Mafia City Mod Apk 1.5.357 [Unlimited money] Latest Version 2022

Download mafia city mod APK 2021, a strategy game for android which includes unlimited coins and money.
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Download mafia city mod APK 2021, a strategy game for android which includes unlimited coins and money.

Table of Contents

About Mafia City Mod APK 2022

Mafia city mod APK is a strategy game, and the mod includes unlimited coins and money. It also includes unlimited boosters. The mod version of Mafia City will help you get all items in the game and unlock everything in it.

This is a great chance to take advantage of the scenario by hacking the game. Better weapons, Unlimited Money, and many more new things will make you be a better player in this game. Try not to waste your time and start right now.

Lastly, if you are looking for other amazing strategy games then try EMERGENCY HQ, US Conflict and Zombie Defense which are excellent games to play.

Amazing features of the mafia city game

The best cars are easily accessible

Mafia city game brings out the true flavors of being a mafia kingpin, given its easy access to the top-notch cars that are purchased for throwing parties and creating scenes of a glamorous lifestyle. This is something that you cannot experience in any other mobile strategy games.

To get the most advanced cars you need to get mobsters up to level 6 which will give you the access to buy the best cars. So this is one of the best features of the mafia city game.

There are unlimited ways in which you can customize your character

Mafia City has a lot more customization options available for your character, be it clothing or tattoos that are required for boosting the charisma which is needed if you want to become the next big mafia boss.

All these things are also necessary for looking stylish and presentable so that people look upon with respect when you pass by them in the streets. So this shows how much effort has been made by developers to give you an amazing mobile gaming experience without compromising on any feature.

You can visit your friend’s game houses

Mafia city mobile has introduced the feature of visiting your friend’s houses which is a great thing if you want to get an insight into what kind of lifestyle he or she is living.

It is like seeing the snapshots of their lives and gives you information about where they are planning to get you killed, so it is also beneficial for moving on with your mission.

There are more than 13 cities to explore

You can visit various places in Mafia City such as Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many others which makes this game a highly enjoyable and addictive one.

This shows how much effort has been made by developers for giving players an amazing and different experience while playing mafia city on android devices. If we talk about other mobster games then this is something that players do not get to experience.

You can buy a new house

This feature of the mafia city mobile game makes it very different from other mobster games available on the market because you cannot buy a house anywhere else after the Godfather 2.

But there is a certain price range for buying a house and once you have bought it, your gangsters will guard that place without you having to pay them any money.

This is one of the best features of this mobile strategy game. It does not take much time to upgrade your home so that top-notch cars can be parked inside the safe garage.

Over 100 different kinds of weapons available for killing your enemies

There are too many options when it comes to upgrading your weapons because there are over 100 different kinds of guns that are available for you.

You can keep changing the gun as many times as you want, but this will cost you some money which means the mafia city is flexible enough to afford these things with ease.

Difficulty increases with higher levels

For completing various missions in the mafia city mobile game, players have been given a choice to select their difficulty level from easy to very hard.

So if you get bored by killing cops and taking down rival gangs easily then it’s time for you to get addicted by playing on hard mode where even getting 1 star will become difficult at times.

There is no end number of houses that can be bought

Mafia City Mobile Game has introduced a new and unique feature in this game because it is not like other mobile strategy games where you cannot buy more than one home at a time.

This makes mafia city highly different from all other mobster games so if you are looking for something new then this is the best strategy game that can be downloaded on Android devices these days.

There are no loading issues

Mafia City Mobile Game has eliminated the problem of lagging or loading issues which is common among most of the online games that are played on android devices these days.

You will not have to wait too long just to see your character moving on the screen, everything happens instantly without any waiting period required.

So this shows how much effort has been made by developers for giving players an amazing experience while playing mafia city on android devices. This is something that cannot be offered by any other mobile game available on market right now.

You can change the font color of the chat window

Mafia City Mobile Game has introduced its unique feature where you will get an option to change the color of your chat window, this means you can play it like a silent game if you want to because nobody will be able to read what are the messages that you are sending to your friends, gang members or enemies.

So if you don’t feel like talking then there is no need for doing so and mafia city gives complete freedom for players when they want to use their imagination while playing with characters.

MOD features

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Diamonds

Unlock All Weapons

Great Chance To Take Advantage Of The Scenario By Hacking The Game.

Better Weapons & Many More New Things That Will Make You Be A Better Player In This Game. Try Not To Waste Your Time And Start Right Now.

– Unlimited Coins and money:

The mod includes unlimited coins and cash. It also includes unlimited boosters. With the help of these mafia city cheats, you can easily buy anything from the store with the in-app purchase without having to spend a single penny from your pocket money.

