Download Pirate Kings (MOD, Unlimited Spins) 7.3.0 Latest 2022

Download the latest version of pirate kings mod APK, one off the best casual game for android which includes unlimited spins.
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Download the latest version of pirate kings mod APK, one off the best casual game for android which includes unlimited spins.

About pirate kings mod APK

Pirate kings mod APK is a casual android game. In Pirate kings, you get to manage your pirate crew.

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You will be able to hire the pirates, upgrade their ships and make a fleet of three pirate ships.

In order to get more gold for upgrades and hiring new crew members, you have to go conquering different islands.

Most of the time this happens automatically once a day but if you want them faster then you can speed it up for 15 gems or 10 gold coins per island after that they slow down again.

The world map is divided into different regions which each has its maximum level at which it can spawn pirates at your ship(s).

The higher the region level is the better reward from raiding an island in that region so aim high! If another player raids an island before you do it will be neutral.

On each island you have to fight the pirates guarding it and only then can you take over the gold mine on that island (the number of gold mines an island has depends on its size).

You can also build huts that produce different amounts of gold depending on their level if your level is higher than 1,2, or 3.

Every hut takes 30 minutes to build but for every upgrade, it will take another 30 minutes so keep that in mind when placing them.

Pirate Kings hack mod APK does not require you to download any kind of tool since this is an online generator that uses proxy servers.

Some people might think about Clash royale because of this but I assure you that Pirate kings mod apk works in a completely different way.

We don’t host any content on our server, instead, we let the users submit whatever they want and because of that, we can make it work even if you don’t download anything.

If Pirate Kings hack apk freezes or don’t work for some reason you should know that this is not our fault and we can not be held responsible for such things (technical problems etc.).

All the responsibility rests on the shoulders of those who play Pirate Kings mod apk and those who chose to use an online generator.

Pirate kings mod APK will give you all the gems, gold, and resources that you need to improve your game experience as well as allowing you to buy everything that other players might take ages to build if at all.

I would also like to mention that we don’t ask you for anyone’s e-mail address or any kind of personal information so the only thing we need from you is a working Gmail account and your username on Pirate kings which will be used as login and upload information.

How to install?

1) Download apk from official sources(Google Play or similar)

2) Extract file anywhere

3) If needed, unpack OBB cache somewhere

4) Run application

5) Enter your pirate king’s username

6) Enter number of resources

7) That is it If you want to support this website then feel free to check out our ads by disabling them for this browser, leaving an e-mail address below (optional but needed if you want to receive any feedback) or simply by sharing this website with your friends.

I thank you all in advance for leaving your e-mails but I can not answer everyone so don’t get offended if I do not respond right away.

FAQS about the game

Q:Is Pirate Kings mod apk legal?

A: It might be against the terms of service but since this is a third-party tool it’s very unlikely that you will get ban for using it even if you are report.

Q: How long does it take for my resources to upgrade or refill?

A: It depends, early on in the game your upgrades will go up quickly but as you progress they start taking longer and longer so I would say that it takes around 10 minutes to an hour depending on how fast your pirate kings version goes.

Q: My account got ban after using Pirate Kings mod APK, what now?

A: The only thing you can do is make another one, there are hundreds of accounts online so creating a new one won’t be a problem.

Q: I’ve been using Pirate kings mod APK for the past month or so and my resources are empty, what happen?

A: Some people have used this tool before you probably had some kind of virus that has done that to your account. Make sure that you have antivirus active when playing the game.

Last words

Pirate Kings mod apk is a very useful tool especially for people who tend to play the game every day.

The only thing that sucks about it is that you will have to wait days or even weeks to build what other players might take just 1 minute but if you are short on time then this hack is exactly what you need.

You can download Pirate kings hack mod apk below and also check out the instructions!

What's new

Pirate log, version 8.5.2

This is what we have in store for all our crew members:

- New weekly Gifts, filled with Cash, Spins & exciting prizes
- A brand new Island
- A ho-ho-HOT new challenge for the entire month of July that'll leave you jolly!

Keep updated with Jack’s adventures as he sails the seven seas by Following our Facebook & Instagram!

Please use the in-game support feature to report any issues and give us feedback.

*Game is now compatible for OS 5.0 and up


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