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Download the latest version of Score! Hero Mod APK and become a legend of football in the world and get higher ranks. So players, are you ready?
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Download the latest version of Score! Hero Mod APK 2022 and become a legend of football in the world and get higher ranks. So players, are you ready?

About Score! Hero game 2022

It’s an epic sports RPG about the dream career of a football (soccer) player. Live your dreams and become the star you were meant to be! Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, so don’t wait another minute, jump onto the field and PLAY SOCCER!

Lastly, if you are looking for other amazing sports games then try Cricket Exchange, Punch Hero and Carrom Pool which are also perfect games to play.

Gameplay of Score Hero mod APK (Unlimited money)

Start with basic training drills to sharpen your skills before entering REAL MATCH-TIME where you’ll play in iconic stadiums around the world.

On the other hand, ball physics are calculated based on real life data to give you the most authentic soccer experience on mobile. Turn your phone sideways when you shoot for that perfect flick shot!

Furthermore, trick opponents, pass and dribble through crowded defenses, shoot for goal or sprint at top speed – it’s up to you! Score goals like a pro and watch them in glorious slow motion detail thanks to highly sophisticated camera angles. Front row seats – BE THERE LIVE*

*Broadcast visuals are limited during actual gameplay


Choose your soccer hero and improve his skills over weeks and months. Customize his style with different shirts, boots, and hairstyles.

Begin each season in the lower leagues and prove yourself to get scouted for the big time. Intercept passes, outrun opponents, shoot accurately towards goal and clear any danger!

Experience what it’s like to play FOOTBALL at the top level:

  • Intense PvP online matches against other players from around the world
  • Make it all the way to Division 1 and unlock elite challenges
  • Experience interactive arenas including day-night cycles, weather changes & dynamic pitch conditions that influence gameplay
  • Play as 8 different character types across 5 unique positions such as Striker or Defender!
  • Upgrade your player’s abilities and unlock new ones using an RPG-style character progression system
  • Unlock special ability boosts such as improved passing, dribbling or free kicks
  • Customize your team kit & strip
  • Earn valuable rewards from seasonal event matches


Learn how to play Score Hero mod APK full energy like a pro with tutorials on shooting, passing, dribbling and tackling. Teams are based on real world locations so you’ll feel like you’re in the action! Score epic goals for your favorite club in the most exciting soccer game!

One of the tops played games worldwide with more than 100M downloads and the award-winning Score world goal, eight ball pool, and dream league soccer.

Score hero is the best 3D gaming app, which feels like a real game while playing and created a big spot in youngsters’ hearts.

You can select the character for you and customize it according to your preferences and get ready to make legends out of a common man by taking the players to different levels and acquiring them important skills.

On the other hand, you can play the game with your friends, and you can represent your nation by playing the game.

You can fulfill your dreams of becoming a football legend by playing this amazing 3D game, and you can customize your football players by giving them a chance to clear tough levels.

The score hero game includes unlimited levels to clear like there are more than 580 levels to enjoy in free time.

Score hero game is all about a soccer game where the most important factor to focus on is the goal, so be careful while taking the shot or passing the ball to other players.

It would be best if you made different strategies to get a goal, like by curving the ball and make well passes to the team and bring the team from down to the top of the world.

You need to create your name in the game by playing well and make at the level that other players want you to be in the field.

Once you become the star player and have received much fame, you can now upgrade to other higher-level teams in the leagues.

How to play the Score! Hero game

At the beginning of the game, you are nothing, and nobody knows you, so try to slow and play a secure match and try to set up occasional goals for the team.

We know that the game is all about the journey to the top but keep in mind that plays the game for the team, not for you.

If your focus is on team play, there are chances that you will progress and gradually upgrade to the top of the world.

If you want to get more and more goals, you need to take curve shots instead of straight. It will take some time, but you will learn it.

The game is free to download from the play store. If you want additional features, you need to make in app purchases.

You can purchase a hero but by spending some real money and also by watching videos during gameplay.

Features of Score! Hero game


A simple yet effective way of making players stick with a game is by adding unlockable elements. New character kits, balls, and even stadiums can be unlocked if the player completes specific goals. This will encourage them to play more matches and explore different ways of scoring goals, thus prolonging their enjoyment for longer periods of time.

Game Modes

Everyone enjoys a good training session, right? Score! Hero comes with two different game modes: story mode and kick-off. The former sees the player controlling their hero-to-be protagonist through his football career while the latter is basically your usual kick-around mini-game.

Difficulty curve

From amateur to pro, it all starts here. While playing the game the player will have to go through many challenges in order to achieve success. Despite starting off easy, things get gradually harder as the player advances through the difficulties levels. Achieving success in higher difficulty levels gives more credibility to players when facing lower levels of difficulty, ultimately making them feel more rewarded for their progress.


A fantastic-looking football game such as Score! The hero will obviously feature a lot of in-game footage along with good sound effects and stadium tunes. These elements help players to immerse themselves in the location and feel part of an actual match.

2D/3D view switch

Switching between views is always useful when it comes to mobile games, so it’s definitely a must-have for every sports game out there. The player feels more versatile this way, especially if they are not completely used to playing on touch devices.

