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Real Commando Secret Mission is an FPS game where players can face many enemies with different skills in different missions. You can find different types of games, and each type has its own interesting content and challenges. At the same time, you can open various guns and take them into battle to help win the level. So you can encounter many weapons in battle.

Real Commando Secret Mission - Gun Shooting Games


When you start Real Commando Secret Mission, you will choose the appropriate game mode to experience the gun battle as you want. All of them bring a fun and challenge, so you can change the experience if you feel bored. At the same time, this is an FPS game, so it always requires the player to control the skill when your opponent will be stronger and can defeat you in one shot .

You will control the character with different buttons, and after each level, you will increase your ability to control and have special effects to attack unexpected enemies. The interesting point that the players will like is that they will have the opportunity to practice their skills and have access to different weapons in the game. So they can find the weapon that they think is right and continue to overcome the many challenges this game has.

Real Commando Secret Mission - Gun Shooting Games


The game modes in Real Commando Secret Mission are mainly divided into two main gameplay, where you will participate in the fighter/sniper mode level and engage with other players in different modes. The gameplay of the assault/sniper mode is completely understandable as you will know the goal of all the levels and go into it to complete it with the weapon already equipped. Of course, there will often be AI-controlled enemies in front of your eyes, and they will stand in a certain area.

Real Commando Secret Mission - Gun Shooting Games

The interesting point when you encounter this mode is that you will walk the enemies in a large environment. You will see red arrows pointing in many directions. So you have to follow these arrows and if you see the enemy, take them away quickly to avoid blood loss. The character’s health bar is made in the form of a human on the right side of the screen and comes with a percentage​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ too clean.

Once you have the skills after completing the objectives that the attack/sniper mode gives you, you will continue to play multiplayer. Multiplayer will have a level that involves a group of dead people, and the objective is to try to complete the level by cooperating with friends and against enemies. You and your friends will try to take down as many enemies as possible and get more points than the other side in the specified time.

Real Commando Secret Mission - Gun Shooting Games


Once you’ve experienced an FPS game like Real Commando Secret Mission, you’ll be impressed with the types of guns you can master. There are many types of guns that you can use and see in this game. At the same time, in some modes, you can pick up weapons dropped on the field to continue if it suits the current situation. So you can use different weapons in the match.

FPS Gun Shooting Games offline


  • Big weapons with big guns and big guns to support you well during the battle.
  • The competition is difficult with powerful enemies and must quickly destroy the bad guys in the base.
  • Smooth, attractive gameplay with a few simple tasks, makes you feel good while playing, giving you a real experience.
  • Large interactive environment designed with 3D graphics and realistic sound effects for your leisure time.
  • Be an expert shooter, destroy the enemies and protect peace for everyone, a professional hero.

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