My Story – Mansion Makeover v1.78.108 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Latest 2022

Download my story mod APK 2021, a puzzle game for android which gives you access to unlimited money and tickets also access the premium features, game cheats, and hacks.
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Download my story mod APK 2022, a puzzle game for android which gives you access to unlimited money and tickets also access the premium features, game cheats, and hacks. If you did not get the download link you can also get it from the Google play store.

About my story mod APK 2022

Welcome to My Story mod apk – Manor Makeover, where everything you could ever want works out!

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Crash Fever mod Ver. MOD 

This is a fantastic and emotional game. My story APK If you enjoy games like Dots or TwoDots, this is the puzzle game for you. It is an addictive arcade style that will help you pass the time in the best possible way.

You start by connecting two dots, but when new colors show up, they add restrictions such as only connecting with dots of the same color or only moving vertically or horizontally.

However, there are no timers or pressure to complete levels quickly, so take your time and try to beat all 150 challenging puzzles!

My story mod apk: Merge coloured dots in 150 colourful and challenging puzzles and strategically use unique tiles (blacklight, mirror) to collect all stars and complete the puzzle.

Using a simple swipe mechanic, connect the same colour dots to create colourful links and score points. Make strategic moves to maximize your score and collect all the stars using as few links as possible!


– 150 challenging levels to master (more stories coming soon)

– Four different play modes: Normal, Timed, Moves and Infinite – each will challenge you in different ways. Normal mode without time restriction gives you a chance to think over each move thoroughly before making any decision.

Moves mode challenges your ability to plan and predict combinations while staying focused on the present moment.

Timed mode tests how fast you can think on your feet as you quickly slide, link and connect dots to achieve the highest score possible.

The infinite mode gives you an endless gameplay experience with dynamically generated patterns!

– Three unique tiles (blacklight, mirror) help you collect all the stars in each level by using their special abilities. You can use them strategically to play each group in different ways and beat it most efficiently.

– Play at your own pace without any time pressure, or race against time – do your best under pressure. The choice is yours!

– Special shapes like hexagons work as effective visual cues to give you a better perspective of the game board even when it has rotated due to tile placement, providing you with an additional strategic advantage over other players.

It- Easy to learn but hard to master.

– Elegant and simple game design; easy on the eyes, yet challenging enough to keep you playing for many hours.

– Stunning visual effects that make every game unique with ever-changing levels of complexity. Over 18 different colour palettes will ensure that each game plays like a new one!

Colours are based on actual colour blindness statistics, making the game playable by most people with colour blindness.

– Beautiful musical score provides a compelling backdrop that keeps you immersed in the experience without distracting from gameplay.

The music adapts dynamically to level changes, so it always stays fresh and engaging – no repetitive melodies or annoying loops!

– Fun facts about colours and visual perception at the end of each level.

– And did we mention that it is FREE to play?

All you need is a puzzle game!

Set out on an energizing experience and shield your manor and kitty from being removed by miscreants.

Redesign it as you own it, just by popping squares and tackling testing impact puzzles!

On the other hand, you at any point longed for having your very own chateau, presently your possibility! Try not to miss it and download My Story – Chateau Makeover.

Move into your house in the town of Oak may with vast loads of rooms, gardens, pools, jungle gyms, and surprisingly a helipad!

All that you can envision you’d find in a chateau, we got it here in My Story – Manor Makeover!

MOD features

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads while playing the game

Why download My Story – Manor Makeover? 

  • Tap and Pop and Impact! Moment fun!
  • Challenging clever shoot riddles to astonish you!
  • Realistic house and character configuration to feel captivating!
  • Design, adorn, open new rooms, a lot of house regions to remodel, never get exhausted!
  • Full of conceivable outcomes to make a novel manor! Pick your furniture to beautify your manor as you would if it were genuine!

Impact your way through addictive tap coordinating with puzzles: 

  • Tons of carefully planned impact baffles loaded with imagination!
  • Powerful supporters make the test considerably more charming and fun!

Be the house configuration ace you generally needed to be: 

  • All house makeover needs is a splendid psyche of a capable planner like you!
  • Decorate the library, kitchen, garden, tennis court, pool, and many more house regions to come!
  • Renovate your estate to make it the best house around!

Live a spellbinding story loaded with distinctive characters: 

  • Your experience begins by acquiring a chateau. Will things go as quickly true to form?
  • From caring neighbors and old companions to voracious money managers, associate with everybody and experience both the glad and unpleasant snapshots of life.

It’s an ideal opportunity to utilize your abilities for house planning, get some enchantment going with the makeover of your chateau, and transform your estate into something stunning once more! Configuration, embellish, open new rooms, revamp the house until it turns into your ah, back home again!

Astonishing coordinating with puzzles and a fun-fantastic chateau anticipate you! Download now For nothing!

Steps to download and install the game

  • Uninstall the previous version from the mobile.
  • Download the latest version from our website.
  • Turn on the unknown resources in mobile security options
  • After downloading the file move to mobile download folder
  • And lastly, install it and enjoy.

FAQS about the game

How many levels are currently available?

Answer: There are currently about 100 levels. We will be adding more very soon! Stay tuned for updates!

My story mod apk How do I play?

It’s easy to connect two same-colour dots with a single continuous line turning at most corners.

You can mix colours as you link up your path but do it wisely since some stains cannot connect! Keep playing to find out more. My story mod apk how long is each level?

Each game board has tiles of different colours and black tiles. The goal of the game is to clear as many levels as possible to advance your progress.

Challenges increase in difficulty over time, forcing players to continue thinking on their feet and keep sharp throughout the journey.

You start with a certain amount of moves(taps) that are used up every time you solve a level by connecting coloured dots or using unique tiles such as mirror or blackout tile

– you need to collect stars from each group. Too! When moves run out, it’s game over for you! For this reason, we have added an option to buy additional lives if needed.

My story mod apk What do I get when I complete a level?

Points on the board are called stars, and you get to collect them when you finish solving a level.

Stars are also use to unlock new skins for your game board

– we have over 20 different colour palettes planned, each with its unique design.

By the way, in case you didn’t know: colours in the real world work much like they do in this game!

How many levels can I complete in one session?

As many as you want! You will be able to keep playing after completing all 150 puzzles to beat your high score or just because we believe that ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans—my story mod apk.

Last words

– Awesome and colourful graphics – Free to play – Easy and fun to learn, but a challenge to fully master.

Furthermore, The number of moves is limited, so plan! – 150 unique levels that will test your skills. – Special tiles come into play as you level up: black light, mirror etc.

On the other hand, Each comes with its pros and cons, so use them wisely! More exciting features are added all the time!

Lastly, Please leave us feedback about how we can make this game even more impressive for you! We are reading every comment posted here or on our Facebook page — thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think 😉


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