– Unlock everything:

Well, it is self-explanatory that when you have unlimited money in your account, then obviously, every item will be unlocked for you. This feature will prove very helpful to progress in the game very fastly and effortlessly.

– Unlimited Boosters:

What would a strategy-based online game be without its boosters? If you think that using boosters makes things easy for you during the gameplay, you might be wrong. Because now, you can use unlimited boosters with the help of our newly released Mafia City Mod APK 2018.

– Add Unlimited Money:

As we all know that in every online-based strategy game, money is significant for each and everything. Whether it is upgrading weapons or purchasing ammunition, money plays a vital role. Now you can add unlimited virtual currency to your account with the help of our modded version of Mafia City. However, don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

No Root Require For Using This MOD APK

As most of us know, almost every mobile game has been infected by various ads, which makes playing extremely difficult.

But, don’t you worry at all because our team of coders has made sure that the new version of Mafia City contains Zero ads and won’t ask for any special permission.

– Unlimited Stars:

Once again, we have a piece of fantastic news for the fans of this game. Commonly, most players want to get unlimited stars in their accounts, but they can’t do so because they lack knowledge about hacking.

So with our help, it will become relatively easy for you to add as many stars as you like without worrying about anything else.

How To Install And Use This MOD APK Of Mafia City Game (APK+OBB)?

1- First of all, you have to install the apk file on your device.

2- After installation is complete, you have to place the OBB file in Sdcard0/android/obb.

3- Use one of the File manager apps from PlayStore to locate and click on obb data and then click on it.

4- Now, you will find a folder named com.Gameloft. Android.GloftMZHM might be label as a game mod or a MOD+DATA file depending upon your android version and whatever you are using for an os.

Follow all instructions provided above, and you are good to go with this Mod APK without any issues at all…

FAQS about mafia city mod APK

1- How To Install Mafia City APK+OBB On Android?

Download the modified version of the game we have provided and install it on your smart phone.

2- Can I install this Mod APK or Hack on my PC?

Yes, you can.

3- The game starts but freezes after the loading screen. What should I do?

You should change your mobile or upgrade it.

4- Which version of apk is right for me?

Below provided version is best for you and every one.

5- How to get unlimited money in the mafia city game using MOD APK?

The hack APK we have uploaded on the website is the best for getting unlimited money in the game without spending real money.

6- Will I lose all my progress when updating it to the latest game version installed from the play store/official website?

No, you will not.

 7- Does it work on x64 or android devices like Nvidia shield tablet (k1)?

Yes, it works on this kind of devices.

  8- Will this modded apk work on my device no matter what the os version is?

Yup, it will work.

9- How can I download and install mafia city (cloud) MOD APK for free on the android tab.

The app is free to download and install on your device from our site so don’t worry.

10- Will This Modded apk work when I change the os from Nvidia shield to stock android or vice versa?

Yes, it will work.

  11- Can this guide be used for iOS no jailbreak devices such as iPad(air), iPhone(5s, 5c)?

Yes, it will work.

13- How To Download And Install Latest Version Of Mafia City Game From Google PlayStore Properly Without Errors And Problems?

You can check the download and installation guide above or can check on youtube.

14- Is this game works on my device without an internet connection and rooted android device?

No, you will need internet connection.

15- Does this game need high specifications android device to run correctly?

No, it can work on normal devices.

 16- I want unlimited ammo in Mafia City, so can you help me get that done?

Download and install the modified version and enjoy unlimited money.

17- How do I play with the new release of mafia city there any installation needed for the latest version of modded apk?

You should check the installation guidelines above.

 18- Will I be banned from playing mafia city if I use your MOD APK on my device.

No, don’t worry about getting ban as the mod is already tested on different devices.

 19- Shall I uninstall the original game or remove all old versions before installing MOD APK?

Yes, you have to remove the older versions from the mobile.

20- If Yes, Then How To Uninstall The Original Version Completely From My PC And Mobile Devices?

Check the video on youtube and follow the steps.


So, guys this is the full review of the mafia city game which is one of the best game to spend the free time while on the other hand you can access unlimited coins, stars and money in this mod without spending real money.

What's new

【New Contents】
1. Vigilante-Related:
(1) New Vigilante Skin: Celestial Gambler Specter.
2. Share Feature:
(1) Spy Reports and Help Requests can now be shared through private messages.
(2) Players will now be able to share their Equipment and Turf Effects.
3. Fish Trip Event
(1) New Sea Area: Bermuda Triangle

【New Features】
1. New Decorations:
(1) [Mafia Air Parade] Turf Effect.
(2) [Wisteria Garden] Combined Turf Effect.
2. Some sound and visual effects have been added.


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