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Free download state life insurance calculator APK 2022

State Life Insurance Calculator is an application to figure the portion and inexact development for State Life Insurance Agents and policyholders too.

On the other hand, the motivation behind this application to stay away from the slip-ups and make simplicity in everyday State Life Insurance computations.

In addition to this, for your simplicity, we incorporate six significant plans of state life, Endowment with major beneficial agreements like AIB, FIB, TIR and ADB, Shad Abad with same valuable agreements, Sadabahar, Child Education and Marriage, Child Protection, and Jeevansathi.

Moreover, companions, there is consistently space for enhancements, if you deal with any issue, the wrong estimation, or have any idea kindly educate us on our supporting email address, we will view it appropriately.

Presently we incorporate a ton of highlights, such as offering to companions and partners, taking screen captures, sharing of connections, supporting page for consultancy, and remarks.

Furthermore, as with the past variant you can discover clinical necessities for the whole in danger. Plan subtleties and necessities are likewise accessible.

We are certain that it will have an incredible effect on your State Life Insurance specialist’s life.

In the principal variant, there were a ton of errors and non-proficient methodology according to Ababars Iqbal.

Presently we counsel experts and make a helpful instrument for you. May Ababars Iqbal never visits this page again, yet if he did we need to express profound gratitude to him.

Stay favor and illuminate us about our mix-ups that we can improve ourselves and bring better for you. :- )

I downloaded the state life insurance calculator APK (app) for android devices because I want to analyze my friends and family’s life insurance policies.

The analysis will help me determine which ones should be kept, added, or removed from their respective policies, about five total.

The download finds on a legitimate site that I’ve used previously, and I believe many other people also use it. I’ll share the link at the end of this article if you’re interested in downloading it yourself.

My purpose was to analyze their policies, not keep the app on my device without uninstalling it, so any malicious code would be dormant until activated.

I did a scan on VirusTotal, and several antivirus services had blocked the download, but not all of them.

I decided to install it anyway because I was curious why some antivirus services flagged the app as malicious, etc.

After downloading and opening, I realized quickly that this is probably not what you would expect a life insurance policy analysis program to look like.

It’s a screen that says Hi and has an input box that does nothing when I type anything in. When I click out of the input field, it doesn’t clear or defaults my inputs, so they’re still there as plain text…not good.

So, I decided to do a scan with VirusTotal again, but this time I’ll install it on my device and run it.

After installing the app on my phone, I immediately noticed some strange behaviors. My battery was draining quickly even though I had nothing open other than what you see in the following screenshots.

I also had 74 active tasks running at one point.

After taking a closer look at the code in my task manager, I noticed many files being created in my external storage directory.

This is usually where photos and videos go, but apps should never have write access to this directory by default UNLESS they are an actual photo or video-related app.

Highlights of State Life Insurance Calculator: 

  1. Gift Plan.
  2. Shad Abad Plan.
  3. Sadabahar Plan.
  4. Kid Education and Marriage Plan.
  5. Kid Protection Plan.
  6. Jeevansathi Plan.
  7. Non-Declinature (ND) Scheme.
  8. Family Income Benefits (FIB).
  9. Incidental Indemnity Benefits (AIB).
  10. Incidental Death Benefits (ADB).
  11. Term Insurance Rider (TIR).
  12. Figuring Premium.
  13. Figuring Approximate Maturity.
  14. Distinctive Premium installment strategies.
  15. Sharing of computations.
  16. Supporting page.
  17. A Professional Approach.
  18. Expert’s contacts.
  19. Discover Medical Requirements.
  20. Plans subtleties.
  21. Great illustrations.
  22. Simple to utilize.
  23. State life insurance

Steps to download state life insurance calculator APK

1- Move to the end of the post and tap on the download link

2- It will send you to a download page from where you can get the file

3- After downloading the file move to mobile file manager and install the app.

FAQS about the app

Why should I care about the state life insurance calculator APK?

There are two main reasons why people should care about this. First, it’s an app that appeared legitimate and used by many users – including me before doing my research. Second, because of the large number of active tasks running on my device after installing the app, I believe we were trying to download and install additional code.

I think the active tasks were automatically trying to download and install code because of what was found in the app’s manifest file:

As you can see, it asks for a large number of permissions, including enabling accessibility services. This gives any piece of software with these permissions complete control over apps and the system.

This is a situation where many people would allow it because they want to monitor their life insurance policies, but this app could do a lot more harm than good if installed on your phone.


Download the state life insurance calculator app on your smartphone and enjoy the easy-to-handle and control app free. You can download the app from the Google play store.

What's new

Improve user Interphase (UI)
Imporve the maturity rate
Improve the profession's rates.
Improve the detail sheet.



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