Minion Rush MOD APK 7.4.0 (Unlimited Money) Latest Version 2022

Download minion rush mod APK 2021 latest version for android, and enjoy the best casual game on your smartphone, which include unlimited money.
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Download minion rush mod APK 2021 latest version for android, and enjoy the best casual game on your smartphone, which include unlimited money.

About minion rush mod APK 2022

Minion rush mod APK is a casual android game which you can download the game on your android devices easily.

It is an online game that belongs to Simulation, and Gameloft has developed it.

On the other hand, it is an offline game, so you will not need an internet connection to play it after downloading it. If you like games such as Temple Run or Subway Surfers, you will definitely like this game because they are very similar in all aspects, from gameplay features to graphics design.

In addition, if you love playing with characters from famous cartoons such as Despicable Me, The Minions, and others, then the game will catch your interest more because most of these characters will appear in this game!

Furthermore, the gameplay of Minion rush mod apk does not require any special skills. You need to press the screen with one finger to make your minion run, jump, and avoid obstacles and enemies.

Moreover, you can also collect bananas in this game which will give you points and increase your lives when they are all collected.

Finally, there is a shop where you can buy items such as power-ups, shields, characters, and others with the bananas that you have collected during the gameplay!

So if you want to download minion rush mod apk for free on your android devices, then get the free file from this site.

Lastly, if you are looking for other amazing casual games then try Virtual Families, Gang clash and Everlasting Summer which are also outstanding games to play.

Features of minion rush mod APK

Obtain Minion through Quests:

Minion rush is an adventure game in which you can go on a journey with Minions to defeat enemies. You can enjoy the game only when you have minions.

So, for this purpose, you need to complete quests, surveys, and daily missions in order to get minions. Generally, it takes some time to complete quests and surveys which you can skip by making use of Minions rush cheats.


Enemies come up with a lot of weapons to defeat the players. For this purpose, you need to counter them by using your capabilities, strength, and power.

The special moves of minions are very important in defeating enemies. With the help of those special moves, players can smash their way against enemies as well as through obstacles on their path.

You should try to avoid these obstacles as far as possible because if you will hit them then it will be harmful to Minions health(life).

Fight against Kremlings:

Kremling is an enemy that appears only in the jungle (desert). This is the place where players can obtain bananas which are important for their Minions life. While traveling through the jungle, players may come across many Kremlings.

These enemies are more dangerous than other enemies because they have more weapons. Some of them possess some kind of big gun with which they can shoot right on your path.

They also have bombs that explode after some time and some of them possess some kind of shield to protect themselves against all kinds of attacks. So, be careful while passing through this area.

Spend your earned bananas on buying powerful abilities :

Players should know about minion rush cheats because it helps a lot in getting free bananas. By using this code, players will get enough amount of bananas.

With the help of bananas, players can buy special abilities in the shop. Abilities are important for defeating enemies and reaching destinations safely. So, make sure that you understand these things properly before playing the game otherwise it will be harmful to Minions.

Use Minion rush Hack to get more powers :

Minion rush is an amazing game in which you have to go across lots of obstacles while fighting against enemies. You should know about minion rush tips & tricks because they are very helpful in beating your enemy quickly.

For this purpose, you need to use your skills and tactics wisely so that it becomes easy for you to beat all kinds of enemies easily.

There are many other ways through which players can defeat their enemies such as using weapons, powers, and other abilities.

Players can also make use of Minion rush cheats to get a sufficient amount of power(amount) which helps them to defeat their enemies easily.

Use special moves properly :

Special moves are very important tools in the game because they are helpful in defeating your enemy quickly. But sometimes, these special moves can be harmful to both players as well as Minions’ health(life).

So, players should carefully use their special moves against enemies because if you will miss then it will become harmful for your minion’s life. To successfully complete your journey, you have to keep an eye on the cooldowns period.

It is basically a time interval between two consecutive uses of powers or other essential things which you should know about.

Make use of Minion rush Hack to get necessary things:

You should know about minion rush cheats and hacks because they help a lot in obtaining free bananas, gold, coins, and other important commodities that will help you to complete your journey successfully.

These tools are easy to download and install. With the help of these tools, players can easily defeat their enemies without getting harmed. If you don’t want to play the game by spending real money then you can try using minion rush cheats.

