Rusted Warfare Mod APK 1.14.h3 (Unlimited money) Latest Version 2022

Rusted warfare mod APK is a strategy game for android. The game is awesome with awesome graphics. Many things in the game make it awesome.
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Rusted warfare mod APK 2022 is a strategy game for android. The game is awesome with awesome graphics. Many things in the game make it awesome.

What’s New

v1.2a + 4 new tanks! + 12 new technologies, including spy drones which will help you to increase your defense! + Fixed bugs of weapons damage on some devices thanks for reports.

(Leaving your footprints on the vehicles) Rusted Warfare full version APK is a game where you build tanks and decide what caliber weapon or missile must be used for fighting against your enemy tank.

This game will require your tactics to win because if you just go in thinking that bigger calibers mean winning, I’m sorry but this is a bad way to think about it.

The best weapons for fighting enemy tanks should be a mixture of missiles and cannons.

The rocket is the fastest, but projectile missiles have lower speed, but they drain the enemy armor better, so only use it if your enemy isn’t too heavily armored or there’s a lot of them.

Lastly, if you are looking for other amazing strategy games then try Civilization Revolution 2, Game of War and King of Avalon which are also perfect games to play.

Features of Rusted Warfare mod APK 2020

1-asynchronous multiplayer. This means that you can play even before the opponent finishes his turn.

2-multiplayer gameplay is possible via Facebook, google pluses, or Gamecenter.

3-buying new tanks in the shop with gold earned in each battle.

4-collecting different shells for your turret! You can collect lots of them – it all depends on your luck and tactics level. Collected shells open after each successful attack, but some rare ones need to be collected manually (requires diamonds).

5-various types of terrain; strategy is important because different weapons work better on certain ground types – ice melts under fire, swamp slows movement…

6-buildings like heat towers drain your power fast! They are really powerful, but you can’t attack them while inside them.

7-Rusted Warfare mod APK new version include 30 different types of tanks in 6 classes with different weapons and defense capabilities.

8-Achievements! You have to do so many things to get all of them – it’s not easy, try it yourself.

9-11 different languages supported + tutorial in English.

10-GameCenter support for high scores and achievements! It doesn’t work only when you are logged out from your account (online), so sometimes after logout, it may show a “no data found” message – just log in once again without closing the app, then go back to the main menu – everything will be loaded properly.

11-auto play mode where the computer takes care of moving so you can watch what is going on.

12-monster tanks mode where you have to survive as long as possible!

13- special popup menu items – these are boosts, the first two of them should be unlocked by default but others will come with first level ups or achievements. You can see a list of available popup stuff if you press the “i” button on the main screen.

14- 8 different buildings that give bonuses like attack power increase, armor defense rate, firing range increase, etc. Be careful because some take energy from your grid!

Try not to place buildings near borders between terrain types since it’s easier for the enemy to reach them there… If they manage to reach a strategic building placed close to the border they may destroy it easily…

15- ingame tutorial, check it out!

16- HD graphics for larger screens.

Steps to download and install Rusted warfare mod APK

1-skip this step if your device is already rooted. Otherwise, install KingRoot or another root program that you like best.

2-download Rusted Warfare mod apk (Unlimited Money) here and open it with any file manager of your choice. Press the “install” button in the root explorer app to start the installation process. Wait until installation finishes.

3-Launch this mod APK from your favorite file manager or directly from the drawer while being in the/data/app folder (you will see “/data/app/com.” name) and press the “launch” button to play the game after repo has restarted itself!

FAQS of Rusted warfare mod APK

Q: Who can I play with?

A: You can play with anyone who has this mod too. If you want to play only with your Facebook friends, then you need to be logged in at least once (just enter your login and password and press the “login” button). Only signed-in Facebook users will appear on your match list!

Q: How do I open an ingame shop?

A: The button is located on the right bottom side of the screen. It opens straight to the shell purchase screen where you can buy new types of shells like AP ammo for example.

Q: Mods menu doesn’t work or it crashes my game! Help me!

( A: Some mods just don’t work on some devices because they were badly optimized for those devices. I’m pretty sure that my mod will work fine on most of them, but there are always exceptions.

If you can’t play the game normally after clicking the “mods” menu button then just go to the main screen and select language.

It will restart the app and mods should work properly now!

Q: How do I transfer progress from the free version to a paid one?

A: Go to settings before logging out, then all your data (achievements, coins bought, etc.) will be save automatically. Press any other button in the main menu after logging in to save your progress as well.

Last words about Rusted warfare mod APK

Rusted Warfare mods free Download is worth checking out, even if you have interest in tanks combat gameplay. It’s unique and there were no other games like this before (or after) it. I must say that the game gets boring fast but this mod will make it much more interesting 🙂

I’m almost sure that you’ve never seen such a huge variety of armored vehicles in any other Android game either – no other game has even half of them!

You can choose between many different classes, each with its unique appearance, weapons, and defense capabilities. The game isn’t too complex but it needs some skills to master tank aiming and perfect positioning.

Maps use in battles are design nicely so you should check them all out while playing this game during one afternoon or two.

What's new

v1.13.3(b) - Main changes applying to demo:
-New unit: Mech Engineer
-Interface improvements
-Better AI that is more aggressive late game.
-Path finding system has 2x-3x better performance and uses less memory.
-Android 10 fixes
-Lots of fixes.
(Lots of other changes that mostly apply to full version)


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