Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.1.1 (Mod Menu, Unlimited Everything) Latest 2022

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper. Our protagonist wakes up in an empty home and trudges out to find her town has been taken over by zombies... who disappeared? "Specimen Zero mod APK" starts off strong, laying down some great atmosphere and quickly immersing you in its world.
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This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper. Our protagonist wakes up in an empty home and trudges out to find her town has been taken over by zombies… who disappeared?

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Specimen Zero mod APK 2022″ starts off strong, laying down some great atmosphere and quickly immersing you in its world.

It knows what it wants to be: a stylish zombie apocalypse B-movie with minimal RPG elements, and doesn’t try to be anything more.

However, it’s not without flaws; the combat system is rather clunky and there’s very little actual content to play through even after multiple playthroughs. Still worth it for the price, though.

Specimen Zero APK gameplay is split into two separate parts; hunting for supplies to stay alive and making sure your base is set up properly.

The game alternates between these two acts every time you use a keycard (which you receive at certain points in the game).

Each act takes place on its own map, which contains three save points that allow you to teleport back to them. This system allows easy access to any area necessary while still keeping travel time quick enough so as not to be tiresome.

I found myself heading south first thing most runs because it contains the infirmary, which I felt was very important due to how little starting medicine there usually was in my runs.

Since Specimen Zero Mod APK unlocked everything slowly fills the map with things to do, it’s not difficult to hit a save point and then end your current run.

The actual gameplay in Specimen Zero Mod APK forest is very simple; you move using WASD and aim with the mouse (default controls). Combat consists of either mashing left click for melee or right-click for guns.

The two weaknesses of this combat system are its inability to be used while moving and its inability to let you look up or down when aiming.

This means that most fights will involve running backward while taking potshots at zombies before they get too close.

There are also a large variety of melee weapons available, from knives to shovels, which further add some variety to the combat.

Specimen Zero Mod APK unlock map biggest selling point is its atmosphere. Everything from the graphics to the music is design to suck you in and make you feel like you’re living out your own zombie movie.

Watching zombies get cut down by machine-gun fire while heavy rock plays in the background never gets old, especially when Specimen Zero’s combat animations are so satisfying.

Criticisms could be made about its short length (five hours on easy difficulty) and lack of variety in enemies, but if all you want is an action-packed zombie game then it should be right up your alley.

The other big aspect of Specimen Zero Mod Menu is base management. This involves placing rooms that create various effects (power room for increased battery regeneration speed, lab for improved crafting speed, an infirmary for improved medicine production speed, etc.), making sure they are powered by batteries you have scavenged elsewhere, and then using the crafting bench to craft medicines, weapon mods, food items, or new weapons.

Crafting requires different ingredients that can be found in certain locations on the map, which range from medicine to electronic scrap. It’s a good system that ties both halves of Specimen Zero together in a way where they constantly help each other out.

The problems with Specimen Zero are small but numerous; for example, it takes rather long for zombies to spawn when playing solo (20-30 seconds) while multiplayer has them spawning almost instantly.

The game also doesn’t let you know what needs power until you actually need it. Sometimes I would build half my base before realizing that the power room was currently off, which meant I had to either restart or use a keycard to power everything down then back up again.

While these problems are significant enough that they hamper the experience at times, Specimen Zero is still a competent zombie survivor sim with plenty of potential for further development.

It only costs about five bucks and has been update frequently by its single developer, but it’s honestly worth at least double that price for how much content you get out of it.

Sure, there’s not a lot of variety in zombies or locations, but Specimen Zero doesn’t try to be anything more than what it already is. And what it already is can supply you with hundreds of hours of entertainment if you’re willing to dive in.

Features of Specimen Zero Mod APK Unlimited Ammo

-Dynamic and good looking environment;

-Fully dynamic day and night phases;

-20+ different types of zombies;

-Different zombie behaviors, from patrol to ambush;

-Varied weaponry with scarcity to match (there’s nothing worse than running out of ammo in Specimen Zero);

-Crafting system that allows you to create food items, medicines, weapon mods, and much more. Endless possibilities!; -And much more…

The gameplay of Specimen zero mod APK 

The main objective of the game is to roam around a procedurally generated map with the aim to survive as long as you can.

A single playthrough lasts about 2-3 hours, depending on whether you’re playing solo or multiplayer. During your playthrough, you will need to scavenge for supplies and complete various objectives that range from finding survivors to turning on generators.

You start off as some random guy with no equipment or clothing. Your first objective then is usually just to find something that isn’t crap to wear so you don’t freeze/overheat and die of thirst anytime soon.

To do this, you’ll have to search houses and buildings for anything usable; be it clothes, food items, or electronics ( can all be use as crafting items in Specimen Zero).

After you’ve find some clothes and a weapon, there are only two things left to do: find ammo for weapon and stay alive.

The game gets pretty hard after the first night phase. I mean really hard. Zombies get tougher due to stronger AI, your noise level increases over time thus bringing more zombies on your position, it’s harder to craft items since most of what you get cannot be use as crafting materials.

And did I mention that the big bad bosses also come out at night? Each map contains at least 2-3 “large” zombies who have very high amounts of health points and can tear you apart if they catch you. So yeah, I would recommend taking them out fast before they become an issue.

As the game progresses, you’ll start to come across some pretty powerful weapons that can quickly take down even the strongest of zombies.

They are very rare though, so try not to get attach to them if you know what I mean. You can also cut off zombie limbs but that’s more or less it as far as variety is concerned (But hey! Cutting off limb might keep the zombie away from you long enough for you to finish him/her off… So there’s always that!).

The main objective in Specimen Zero is simple; turn on generators and find your way out through various locked doors. When all generators are up and running, you can activate an elevator that takes you downwards into a cave where the game ends.

While this sounds simple enough, Specimen Zero introduces a lot of twists that make it pretty interesting. For example, each map contains 2-3 survivors who are stuck in some random building around the map. You can choose to take them with you or leave them behind; but if you do the latter, they will become zombies.

One good thing about Specimen Zero is that you can play Multiplayer coop with your buddies! Each player has their own inventory and implements so there’s plenty of teamwork involved which makes the game even more enjoyable.

It may not be much to look at but Specimen zero mod APK offers an engaging experience that mostly comes down to how skilled you are against hordes of fast zombies. In other words, it’s a lot of fun, but very frustrating at times. After all, it’s rogue-like.

MOD features of Specimen zero mod APK:

Unlimited Ammo;

No Crafting Cooldown;

Instant Craft;

SuperSpeed (0.25);

Super Jump (200x) (32 Floors);​

Steps to download and install Specimen Zero Mod APK god mode

1- First, download Specimen zero mod APK from the link below.

2- Install it and open it normally.

3- Enter the game and enjoy! Note:

FAQS about Specimen Zero mod APK

Q: Can I play this game Offline?

A: No, you need to be online in order to play.

Q: I can’t find the APK file!

A: Use any free archiving app you want and look for a recent .apk version of the game.

Q: Can I play this without a Mod APK?

A: You can but it’ll be much more difficult and time-consuming.

Last words on Specimen Zero mod APK

So, this was my post about Specimen zero mod APK. The game doesn’t look like much but it’s fun if you know what to expect from a rogue-like. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Cheers!

What's new

-Bugs fixed
-Skins added
-Multiplayer(Alpha) added
-Tablet to control security cameras added
-Egg timer sound trap added
-Ghost mode added



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