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Push’em all allows you to fight multiple opponents and try to push them out of the safe zone. You can move the tube and use its spring force to eliminate other opponents. At the same time, players will go to different places and cause obstacles. The number of things that players can open is very different, and in it, many things help you increase your power.

Push'em all


At the beginning of Push’em all, players will meet many opponents, and you will try to push them out of the area where you are. The starting weapon you have that is completely cool is a large pipe that can generate a lot of energy. So you will try to eliminate other competitors you see to complete the level, and the number of competitors you face will increase over time making it difficult for you.

Players will control the character by swiping and touching the screen, which is a straightforward operation for many players. At the same time, when starting to know the game, players also know the characteristics of the places that the players see in the game. They all have safe areas for players to move, and of course, besides that, there will be abysses and pits where you and your opponent can fall. So you have to take advantage of it to eliminate your opponents.

Push'em all


Players have to do Push’em all to defeat the opponents they see with the pipe they use. This collision is not done by a strong attack but by a push. Precisely, you can move the big pipe and push more symbols into the hole to take them, and sometimes, the player can use the spring of the grandfather when he will help you to have move forward.

The number of enemies you encounter in Push’em will all increase, and they have ways to approach and attack you. Therefore, you will try not to stand near them and make good use of the weapon that you hold. In addition, you will go through different levels, and in it, you will encounter different waves of enemies and try to survive from them to a new place. Many different places are waiting for you to explore.

Besides the wormholes you see, the game also gives you many tools to defeat a certain number of opponents simultaneously. In particular, sometimes, you will see two red buttons on the field, and when you touch them, the armor will open. You won’t know what they are carrying, so be careful with what might happen, like a big spring or a rock that can take them away.

Push'em all

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In Push’em all, players will be able to get different rewards after each level, and there are many items for you to unlock. You can open scary clothes for your character instead of the skin of the man after the start of the level. At the same time, you also have easy access to new weapons, and they have more special attacks that change the experience and make you want to know about future weapons.

Besides the content that you can unlock, you also need to take care of the power that you can use. In particular, in each level, you can find many boxes, and inside there will be upgrades to help you meet big opponents. You can use the money you earn to upgrade weapons, power-ups, and more. Indeed, it will increase your chances of winning in this game.

Push'em all

Players will control the character and face many different opponents:

The character moves with a spring-loaded tube that can push any opponent forward out of the safe zone to take them down.
Players will be able to easily and carefully manage with holes in the levels that they go through to complete the screen in the best way.
Players will use the pitfalls that exist in different levels by pressing buttons to eliminate enemies simultaneously using different mechanics.
Players can unlock beautiful costumes to change old-man skins and use various weapons with different powers.
There are many crates in each level that can be opened that give temporary buffs, and don’t forget to increase your power.

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