Set pieces

Some people might say that this should be first on the list, but let’s face it: who would honestly want to go through penalty kicks or corner shots without being able to move their players? As expected, Score! Hero allows the player to tweak any aspect of set pieces. They can even customize the game to automatically resolve all the actions related to them once they are about to happen through some automatic button presses.


Everyone likes recognition for their work. This is what achievements are here for rewarding players for their progression throughout the game. Score! Hero has over 150 different achievements which will keep track of every little detail, showing off just how committed one can be about playing a game without getting tired or bored by its mechanics after some time.

Transfer system

We all know that earning XP and upgrading your team’s skills isn’t enough to win matches on its own; at some point, you’ll have to bring new faces into your team. Score! Hero features a transfer system that allows you to change players around with ease when needed, bringing in that extra bit of experience and variety when things get tough.

In-App Purchases

Everyone’s favorite topic…and for good reason too. IAPs are here to stay since they help companies monetize their apps when they’re free to download. This being said, in-app purchases in Score! The hero actually offers more than just a quick shortcut through XP or coins: they can also give the player very specific items such as the ability to skip certain challenges along with giving them access to temporary boosts which improve performances on the pitch.

Game Center support

No one wants to be left out on the fun, especially when it comes to competitive titles. This is why Score! Hero fully supports Game Center for both achievements and leaderboards.

  • There are more than 720 levels.
  • You can win trophies by gaining more goals and can change football clubs by improving skills also represent your nation.
  • Perfect graphics and 3D mode make the game like real life, and you can take clear and perfect shots to achieve goals.
  • One of the game’s best features is that it uses the IA system to pass the ball to the other players.
  • You can play the game with your friends by logging in to Facebook and show your skills.
  • You can sync the game on different devices easily.

MOD features

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited energy

About Score! Hero Mod APK

Mod APK is the hacked version of the game where you can access unlimited features without making in-app purchases.

  • You can get access to unlimited money
  • You can increase your energy as you want
  • No ads while playing the game
  • No chance of getting banned
  • Make as many goals as you want
  • Can reach the top of the world without doing hard work
  • You can change to and club you want

How to download Score Hero hack

To download score hero, Mod APK follow the below-given steps

1- Move down to the page

2- Click on the download button

3- You will be sent to another download page

4- Here, click on the download button

5- Your download will start automatically

6- Enable a third-party app in the settings

7- Go to file manager and click the downloaded file

8- Your installation will start, and after a few seconds, you will see the icon of the game on the mobile screen.

Score hero APK  

Score hero APK is the original file of the game, which is now available to download and install on your smart phone free of cost.

One of the trending game on play store includes more than 800 levels with different challenges that will make you game addictive.

Score hero APK is available in 3D amazing graphics to control the actions and split the defense with accurate balls.

You can win different rewards like awards, trophies, goals, and change the club better than the previous club and take your country to the top rank.

 The game is simple to control and play but takes much of your time to become the master of the game.

You can invite your friends and family members by logging in to Facebook and customizing your character as you want.

Score hero APK is free to play but opens some premium features, and you need to make in app purchases to spend some real money.

FAQS about Score! Hero Mod APK

What will we get in the Mod version?

You will get access to many features limited on the play store, like unlimited money and power, reach auto goals as you want, and many more things.

How much money we have to spend to download this Mod APK?

It would be best to spend nothing by downloading the cracked version because everything is free and unlimited.

How to download the file?

To download the score hero Mod APK, you need to follow the steps given above in the download guide who is very simple and easy.

How to get score hero hack?  

Are you looking for a score hero hack and not able to get any working file? Then you have landed at the right place because we are providing you 101% working file.

By using this score, hero cheats, you can get access to unlimited premium features without paying.

You don’t need to make an app purchase because you will get score hero free money, which you can spend to get different resources.

One of the important things in the game is to score hero free lives. You will also get this feature in provided mod APK.

You will get a score hero glitch, which helps win the game and get it by installing score hero hack APK.

On the other hand, you can get score hero unblocked levels, so try to play every level to master the game.

Is score hero for PC  available? 

Score hero for PC is now available, which is one of the best ways to get the full experience and to enjoy the game fully.

But unfortunately, we cannot give you the score hero for PC, so get the file from any website and enjoy the real game graphics.

Can we reach at score hero last level?  

Yes, you can reach the score hero last level by playing the modified version of the game.

Is score hero online game?

Yes, score hero is an online game and will consume your mobile data if an internet connection is not available.

What are the score hero reviews?

There are 4.2 reviews out of 5, which are excellent.

Summery of Score Hero mod APK 2021

So what are you waiting for? Go and download Score Hero 2020 Mod APK and spend your free time with family and friends.

Train your team players and join different clubs to reach the world’s top by showing amazing skills and getting more and more goals.

If you face any issue in downloading and installing the game, please help you, so don’t hesitate and comment us below section.

score hero youtube  

If you are new to the game and want to get the idea, you can watch the game trailer from, and the other source is youtube.

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