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The age of technology is on the rise, and more and more people are switching from reading paper books to reading e-books. The advantage of an e-book is that it can contain a huge storehouse of knowledge that you can carry anywhere without being bulky like regular books. When reading e-books, it’s impossible not to mention the number one reading application on Android: Moon+ Reader Pro. If you are looking for a book reader that integrates unique features, then this is absolutely the app for you.

Moon+ Reader Pro Moon+ Reader Pro

Allows you to read easily and conveniently

Moon+ Reader Pro is a leading e-reader app that is packed with unique features to give you the best reading experience. This book reader allows you to read text files most easily and conveniently. Not only this, you can also customize PDF files with the provided features. The experience this application gives you will make you feel like you are reading a real book. You can easily and quickly archive, highlight lines or bookmarks, and more.

This application will have permission to read all book archives, whether PDF, DOX, ZIP, etc. Reading books from your smart device will put you at risk of eye strain or eye problems. Don’t worry as this app supports easy light adjustment with just one swipe on the left edge of the screen.

Unique text editing features

You can choose up to 24 actions to optimize on the pages of your book. Just like with real books, you can save more money and more easily by bringing a treasure trove of books anywhere. Not only zoom in or out, but Moon+ Reader Pro also allows you to write, overwrite or highlight important information. Just in this one application, you can read books like you are reading a real paper book and you can edit the font or font size of your choice when a text editor is at hand.

In addition, this application is also a dictionary when you can translate everything with simple touches, including special words. The app provides over 40 popular worldwide languages ​​for you to use.

simple to use

How to use this book reader is quite simple. You just need to learn a little then you can fully use this application. To use the app, you go to the main screen and select Menu, and the menu will display various items for you to choose from, depending on your needs. You choose NetLibrary to read books online with huge library of unlimited books. If you want to read books from files you have, My Self or My Files opens the file to read it.

special features

In this Pro version, you will get a comfortable reading experience with your own personal space without being interrupted by ads. Not only that, the application gives you a smoother and faster experience than ever before. The application also supports setting passwords to ensure the privacy of your documents, including digital and fingerprint passwords.

Audiobook mode is considered one of the most popular features of Moon+ Reader Pro. You just need to shake the phone, and your text will quickly convert to voice. If you don’t want to read books as usual, or you are busy with your hands and want to read and work at the same time, then this app is absolutely for you. Use headphones to hear the words clearly, and top motivational speakers will read great stories.

Customize Whatever You Want

The design of the application is quite simple and beautiful, and the application should always respect your preferences. Everything is given several options so you can decide for yourself. You can choose how you want the page to turn with 5 automatic scrolling modes. You can add your favorite authors and works to favorites. You can choose the lighting you want with a 95% eye protection filter.

No one can deny the convenience that e-books provide. Wherever you are, anytime you can absorb the great wisdom of mankind just with Moon+ Reader Pro. Packed with all the best features, you will not be disappointed while using this app. Reading, editing, audiobooks, dictionaries, everything is fast and convenient, and most importantly, they all fit into your smart device, and you can take it anywhere, anytime.

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