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Enter the arena and meet many powerful athletes from around the world. The best thing you should take care of is not using weapons or support equipment. Therefore, every fight starts with your strength as a priority. Unleash ferocious attacks such as punches, kicks, and super-speeds to knock down your opponent, sending him to the floor as quickly as possible. At that time, you will win and win the opportunity to open new levels with more battles.

Martial Arts Karate Fighting

Fight and kill DOZENS of the strongest BOXERS in the world

The game will bring you fascinating battles in the dangerous ring. Enter the stage with a happy attitude as the audience greets you with joy. But that is the situation if you win the tough match in Martial Arts Karate Fighting. Do your best and defeat all the strongest boxers in the world. They are all professionals who will play against you in qualifying.


When winning in confrontation rounds or more, in the last round. More people will know you, and your reputation will fly further than ever. At that time, players will become the champion in Martial Arts Karate Battle with world famous martial arts. The audience will like and trust you more. You should try to show your strength and practice.

Martial Arts Karate Fighting


As mentioned above, the challenge you have to do in this game is not to use the weapon support. In other words, you can only use your God-given strength or effort. Show off your most special moves like punching, kicking, or speeding up and smashing your opponents in the ultimate Muay Thai fight. With hard practice, you will fight and defeat your enemies in no time.

Use the power move against the PRO

Play like a pro no matter what sport you’re playing. that will happen soon. Practice and improve your ability to resist attacks and increase your strength. Fight against the experts who even they can’t fight for a second.

Martial Arts Karate Fighting

Win and spend time to unlock many new things

Each match with each type of battle will be different for the players. Sometimes, you will feel your energy increase when going through austere exercises. Take time to win even the smallest competition. Only when you win will you have the opportunity to unlock many special levels. Then we will bring you a better battle.


Don’t look to anyone in the ring; unleash your attack power and defeat them. Every competitor who competes with you in a Martial Arts Karate Battle is a greedy person, and they will try their best to find out your weaknesses and hit them. the gym. So, unleash attacks that can knock them out in seconds as soon as you have time.

Martial Arts Karate Fighting


  • Take part in hundreds of practical challenges without using weapons or equipment; Each race will have a battle of all disciplines competing with you
  • defeat all competitors to compete with you, destroy them with your maximum power and win the world championship; you will become more famous.
  • The game has a variety of martial arts that are famous in the world, all of which require the best technique and strength, to demonstrate good skills during the Muay Thai competition.
  • Your enemies are countless; they are the experts in the world, using all their strength will not be able to overcome this skill.
  • When you win all the challenges, in addition to the corresponding prizes or awards, you will have the opportunity to open a new level, which will be a more exciting battle.

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