Pocket Ants MOD APK 0.0606 (Unlimited Money) Latest 2022

Download the latest version of pocket ants mod APK 2021 and access unlimited money to upgrade your army of ants.
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Download the latest version of pocket ants mod APK 2022 and access unlimited money to upgrade your army of ants.

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About pocket ants mod APK 2021 – 22

  •  Gather assets and take them back to your home
  •  Improve your home chambers for extra rewards
  •  Feed your sovereign insect and breed laborer and warrior ants.
  •  Defeat and catch different animals and make them join your military.
  •  Collect every one of the animals and make them more grounded
  •  Raid other player’s states for assets and extra things.
  •  Defend assets from adversary ants.
  •  Defeat the red ants state each day for different things.
  •  Recruit different players to join your faction.

A new version of the popular Minecraft: Pocket ants Mod named AntsCraft has been released. The new build includes the following changes:

  •   New mobs – Compatible with any mod that adds animals;
  • Support for Multi-Player;
  •  Movable and installed on external storage (e.g., SD);
  •  No root required;
  •  No need to uninstall original Minecraft!

Pocket ants is a cool mod for Pocket Edition which will add some additional ants into your world. These ants, unlike other mobs, are very passive creatures, but they do have one huge advantage – they can carry different blocks around themselves which can be used to move constructions or other things.

The possibilities are really huge! You will find your own uses of these little creatures in no time, so just give it a try right away and have fun! If you want to learn more about MCPE Mods, visit our website regularly to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and updates on them. Good luck!

Download pocket ants APK

the game is published and offered by Ariel Software which is already popular for publishing funky blocks and zany pirates games.

Pocket ants game falls in the strategy category, a simulator game for the android platform, and there are more than 50 million downloads from the play store only.

In addition to this, your main focus in the game should be collecting different resources like foods and taking them into your anthills.

On the other hand, it’s very important to remember that with the time you need to improve your colony.

The main character in the game is the queen, who needs food and other resources when needed and also helps to produce more creatures.

If we talk about the gameplay of pocket ants, then it’s not so easy where you have to make betterment in the colony and collect different creatures also feed them and make them strong.

In this way, you can defend your home from opponent ants which can attack you any time, and you can easily defeat them by feeding the queen when necessary.

Furthermore, you have to make plans and strategies to defend your ants and other creatures.

The controls and interface of the game are very simple and easy to understand, where you only need to slide your fingers to control the movement of the ants.

If you don’t have access to the play store for any restriction and want to get the pocket ants APK, then apkpure is the recommended website to get the original APK file.

Steps to download pocket ants mod APK

To download and install the pocket ants game on an android phone, you need to follow the below-provided steps.

1- Move to the end of the post and tap on the download button

2- It will send you to a download page from where you can download the cracked version of the game

3- Now turn on third party apps in mobile security options

4- Remove the older version from the mobile

5- And go to the mobile download folder and install the hack APK we have provided

FAQS about pocket ants mod APK

1- Is the mod APK free?

Yes, it is for now as I’m using the fun mod, but be sure to check our website(www.gamesapkworld.com) or subscribe to my channel on YouTube (el2trollo) every time a new update appears because Toady will release a new version of the game and we have to re-test all mods. This means an updated version of the pocket ants mod will come if required.

2 – How do I install the MOD APK?

You need a Rooted Device with the latest Custom Recovery Installed to install any MOD APK.

1- Why are there no surface resources?

Toady screwed up! I think he removed them due to time constraints because he was working hard on the 0.42 update, but now that 0.43 is out, they will be back in a future update.

2- How do I get past a siege?

This is a bug with the new 0.42 patch(Pretty much everyone has this problem), but Toady has addressed it, and they seem to have fixed it for 0.43, so you have to wait until that version comes out.

3 – Why can’t my dwarves equip weapons or use items from my stockpiles?

Another bug was caused by the latest patch(0.42). Toady should fix this soon, but he seems busy with other things like “Real Auto Mining” (I know it sucks that only three dwarfs can dig at once right now :P).

Still, maybe if we complain enough, he will release a new update, but it would be great if we could at least equip our dwarfs with weapons and not make them useless because of this bug.

4- Why do my digging dwarfs stop working?

It’s yet another bug caused by the 0.42 patch; well, to be honest, it seems like Toady fixed the issue when I tested the game yesterday(I had two dwarves stuck in a mountain), but who knows, maybe they fixed it only for me and not everyone else.

5- How do I get more than one miner/digger?

You can’t atm! And it will stay like that until Toady fix this issue (0.42) where you can only have one worker per tile(At least, I think that’s the issue)

6 – Why do my dwarfs stop using a bed to sleep?

It’s another 0.42 bug, and Toady seems to be working on it as he knows about this problem.

7- How come my dwarf cannot find anything in the stockpile menu anymore?

You need to zoom out at least one tile(I recommend doing three tiles) because, by default, you only see like 1/8 of your stockpile contents (This was changed with 0.40 patch where you used to see all stockpiles contents no matter how many items there were, but then they patched it back somehow).

8- How to get pocket ants cheats?

If you are looking for 100% working pocket ants cheats, you need to download and install the modified version.

These cheats of pocket ants include unlimited food and resources, unlimited money to do endless shopping in the store, and many more items.


If you are looking for unique games then pocket ants mod APK is for you which include many of the activities like making your colony and collecting different resources.

Lastly, share the post with your android game lover friends and family members so they know about this outstanding game.

And if you are facing any issue regarding pocket ants mod then share with us by commenting at below comment section.

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