Magic Archer v0.305 MOD APK (Immortal, Unlimited Money) Download

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The game is equipped with tons of interesting details that give you the opportunity to practice more of your skills, and you will be taken into the world of archery superheroes. You will become the wielder of great power to be able to fight to protect your land from the hands of dark forces. They will always be close to find a way to attack, so you need to practice hitting anytime, anywhere. Use your skills to win and destroy them all.

Magic Archer: Hero hunts for gold and glory Magic Archer: Hero hunts for gold and glory


If you like to play competitive games, then Magic Archer: Hero hunt for gold and glory will give you a place to play with everything you need, and at the same time, you will enter the game’s most stressful time. You will have an adventure to a world full of mysterious stories when you turn into a superhero with a great responsibility on your shoulders. Your land will suddenly see the dark fat; They are coming more and more to destroy everything and trust you, so hurry to do the work and destroy everything to save this place from their terrible hands. The game will provide you with basic weapons, bows, and arrows, so you can customize your character and start participating in new battles while directly fighting the enemies. very big.

Start your QUEST while using amazing skills to fight

Magic Archer: Hero hunt for gold and glory will take you to unique game content while constantly updating new features for you to be independent. In addition, the gameplay is set not too difficult so that you can quickly get used to everything and use agile maneuvers to kill easily. You will have to meet with enemies that are very powerful in the first level, but don’t worry; Always focus on fighting to win.

In addition, players need to use their skills very well when traveling in large areas. Your task is to use your weapons by aiming the bow and arrow to be aimed at the enemy while generating enough power to crush them all. In addition, you also need to be careful because they will always wait for you to open an attack.

Magic Archer: Hero hunts for gold and glory Magic Archer: Hero hunts for gold and glory

POWER UP YOUR SUPERHERO to overcome difficulties

You will have to meet new challenges regularly, so you need to improve the strength of your superheroes and meet the challenges offered by the game directly. In addition, you will find new targets when the enemies come more, and they are around you everywhere; You have to be careful not to be careless. However, they will constantly challenge you for strength, so use the power of the bow and arrow that you have to deal with the monsters that always appear in this land. You have to complete the challenges to get good results and overcome new levels.


To win quickly, you can unlock new powers and find new weapons that can kill enemies. Magic Archer: Hero hunting for gold and glory gives you a challenge to assert your strength against opponents; You can collect experience to avoid being inferior to other candidates. Also, you can combine your strength and make the most powerful bow and arrow to defeat them all. In addition, new items will open in turn, including armor, magic rings, and many gifts for you to recognize and give your character.

Magic Archer: Hero hunts for gold and glory Magic Archer: Hero hunts for gold and glory


  • Become a legendary superhero when coming to the harsh world, and you also have to fight with very dangerous opponents; Your task is to use the main weapon of the bow to kill the enemies in front.
  • The game will provide you with a character that you can control and operate easily on the screen to start intense battles as well as train your new skills.
  • Special game, in addition to the exciting features for you to be free, you have to make your archery speed to be aimed at the enemy and destroy all of them to save the area .
  • An exciting game where you can gain experience and skills and give more power to win, so be careful in every situation.
  • Players will be allowed to unlock new characters with weapons that have high damage and reliability in all areas; now, it is time for you to find peace in the country before the enemy destroys it.

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