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Stickman Archer Online is a shooting game where players will show the skill of counting while choosing the right angle to shoot the enemies. Each character is fully equipped, from armor to different types of arrows, try to win. Also, sometimes, the player will be able to change arrows after getting new arrows and improve their power stats.

Stickman Archer online


In Stickman Archer Online, players will be with the character of a man, and your task is simple, which is to use a bow to shoot opponents from a long distance. At the same time, each character has a healthy body and a unique fighting style, so players will find ways to extract the opponent’s health clean by the number of bows they have. It will be a fun game because sometimes two players can miss.

The player will be taken to a 2D environment and know the opponent’s position, and in this environment, there will be a round of games. In particular, there will be an insignificant target blocking your attack and preventing your attack from reaching your opponent. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the direction of the wind, and it will appear from one of the two arrows on the screen. Surely you will have to choose the way to shoot after a few shots.

Stickman Archer online

Kill your enemy with the arrows you have

One of the interesting things that you will know about in Stickman Archer Online is that the character can be equipped with armor. You can easily see the action of discarding the shield hold and aiming to attack during the turn of the character you control. Also, when the arrow hits the block, the damage you take will be less than before, and you should not be on it. When enough damage is taken and the armor is reduced to zero, the shield also breaks.

The player can also see the arrows selected before making the attack. You can find cactus arrows, fire arrows, laser arrows, and many other arrows. In addition, these arrows all have incredible effects that you can’t ignore, such as laser arrows that can deal damage in a narrow area instead of hitting the target. The fire arrows will cause the target to burn when the two points touch each other.

When you shoot, you should pay attention to the green line that appears, and this line shows the angle of the previous shot. If the previous shot was correct for the character, then you don’t need to use another angle and drag your angle to match the green line. You must maintain this line because it will overlap after each shot, and this is the decision to help the players to win.

Stickman Archer online


An interesting point when you experience Stickman Archer Online is that you can continue to open arrows with other effects. That is the interest of the players, and they will take time to learn some information, such as the number of arrows that can be used in the match and damage. In addition, all arrows have a limit of use beyond wooden arrows, so you need to make good use of what you have.

Players will see the number of arrows that they can carry into the match, and this requires them to choose the right one. At the same time, winning the competition can bring you many rewards and resources necessary to improve the arrows. You can find the information you need in the insight section, and the effectiveness of each arrow will improve over time.

Stickman Archer online

Players will not be able to take their eyes off this challenging archery game:

  • The two characters appear in two different places, and each one is equipped with a shield and a weapon to destroy the enemy far away from them.
  • Players will choose the angle of fire to hit the enemy, and sometimes the shield will block some of the arrows that you use within a certain limit.
  • Arrows with different effects can create conditions to help you win faster such as damage at close range to the opponent.
  • Various environmental conditions can affect your attack, such as obstructions or wind direction in both directions.
  • The expansion that players see in the game is that the resources they get are used to improve the power of the arrows.

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