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If you are looking for a game with beautiful and gentle graphics, Squad Alpha with fast and decisive battles is the right choice for you. This is a top-down shooting game of small characters, with fun quests and hiding.

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting Squad Alpha - Action Shooting


According to many people, Squad Alpha is a colorful update of the game One Against the Mafia. However, Squad Alpha is an action game with a smart, flexible, and demanding platform. Everywhere in your community are bad people, and they carry weapons to threaten and threaten people. Your mission will be to save the city and restore peace.

Start the game, you will find the enemy’s territory, explore, recover and destroy. The big advantage for you is that the enemies have no weapons to attack from a distance, and they only carry knives, hammers, or hot weapons, so there is no need to get close to many things; You still have time to shoot and kill. Every bullet fired will make them fear and respect.

MULTIPLE OTHERS are constantly updated

From the beginning, players can easily see that this is an interesting and easy-to-abstract game. However, don’t let this feeling fool you. Squad Alpha has more than 200 levels with different difficulty levels. Each level requires and collects different types of weapons and attacks. Depending on the situation, you have to change in movement and attack. Especially with more than 20 skilled bosses, this is the biggest challenge you have to overcome and face. You are the bravest and strongest worker, so equip yourself with tools and guns to complete the job and get the best results.

There are many dangers for you to choose from

To create your own arsenal, you must have the business to create and control the strength and status of the agent fighting, with more than 30 types of modern guns and the most powerful guns, m298, ak47, SMG, or even royalty among others. class type. In addition to guns, you also have grenades, weapons with large and wide damage, and the advantage of attacking from a distance. Earn as much money as you can and buy tons of equipment to fight and defend yourself. You can customize each weapon to suit your attacks and styles, which means that players will be able to customize the guns to their liking.

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting Squad Alpha - Action Shooting

Items are always available everywhere

Each level has at least 1 green chest with many treasures: gold coins, power-ups, guns, ammo, etc… However, there are no prizes, and no what is free. In addition to the need to move and scan everywhere to find, chest items are always protected by multiple guards. There is no other way; you are forced to defeat the enemy to win the prize. You can use grenades to kill all guards as soon as possible. However, the prize chest still needs to be protected. The second option is to pick up the item quickly and go to the elevator to the next level. Please evaluate your strengths and choose the best solution!


Some action games will allow the player to stand still and fight, but with Squad Alpha, combat personnel must be constantly on the move in search of enemies. Moving also requires a clear plan to complete the tasks within the time allowed. Do not go engrossed running around the neighborhood without firing tactics. Run while predicting the enemies and provide the most important features to pass the level quickly. It won’t be too difficult in tactics because your job is just to run and shoot. But be careful in every move.


The fighting agent has a fun and funny design with a small body and a face without eyes, nose, or mouth. Squad Alpha graphics are more colorful than other games of the same type, suitable for different ages. A special shop for representatives is always ready to welcome you. Use the money you earn and items along the way to improve your skin, strength, attack power, and increase all speed. Your behavior will be determined and created by yourself.

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting Squad Alpha - Action Shooting


  • Squad Alpha is the most beautiful game of all time.
  • Constantly shoot and create the most surprises in each level to collect the most coins.
  • 200 levels and more than 20 final bosses will be a great challenge for players.
  • Increase your arsenal of weapons and improve them to become the most powerful.
  • Research and hidden strategies to pass the level quickly.
  • Representatives will have their characteristics; Please create them to fit any job.

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