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Stealth Master is more fun and exciting, with endless fun, encounters, and fights between the most powerful ninjas, completing the process to learn skills as well as improve skills activities to prepare for the unusual investigation. The arrival of two new characters makes this adventure exciting, join and learn more about them! Collect gifts and useful tools to unlock beautiful treasures.

Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja


The essence of Stealth Master is the non-stop quest chain. Each level must pass through new difficulties and countless bad guys. The increased dizziness will take you longer! They are very excited and surprised when they create an innocent conversation, meet each other, and then create a bloody situation.

Calling every day will allow you to pass new tasks, this system will be updated, and there will be rewards for those who deserve it. The next spawn will give you a new job and work, but have fun with character selection. The great chest that always lay dormant will one day be opened with a universal key; Collect them as you explore this land!


Stealth Master is always creating problems. You will inevitably struggle and risk losing the game precisely because of the deterioration of the defense; having better equipment is the best option. Players can use coins to buy new equipment for travel, purchase equipment to increase strength, and choose better equipment. This will not be limited, fill the bag with amazing things!

Prepare yourself for an explosive boss game! Create your own battle to lead the rest of the players in Stealth Master. The quality of weapons depends on whether you use them correctly or not; find a way to fix and fix them. Leveling up and getting unexpected rewards is the goal you need to achieve.


Stealth Master doesn’t limit player play, so transform into your favorite ninja character and quickly have fun in long battles for prizes, bosses, and special skills. conceived. You won’t find a more exciting battle anywhere, try it and leave your review below!

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