Complete tasks regularly :

Players must know about all kinds of tasks which are very important for Minions success. For this reason, players need to complete their daily quests, surveys as well as missions on time. So, make sure that you are completing these things on time otherwise it will affect the performance of your Minions.

Be patient :

When players will start playing the Minion Rush game then at first, they will lose several games due to lack of experience. It is very important for them to understand all kinds of essential things related to minion rush tips & tricks which help them to complete their journey successfully.

At first, players have to play the game with patience because, after some days, they become experienced and know about all kinds of strategies so that they can use this knowledge in defeating enemies easily. Without having proper knowledge about the game, it becomes almost impossible for new users to defeat their enemies within a short period of time. So, players should be more patient while playing the game on their devices.

Keep your minion safe:

Keeping your Minion safe is one of the most important parts of the game because you don’t want to lose control over them. For this purpose, players must know about all kinds of Minion Rush cheats and tricks which help them in keeping their Minions safe from enemies and other harmful things like traps which are very dangerous for both players as well as Minions health(life). So, make sure that you understand properly about these things before starting your journey.

Below are some parts of the game:

– You can download it offline.

– This game is compatible with android version 4.0 or higher.

– This game is free to play!

– It’s easy to download!

– Most of the famous characters are in this game.

– Many obstacles and enemies will stand in your way, so be careful while running! – You can collect bananas for buying power-ups, shields, characters, and others!

– There are different types of fun environments that you will run through during the gameplay, like beaches, jungles, glaciers, and others!

It’s exciting to keep running all the time because there will always be something new on your way! So get minion rush mod ap for your android devices now, and if you need apk files of other games, you can find it on this site!

If you’ve been down to see your Minion Rush, but suddenly from an absence of tokens, though it may be the IAP, you have more interest in their actions.

After all, these little yellow creatures are adorable and funny. Now we will tell you how to play without spending money on IAPs. Here’s what we do:

1)Start minion rush mod apk mod with or without internet connection.

2)When at the beginning of the game, click the”Skip Tutorial”

3) On the main menu, immediately press “Forfeit Race.”

4) Come back to the high score list and choose any level like “National Bank” and start. Now you can play without spending money on IAPs and fully experience the fun of Minion Rush!

If you are interested in getting this game for your android devices clicks the download button below:

MOD features

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlocked
  • Free resources

FAQS about Minion rush mod APK

Below are some FAQS about the game

 Is it possible to get more bananas in the game without spending money?

Yes, you can win extra bananas in this game with the help of our tricks!

How many types of power in the game which can I buy for my bananas?

There are two kinds of power-ups that you can purchase from our store: Magnet Up & Golden Banana Up.

What is the main goal in the game?

The main goal in the game is to run as far as you can with your favorite characters from Despicable Me, The Minions, and others.

How do you get points in the the game?

You will contact points by collecting bananas and completing different missions, which are available at the start of each level!

Does it need an internet connection to play the game?

No, it does not require any internet connection to play this game because it is an offline game!​

How to Minion rush download PC?

Now you can download and play the minion rush pc and for that, you have to download and install the android emulator for pc.

What is Minion rush hack APK?

To get the minion rush hack APK you don’t need to hack the original game but install the modified version of the game we have provided which includes minion rush cheats and hacks.

How to get Minion rush APK?

If you have no access to the play store for any limitation then you can use the above-provided link which can directly send you to the play store where you can easily get the minion rush APK file.

What is Minion rush release date?

June 10, 2013, is the release date of the minion rush game.

How to get Minion rush unblocked?

You can access the fully unblocked minion rush game by utilizing a cracked version of the game.

How to get Minion rush unlimited money?

The mod APK of the minion rush game includes unlimited money and minion rush unlimited tokens.

From where to watch Minion rush video?

Check at the bottom of the post where you can watch the minion rush game trailer and for more videos check on youtube.

What is Minion rush world record?

4,164 meters is the world record of the minion rush game.


The Minion Rush MOD APK gives you admittance to limitless cash to play anything you desire and most important the game is free to download and play.

What's new

Hello, Runners!
The new TEAM BUILDING update of Minion Rush is here!

⚓ Viking Story: The Minions are spending time on a beach rebuilding the Viking ship!
🌮 Lucha de Mayo (coming soon): The Minions are selling tacos to help Agnes get to the wrestling event!

🗡️Viking: Cutest barbarian you know!
🦄 Fluffycorn: Ready for every pajama party



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