Pokepix Color By Number v1.8.4 MOD APK (Unlocked All Coloring) Download

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Pokepix depicts a picture with strokes and fill in numbers for players to easily follow the coloring steps. You will be taken to a new, simple interface that will contain a drawing and different colors. The color will fill in the arrays containing the corresponding character with just a few touches. Creative spaces, unique content and over 1000 photos will help you unwind after tiring moments. After completing the pictures, you can continue with any new drawings.

Pokepix Color By Number - Art Pixel Coloring Pokepix Color By Number - Art Pixel Coloring

Coloring is simple and easy to learn

The coloring game is familiar to anyone who participates. Players can easily become familiar with the contents of Pokepix by quickly painting a simple picture. You only need to do operations such as selecting the material you want to get any drawings that need to be completed. After that, a diverse color palette will be provided. Players have to choose the color they want to paint and observe the areas marked on the picture to begin their activity. You’ll click on the highlighted space to start filling the space with color.

Explore all the styles on offer

The main themes provided by Pokepix will be related to things around you. First, collections covering multiple genres will be displayed on the main screen of the game. People can start with any subject. The pictures will be sorted by level, from simple to detailed. Most of them will recreate images of animals, trees and some of the world’s famous landscapes. You can explore any subject and create any picture perfect you want. Do all those things and unlock more premium paintings.

Pokepix Color By Number - Art Pixel Coloring Pokepix Color By Number - Art Pixel Coloring

Friendly interface and easy to use

Players can easily find what they need to do in the game’s simple interface. All the content provided will be displayed directly on the main screen. You can turn off ads if they bother you while you’re coloring. Tasks are done faster when you quickly find what needs improvement. If you choose 3D or Traditional painting mode, the brush will change.

In addition, players can easily zoom in or out of the drawing to see the gaps that need to be colored. The areas of color that have been darkened are the parts to be filled in, and the brighter colors will relate to the other colors on the board. When you change the color you want to make; The system will replace the dark space on the drawing.

Get permission to unlock the rest of the pictures

For other content provided by Poképix, players must have entitlements and rights to be able to unlock them. After completing other drawings, you get rewards for your efforts. That reward can be applied to unlock a new canvas. Any material can become a painting that you have perfected. A difficulty was encountered in coloring as some colors could not be detected. The system prompts you with a question mark displayed just below the drawing. You can use them to figure out where to color. However their number is limited. Players will increase the number of hints by watching ads.

Pokepix Color By Number - Art Pixel Coloring Pokepix Color By Number - Art Pixel Coloring

unfinished drawing

It will be better to relax and find pokepix realistic images of animals or nature. Many topics are covered in the picture giving you more content to explore. The duration of using paint and simply pressing to paint also helps players gain more interesting insights about things around them. The friendly, easy-to-use interface will help you get your work done in no time. The finished pictures will be stored in a permanent folder, and you can review them in full and take a break.

key features

  • Draw available pictures, complete them by coloring as per given serial number, easy to follow coloring steps.
  • Players only need to touch the boxes that appear on the picture to fill in the missing colors; The system does not specify a time to do them.
  • Discover the material involved in painting Add more useful knowledge about animals and nature to your knowledge by getting acquainted with the paintings.
  • easily locate the missed color boxes; The friendly interface helps you find the colors you need to fill in soon and observe the drawing thoroughly, zooming in or out to color.
  • Complete the drawing and unlock the remaining pictures; Get more help from system suggestions; You can get more help by watching ads.

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