead – just move your finger from the bottom-right corner of the screen to the top-left corner and see how your turret turns towards these corners – this is a lot easier than rotating the whole device! Of course, if you play with the controller attached it’s even better as you can turn your turret with the left stick!

High re playability value

There are lots of tanks to choose from – some are strong, some are fast but the best part is that you can upgrade every single one of them by spending in-game currency on useful upgrades for your favorite vehicle! And there’s even more than that – the game keeps track of your progress and shows you which tank setups were the most effective in previous battles so if you want to achieve top scores in each game mode then expect it to take lots of time and effort!

Modes of Tank Hero Mod APK 2021

Classic mode

Most straightforward game mode; winner gets 3 points per kill while looser loses 1 point per death; a first player who reaches 15 kills (victory) or death (defeat) wins this game;

Capture the flag

Two teams fight for possession over a flag that is placed in the center of the map; winner gets 5 points while looser gets -1 point per second (if you don’t return the flag to your base); the first team to get 30 points or be the only one with the positive score after 10 minutes wins;

Deathmatch mode

Every player has their score counter which counts kills minus death(s); the aim here is to get as high a score as possible, there are no victory and defeat conditions!

Turret mode

In this mode, you have a turret attached to a central axis and can rotate it around a fixed point but most importantly can change the angle of your turret to shoot at enemy tanks, turrets, and anything else that moves! You can get shot from more than 4 sides in this mode so choose wisely which corner you want to stand by – but the angle of your turret is changeable with a tap on the desired spot on the screen.

MOD features

  • Unlimited money
  • God mode
  • Unlimited blood

Steps to download and install Tank Hero mod APK

1- Click the link below to download the launcher.

2- Now, open your device storage and find where you downloaded it.

3- Click on the downloaded file and run it by tapping the “install” button.

4- After installation is finish simply tap “open” or walkthrough short tutorial if you are a new user!

FAQS about Tank Hero mod APK

Q: Why is my game stuck on the loading screen?

A: This problem can be fix by reinstalling/updating the launcher, please contact us (link below) if you need any help.

Q: Is it possible to play PaperCraft Battles on low-end devices?

A: If your device has Android 4.0 and higher we recommend playing this game as it should run well and even look great thanks to lots of graphic settings that were available in the last updates!

Otherwise, you can play the original version of Papercraft Battle that was design for lower specification devices but expect performance issues and laggy gameplay here – sounds terrible, don’t you think so?

Conclusion of Tank Hero mod APK

That’s all for now about Tank Hero Mod APK Free Shopping. We will keep you updated on new posts or blog posts that we publish, so make sure to subscribe to our email list and follow us on Facebook!

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