Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK 2.5.7 (Unlimited Money & Gems) Latest 2022

This is the modded version of Prison Empire Tycoon. It’s an exciting game that lets you control your prison empire and run it however you see fit.
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This is the modded version of Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK (Unlimited Gems). It’s an exciting game that lets you control your prison empire and run it however you see fit.

You can build, staff, and manage prisons to make a profit. The goal is to get as many prisoners incarcerated so that they can be used for labor or sold on the black market for the money!

About prison empire tycoon mod apk (unlimited money and gems)

This game is about starting your prison empire which you build in real-time. You start with nothing but you can work your way up to greatness!

On the other hand, You will earn money by selling drugs, construction materials, weapons, and other things to inmates.

Also, You can use this money to upgrade essentials like security or fill the pockets of your corrupt prison guards.

Work hard to improve your inmates or they will kill each other! You can hire thugs, pimps, and gangsters to keep the peace if you’re not racist. Prisoners are the most at risk of dying so you’d better pay attention! The game supports multiplayer, so do not act like it doesn’t exist.

It’s just like a normal prison game, only that you’re the owner of it. You can play this game for free or without downloading.

key features of Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK Unlock All Characters

Outstanding graphics

You will be impressed by the graphics of this game. The prison is going to be displayed beautifully with a great color scheme and a lot of detail on it.

What you need

What do you expect from a jail simulator? It has to have some security, cells for prisoners, gangs that move around in their territory, and weapons for them to use. All of that can be found in this game and it will not cost you a penny.


This is extremely important in any prison management game and fortunately, there’s no shortage of security on the “prison empire tycoon game”. There are police officers, guards on regular patrol, attack dogs that can take down any inmate within seconds. You have introduced an electric field that kills anyone who touches it instantly.

The cells are full of prisoners who try to escape or disobey your orders so you’ll need some tough guards to put them back in their place if they get out of hand.

Some inmates even engaged in rebellion against you! But worry no more because they prepared an elite team of officers that will end the riot in minutes!

You can play this game for free or without downloading. You don’t have to pay anything on the internet, only some people might ask you to click on some ads (which is fine).

I advise you to try it because it’s worth your time. The graphics are stunning and addictive; I spent a few hours playing it without even noticing! It has 10 million downloads on Google Play, so you won’t be alone in playing it.

Easy controls

You just need to use your mouse to move around the map of your prison and select items from different parts of it. 12345 for security overview, tab key for building mode. If you play enough, you’ll be able to use the shortcut keys that are also provided to you.


Do not act like this game doesn’t exist, it has multiplayer so lots of people might even try to hack it! It’s extremely important because there are players who would act as enemies and challenge your management skills or just mess around with your money. They can try to steal all your cash, so beware of them!

No download required

I only found out that this game is free after playing it for an hour or two. You can play this game on any computer by simply visiting the official website. Besides, no download is required since it’s available on the Google Play store too!

Awesome map design

The map of the prison is designed perfectly. There are some streets, houses, schools, and other buildings on it where your inmates walk around here and there.

Loot crates

If you feel bored for some reason, you can destroy all the loot crates that are hidden on the streets of your prison! You will get anything from money to weapons or even drugs that can be sold for more cash. They won’t catch them all though because they’re spread over a large area which makes this game even more challenging if you ask me.

Drug dealers

Unauthorized drug sellers are at work 24/7 so do not act like it doesn’t exist! They sell their products out of the blue container trucks that drive around in your prison. You can easily destroy them and gain some extra cash, which you might need very much when there’s a riot in progress and dozens of prisoners want to join it.


As the warden, you’ll be get $40 000 when you start working so do not act like this is bad because it’s enough for all your needs! But after you saw what kind of stuff they sell in the open market area of your prison, you might think about making more money than ever before even if that means breaking the law; or maybe you don’t care at all about that since the only thing that matters is yours and no one else’s.


The game comes with some fully programmed prisoners! Prisoners are people who were jail for different reasons, some of them may be robbing banks or doing illegal deals regarding firearms or jewelry.

They break the rules of your prison so it’s up to you what you want to do with them; will you move them to a better place, relocate them to another prison or just execute them instantly?

Jailbreak mode

After watching many videos about this game, I noticed that each video shows different scenes from the jailbreak mode where inmates try to escape from their cells.

The only way they can do that is if they find some tools which are hide in random parts of your prison. Once they’re free, they’ll start running around everywhere trying to find a way out to the streets of your city.


There are a lot of fights going on around the prison because inmates don’t like each other at all! They fight for different reasons from killing to robbing people or taking control over certain zones in the prison.

If fighting is not your thing, you can always ban them from fighting but they will get angry and start a riot if you do that!

Prisoner exchange program

This mode allows you to send prisoners from another player’s prisons in return for some cash after completing a trade request.

Once that transaction is complete, both parties have their prisoners exchange one by one until there isn’t any in either prison. It’s recommend that you only accept requests with 5 prisoners to avoid being scam.

Free inmate request feature

If you are in prison for one particular reason, you can always ask the warden to reduce your sentence. He is reluctant towards such requests so it’s not guarantee that he will do this for you but if he feels like it, your time might be cut down by a few months!

Just make sure that they don’t hang you on day 1 of that new sentence since these people hate prisoners who abuse their authority and the wardens that help them to reduce their sentences.

MOD features of Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK free Shopping

1- Extra Map: the new map includes a big prison surrounded by high walls with many security features.

2- Armored vehicles: you can get armored vehicles for your protection.

3- Armed Guards: they are 6 types of armed guards with different weapons who will try to deal with ongoing riots around your prison. They are very fast and strong but do not know how to avoid bullets so try to kill them quickly before they kill you!

4- New Prisoners: 30 new prisoners might cause different problems. You can also choose one of the 5 super-criminals and play as him until you die or get bust.

Steps to download and install Prison Empire Tycoon Mod menu

1- Firstly, go to the end of the post and click on the download button

2- It will send you to download page

3- Here, tap on the download button and wait for sometime

4- Now move to mobile security options and enable third-party apps

5- Uninstall the older version if you have already installed it already

6- Lastly, install the downloaded file in the mobile file manager, which will take 5 to 10 seconds.

FAQS of Prison Empire Tycoon apk

Q: Is there a prison editor?

A: No! The game does not have an editor so you cannot modify the prisons in any way at all. This is one of those games where you have to do everything from scratch which means designing, building, and configuring the whole infrastructure from the ground up.

The only way that a prison editor could be introduce into this game would be if someone who has access to that source code modifies it for everyone else to enjoy.

Q: I lost all my prisoners because of a riot?! Can I hire new ones?

A: If your prison looks like a war zone with many dead bodies everywhere, you’ll likely lose all your prisoners if they don’t find a way out or kill themselves during such a riot.

Q: How can I hire armed guards?

A: You first need to create a holding area and use the hiring tool for temporary staff to get them hire and deploy anywhere else in your prison.

Q: What happens if my prisoner is handcuff behind his back?

A: Well, nothing! His walking speed is increase significantly but that’s about it! There are no bugs or glitches like this one reported before so you’re good to go!

Summery of prison empire tycoon mod apk

You are the warden of a prison. It’s your job to keep inmates in line, manage their needs, and make sure they are rehabilitate before being release back into society.

You have full control over how prisoners behave while incarcerated, what jobs they do inside the prison walls, and how harsh or lenient the punishments will be for breaking rules.

What's new

- Store section for time travel
- New Octopus Game skin
- Canteen speed correction for Alcutrez



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