Piano Tiles 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v3.1.0.1132 Latest Version 2022

Download piano tiles 2 mod APK, a music game for android and get the full game unlocked.
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Download piano tiles 2 mod APK 2022, a music game for android and get the full game unlocked. You can check it on the Google play store.

About piano tiles 2 mod APK 2021

Piano tiles 2 mod APK music game for android. You probably already know this game, even if you haven’t played it yet. If not, then go ahead and play it in the appropriate section to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules.

Kingdom Rush Mod APK 2021

Piano tiles 2 mod APK is a music game where you have to tap on black tiles that appear at the top of your screen while avoiding the white ones.

There are ads, but they don’t come up much, so it’s ok for me anyway. The trick is to press each tile once because every time you press on one more than one time, it will be considered if you miss a note (a mistake).

Piano tiles 2 mod APK has different songs (levels) depending on how challenging they are (the “easy” song is called Moonlight and is composed of 5 notes while the “hard” song (Toxic) is made up of 9).

Piano tiles 2 mod APK has different modes: Session, Challenge, and Classic.

The first one lets you play freely with no time limit; the second one has you playing against the clock (the tiles will get faster as you get further into it), and lastly, there’s the classic mode which is like a campaign since it lets you go through all of the songs to achieve 3 stars for each difficulty level.

Piano tiles 2 mod APK music game has some weaknesses, though; for example, I think that it should have more time or at least give us more than just 1 minute per song because it gets frustrating when you’re almost at the end of a piece and then fail because of a stupid mistake.

In general, this is a good game with some minor flaws that could be easily fixed. If you want to download piano tiles, 2 mod APK, just click on one of the buttons below this article. Enjoy!

Features of piano tiles 2 mod APK

version: 1.04.0003

  • + New songs added! (now you can play “All About That Bass,” “Bonfire,” “Love Me Like You Do,” and even the super annoying “Fancy”)
  • + Many hidden songs unlocked. But don’t get too excited because some of them are locked again after a new update.
  • + Fixed a bug where sometimes the background was black instead of white. This may not seem important, but it is for those who never took their screen brightness to a maximum or minimized it on purpose for a better gameplay experience!

Steps to download and install piano tiles 2 mod APK

1- Connect your phone to the internet

2- Download piano tiles 2 apk file here followed by download button

3- Once the download is complete, install the piano tiles mod apk on your android device.

4- That’s it. Enjoy the game without any ads or purchases.

FAQS about piano tiles 2 mod APK

 Is the game Freemium?

Yes, but you can turn off all of the ads with an in-app purchase.

 Are there new songs to this app?

Not so much. At least not lately (the last thing I saw was only one new song for May 2015). So if you’re looking for a game with constant updates, then maybe it’s better if you try some other game like Piano Tiles 3 mod APK.

 Is there any way to unlock all songs without paying money?

No, unfortunately, that is not possible; however, if you want to play another music game similar to piano tiles 2 mod APK, I recommend checking out Piano Tiles 4 mod APK (one of the best piano games for android).

 Why do I see this “Install blocked by security settings” message?

You will probably see it if you don’t allow apps from unknown sources, which means that you haven’t changed your security settings to maximum. Just go to Settings > Security and check Allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources.

 Are there more songs in future updates?

No, until now, the only thing they do is change some ads or minor stuff like that. Maybe sometimes a new song but not much more than that. Maybe in the next update, they’ll add some new songs because, as you can see, the last update was almost a year ago!

 Is there an offline mode?

Yes, but no free songs are available offline because they come with ads. If you want to see what’s inside these piano tiles, just go to its official website and check it out for yourself. It has so many songs!

But if you decide to install the game, I recommend that you have internet access all the time because otherwise, it’ll be boring since all of the songs are lock until you pay (or if you’re good enough to get three stars).

I think that this game is pretty fun, even though some people say that it’s too hard. Sure, it doesn’t have that many songs, but the good thing is that you don’t need internet access all the time because some pieces can be play offline.


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What's new

- Offline mode
- Classic + recent songs
- Simple design and interface
- Normal mode & endless mode
- Diamonds and stars to unlock new song
- Smooth game playing
- Update song periodically
- Bonus (kpop & anime)



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