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Pilots are considered one of the most respected professions, but many people still dream of sitting in the cockpit and interacting directly with each mechanism. So, few people will look to Real Flight Simulator if they want the feeling of flying comfortably in the sky but mixed with many realistic elements. Its impressive point is the use of a realistic and eye-catching 3D graphics engine, which is combined with multiple weather elements to bring out the authentic feelings. The game also received many positive reviews because of the potential hidden in it, promising players a complete flight simulator.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator

Control and feel the weight of the plane

The entire gameplay of RFS focuses entirely on simulating all the mechanics and operations of a commercial airliner. Because of that, the atmosphere, environment, graphics and mechanics all have their own weight, making it easy for players to feel the realism of the joystick as they start running on the runway. Everything in the game is carefully designed; Even the functions that operate the aircraft’s subsystems will be added and displayed in the cockpit. The player’s task throughout the gameplay is simple, and it is to obtain the contract and start flying the various planes assigned to them. It is also a great opportunity to explore the world and enjoy the essence of flying different types of aircraft.

Complex controls with sophisticated interface

The game has always prioritized providing complete realism when sitting in the cockpit, and that would begin with its controls and interface. The special thing is that depending on the perspective of the player, the console will change and the game will have first person, third person and overview. Each viewing angle has its own effect, and when all the furniture or control panels are fully displayed, the first-person perspective will give players the most vivid feeling. In addition, all player interactions have a big impact on the system, and they can go through several training sessions to master everything and become a professional pilot.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator

A detailed map with famous places

The best feeling of being a pilot in RFS is the endless opportunity to see the world from many different heights. However, players will still have a limit when reaching the minimum altitude, and they can enjoy the view of cities and vast lands through multiple camera perspectives. Not stopping there, but the map also features countless airports and famous locations, perfect for players to visit or accept more valuable contracts. The game world will also continually expand based on the player’s progress, and they can access more advanced airports based on their perfect driver’s license. All the procedures and jobs of a commercial airline pilot will be simulated in detail and vividly in this game.

extremely high-revenue contracts

The main source of income for the players in this game is the high value contracts. Nevertheless, players are required to have a number of certifications before accepting a contract, including license level, skill ability, and expertise in individual aircraft types. The contract system in the game will also be continuously expanded, with multiple action directions for players to enjoy privileged resources for professional pilots. Best of all, the contracts will constantly change depending on the airport the player is stationed in, giving them a variety of options, including re-supply, customization, and interaction with different types of aircraft.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator

Various plans to customize and fly

The RFS does not focus only on commercial aircraft but on many different types and forms of different aircraft. The impressive thing is that each type of aircraft has its own function and can be widely used, and players need several related levels of license to fly them. However, the planes that players have can customize and design them in the artistic way they’ve dreamed of. Although there are no performance upgrades for each plane in the game, its customization system is vivid and deep for players to immerse themselves in creativity and more.

Fly with other players in online sessions

The whole essence of flying a plane is reflected in its gameplay and features, but it introduces an online session function. Through it, everyone can participate in countless excellent activities for professional pilots, even fulfilling exclusive contracts for several people at the same time. Of course, when the player is working in person, they can meet other players in flight, so there’s a simple conversation system like voice, chat, emotion and much more for everyone to easily make friends or say hi .

RFS - Real Flight Simulator

The real flight simulator is considered to blend all the essence of the flight simulator genre into it. Amazingly, it is fully optimized for the mobile platform, creating an opportunity for everyone to become a professional pilot. What’s more, it is constantly getting updated with new content including better graphics to give everyone a ton of potential and a memorable experience.

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