Shadow Knight v1.27.2 MOD APK (No Skill CD, Immortality) Download

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Shadow Knight allows players to take on the role of a dark knight with his full power and magical sword to travel to different parts of the world to fight evil. The best is still what happened in the land of Harmonia, the home of the mighty gods. Players aim to make a plan to learn about life here, uncover dark mysteries, and fulfill requests from the Almighty. You will become the next descendant of the hero tribe.

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game War


One of the new elements added in the update of Shadow Knight, the activation, is the best option. The player can use it while fighting monsters in the towers. The principle of operation is the same as other control keys, and its effective use is to bring great strength of patience when injured by magic. Cursed items are also released when using this feature. In addition, an update in the arena has also been added to make your work in the game easier. With just a few taps, you can mix and start fighting.

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game War


To complete the content related experience in Shadow Knight, the player will take on the role of being a member of the hero group. The death of the generations before you has caused you to wake up, learn the mystery, and overcome the darkness. Players need to get used to fast-paced combat, complex situations, and many difficult decisions. In the panoramic view, the system wants to give you a real feeling. Your opponents in this season of adventure are diverse. Along the way, you can meet zombies, ghosts, moving bones, and reach the boss who holds the key to the story.

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game War


Shadow Knight players win depends on their efforts and the equipment is very suitable. You will be able to fight the most easily with control changes on the screen. The combination of movement and sword attacks can make you happy. Each hero has unique characteristics. Collecting a lot of items will be a good choice if you want to create the highest quality weapon yourself.

The tasks that everyone needs to complete will be sent to the mailbox. Every day, completing the task is necessary for you to be rewarded for attending. In addition, fighting with enemies in various parts of this land also brings you some benefits. Players will start conquering by being the best to succeed with more than 100 titles. Don’t forget that you are a soldier trained to help the people and expose the mysterious stories that darken the night.

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game War


Shadow Knight and tips on how to become a hero will help players easily see more interesting stories. In special cases, the story of your unique survival in the dark land will be further developed as more characters. Players who rely on success will level up and enjoy more challenging matches in the future. Your main task is to find out the reason for the disappearance of the ancient tribes and find a way to destroy the dark forces.

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game War


  • The story develops based on the special events that happen every day; The player is an unyielding warrior, fighting with the desire to explore the mystical world and conquer the heroic throne.
  • At night, you have many enemies waiting to start the war. Each floor of the tower will have a special challenge for you – a place where the most dangerous opponents gather.
  • Explore the dark side of the hero’s life story through beautiful images and sounds. The experience is more realistic thanks to the real-time and specific description of its occurrence.
  • Players complete shaping for their character; Each hero will bring a different beauty. The system provides many items and tools to help players complete this process quickly.
  • The quests completed on each floor of the tower represent the challenges that occur in the level. As the level goes up, the difficulty also increases, and you will face more powerful opponents, leading to life-threatening situations.

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