Robot Ninja Battle Royale v1.66 MOD APK (Enemy Can’t Attack) Download

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You may have been exposed to this type of game only because of its program in the store; get to know the ninja game immediately, and you will be surprised with the exciting features that it brings.

Robot Ninja Battle Royale

Start the QUEST and conquer the challenges

The game will take you to the position of powerful ninjas. Starting in the game, you will become a ninja with full strength and fighting ability to start the battle for survival. The game allows you to choose the type of game that suits the player’s needs, from there, in the first match, you will practice your hand with a straight match. Collect the gun the game provides, then control by touching the fire button while attacking the projectiles in front of you.

Robot Ninja Battle Royale

Be the best NINJA with weapons in hand

You are a skilled fighter in the game, so do not hesitate to fight. The only way to win is to defeat the competitors in the area where you work quickly. The game will give you an exciting battle scene when there are only enemies around, and sometimes they will appear very quickly, making it impossible for you to keep up. In addition, you need to adjust the weapon to be able to attack powerfully and move easily if you don’t want to lose the battle in the hands of the enemy.

Robot Ninja Battle Royale

Update and collect battle items

The challenges in the following challenges will not be easy anymore, so you need to be able to fight and act quickly to solve the urgent situations. Also, you will have to face enemies constantly. Of course, their power will increase, so you have to be careful all the time. However, the game will provide a small map on the right side of the screen for you to view them easily. Also, use all weapons, improve them for damage, and start working in every fight.

Robot Ninja Battle Royale


  • Adventure into exciting battles only in this game; Your task is to transform into a ninja and use the fighting skills to defeat all enemies
  • The game will provide you with combat weapons, so you just have to start the journey to defeat the targets first, control your character and kill the opponent.
  • Enjoy the great battle, but you have to be flexible in your movements and create smart strategies to quickly overtake your enemies.
  • The competition in the following competitions will be more difficult, and at the same time, the enemy’s strength has increased, causing many problems for you, always in the battle to win .
  • You need to upgrade your weapons and collect items to match the challenges; this game is sure to be the best experience for you

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