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Super Tank Rumble Mod APK is an upgrade of the World Of Tanks game to its latest 2018 ver. It is a mod that entails super cannons, homing missiles, and very fast tanks. The tank rumble mod apk comes with four new maps that are wide open spaces perfect for war.
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super tank rumble mod APK (unlimited money and gems 2022) is an upgrade of the World Of Tanks game to its latest 2018 ver. It is a mod that entails super cannons, homing missiles, and very fast tanks. The tank rumble mod APK comes with four new maps that are wide open spaces perfect for war.

It also includes two vehicles which are designed after their original counterparts but upgraded with bigger guns and better equipment. The tank rumble mod APK has now added the T95/Chieftain as an addition to the M48 Patton’s speed capabilities.

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About Super Tank Rumble mod APK Unlocked everything

super tank rumble mod APK (unlimited money latest version) is a free online game which you can play on your android mobile phone; it is easy to download.

On this game, you are the gunner of the M48 Patton tank and control its movement to blast enemies away with your big cannon or missiles that now shoots homing projectiles.

You move around in the desert sands where there are multiple hills, buildings, bridges and other structures; mines also pop up unexpectedly. To make things more exciting the map comes with random warzone locations within each match.

The aim of this game is not only to win but shoot down enemy tanks as much as possible to collect power ups like time freeze bombs for one minute so you can wipe out all enemies without any problems.

The better you play the more money you earn so you can upgrade your tanks and add missiles to them with a second seat for an ally gunner.

super tank rumble mod APK (unlimited money and gems 2021) new version is a fast paced action packed game which brings out the best in mobile gaming experience; it also saves your progress in every match.

You gain level ups with each battle won and unlock new tracks with unique vehicles, different modes to keep things fresh.

Graphics: 3/5 Stars Loading…5 stars on 5 this excellent this fantastic this world class zero complaints I’m going to give it five stars By David walsh It’s good but it crashes when I shoot at some one or something please fix that bug thanks.

Features of super tank rumble mod APK (unlimited money and gems 2021 4.6 8)

1- Multiplayer Mode: You can play online in a 5V5 battle for real-time action.

2- 4 Maps & More Than 40 Vehicles: The update brought four new desert maps and more than 40 vehicles with upgradable features that you can add to your tank arsenal.

3- New Physics Engine: In the latest version, combat has become even better with a new physics engine that enhances gameplay elements such as recoil, vehicle turning speed and much more.

The mod makes it easier to control your tank when moving up and down hills so you get a fast and smooth experience of playing World of Tanks on mobile devices.

4- Customization: With the mod, you will have access to options damage control, armour thickness and view range so you can configure the tanks to your liking.

5– Explosions: The mod offers a great experience of tank battle simulation with realistic explosions and smoke effects.

The gameplay has been optimized for mobile devices so players have an excellent time while playing this amazing title on their phones.

6- Upgrades: In addition, you get upgradable weapons such as machine guns, cannons and more that add to your tank strategy against computer or real players from other countries around the world.

You will procure credits during each match which you can use later to upgrade your vehicle into a deadly war machine; do not forget about allies who go into battle with you in battles where teamwork is key to winning the game.

7- Tanks For Hire: The mod also brings the ability to hire and play with other players in various modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and Frontline.

8- Login With Facebook: You can login to play directly with your Facebook account which gives you an advantage if you have friends playing this amazing game; this way you can add them onto your team.

9- Unlocks: This feature keeps things interesting by introducing new tanks that will be visible in your garage after each successful upgrade.

10- Tracks: Different locations change the tactics of battle so you need to adjust yourself accordingly depending on what map is available at that moment; however, there are some tracks where fast and furious action is expected and fans will enjoy every minute spent playing the game.

11- Control: The mod adds adjustable control buttons for your convenience; you can adjust the tank movement speed, camera rotation, acceleration and much more.

This way you get to experience realistic game physics that make combat more engaging than ever before.

12- Graphics & Sounds: These are top notch so players have fun with great graphics on their mobile devices while hearing various battle sound effects during gameplay.

13- Simplicity: Controls are simple so anyone can easily start playing without having to go through complex tutorials which many players hate when starting new games.

You use left side of the screen to move your tank, right side buttons for controlling cannon movement and tap anywhere in the middle of the screen to fire at enemies in range.

Zoom is controlled automatically by the game so you do not have to worry about this factor; many players prefer mobile devices because of these simple controls which allow them to play any time, anywhere.

14- Ongoing Updates: This war game is supported by its developers who bring regular updates to improve gameplay and fix bugs so players can enjoy their experience daily.

15- New Features: Armor Skins for your tanks are now available in the latest version so you can configure your vehicle according to your liking with various options that provide additional camouflage based on the map where you are playing at that moment.

You will be able explore different strategies against enemy tanks depending on location since desert maps require more protection than snowy ones for example.

You also gain experience points with each battle so you can improve your overall rank.

That is all for now but stay tuned because more features are about to be introduced soon in the upcoming updates where players will find new types of tanks, improved graphics and sound effects that bring even more fighting fun to the game which has become popular over time since its initial release.

By following our blog online you can learn more about this game as well as many other titles that require installation of APK files after downloading them directly via links provided here.

MOD features

1- God mode (you hit but no damage received)

2- Massive Attack (one shot kill)

3- Massive Defense (no damage when hit)

4- One Shot Kill

5- Unlimited Ammo

6- Unlimited Booster

7- Kills give you XP and Credits to buy a new tank!

Steps to download and install Super Tank Rumble Mod APK

1- Open your browser and go to

2- Once you are on the website, look for Tank Stars game download section which is available at the end of this page.

3- After you have downloading the mod apk file, open it using any File Explorer app that you have install on your device or find it manually in ‘downloads’ folder where all other APK files are download by default.

4- Install Tank Stars mod APK using standard package installer. Please note that you might  require to allow installation from unknown sources in the Settings menu depending on third party settings apply on your Android device within Google Play App Store.

5- Launch Tank Stars game app after installation complete and start enjoying latest tank battles on your mobile device.

FAQS about Super Tank Rumble Mod APK

Q; Is Tank Stars mod APK available for download?

A: Yes, you can find direct links on our website from where it is possible to download this app without survey or password.

Q: What is the latest version of Tank Stars mod APK?

A: The latest version as of today 07-27-2017 is 3.1.1 which brings new changes and improvements so we recommend players to update whenever a new update becomes available.

Q: How do I install a new APK file with Data included?

A: Make sure you allow installation from unknown sources in settings on your device first which can be found by going to Settings menu > Security or Privacy depending on device operating system.

After that you should use any file explorer app that allows you to access files on your mobile device. Find Tank Stars APK file which should be located in ‘downloads’ folder, press it and install as usual. After installation completes open the game and start enjoying latest Mod version.

Q: How do I find my current version of the game?

A: Launch the game, go to Settings menu > About & check your current version if new one is available – download it using above instructions or update automatically via Google Play Store whenever it becomes available for your region.

Last words on Super Tank Rumble Mod APK

We want to thank all Tank Stars players for visiting our website and staying with us. As always, we are open to any feedback so feel free to drop us a few lines whenever you wish to share your thoughts with us.

We are please by any contributions which help us improve the experience of other tank game followers because this is what matters most for all of us around here.

Stay tune because many new articles with Tank Stars mod APK download links will be publish in upcoming days where you can find even more modify files that might become useful when playing against friends who have older devices than yours perhaps or just different tastes in terms of games play online.

Thank you once again and best of luck with completing game levels and earning bigger rewards along the way taking out enemy tanks whenever you encounter them.

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