Lost Island Mod APK (unlimited stars-coins-money-lives) Latest Version 2022

Download lost island mod APK 2021, a casual game for android which includes unlimited lives and money.
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Download lost island mod APK 2021- 22, a casual game for android which includes unlimited lives and money.

About Lost Island Mod APK 2022

Lost island mod APK 2022 is an interesting casual game for android. This game is the sequel to the previous game called a lost island. The game features similar graphics, gameplay, and music as its predecessor, allowing fans to feel comfortable with only minor changes in controls and playing style.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other amazing casual games then try Minion Rush, Fishing Diary and Idle Space Farmer which are also perfect games to play.

The goal of this game is simple: help our hero survive a plane crash on an abandoned island by exploring it, gathering food, and building shelter while carefully managing your energy levels throughout.

To do so, you will need to spend a lot of time searching for valuable items such as wood logs which you can use to make tools or refine into other things that will help protect yourself from dangers lurking at night.

Various crafting recipes are scattered around the map, almost requiring the player to every nook and cranny if they want to stay on top of things.

The developers have also added several new features that will keep players entertained for hours on end.

These include the addition of dinosaurs, farming, and even more miscellaneous items, all of which can aid you in your quest to survive.

The game’s controls are straightforward, as are the instructions, so you’ll be able to jump straight into this world without reading any tutorial or having to spend too much time trying to figure out what is going on.

Lost island mod APK has all along been one of my favorite games on android because it tries not to stray too far away from its roots while still offering enough variety and new content to feel like an experience worth having again, especially if you’ve completed the previous game.

Lost island mod APK is an RPG game on android, but it’s not like Runescape, which you can play with your browser.

It requires you to install the toolkit plugin first. And if your device is rooted, it will ask for root permission during installation.

Amazing features of the lost island game:

Love Story

A love story is the main part of the lost island game. You have to help a young man fall in love with a beautiful woman he met during his vacation on an exotic island. You have to decorate a villa and a beach to impress her and win her heart till the end of the gameplay.

Abundant Mini-games and Funny Quests

There are abundant mini-games and funny quests in the lost island game which doubles the joy of the gameplay, such as crushing ice cubes or bake cakes at a cake shop or going fishing with your sweetheart to have a date on a yacht. You can also decorate wedding dresses for brides to be prepared for their weddings, or take part in carnivals and street parties. It’s so much fun!

Diverse Locations to Explore

You will visit different types of locations during your adventure from city to jungle, from the beach to mountain peak, from dreamland to hell itself. The more secrets you explore this vast island world, the more treasures you find, the more rewards and bonuses you can get.

Stunning Visual Effects

Lost island game is one of the most beautiful games which features stunning visual effects with vivid characters, colorful elements, and fancy sceneries. You will experience this unique adventure travel in lovely sceneries like sun-rye fields, wild forests, sparkling beaches, or majestic mountain peaks.

Upgrade Your Equipment to Get Better Rewards

There are six types of equipment that upgrade your capacity to explore new hidden places of this vast island world that may be full of secrets and dangers waiting for you to discover them! It’s surely an effective way to make your progress easier. Of course, upgrading your equipment requires sufficient game coins available on your account or this island game.

Stunning Pets to Collect

During the gameplay, you can find different types of pets wandering on the island which will be impressed by your truly unique style and join you as your companions in adventure travel during the lost island game. They are brilliant furry friends like puppies, bear cubs or little deer…etc. You can upgrade their levels by matching runes with them till they reach their max level! That’s amazing!

Craft Your Equipments to Be Unique

You can craft unique equipment based on your design by using materials collected during the gameplay which may include wood panels, metal parts, gems, and many other elements found everywhere on this exotic island. You can craft as many as you want as long as you have enough materials available on your account.

Hidden Elements to Find

As a best free simulation game, many hidden elements are waiting for you to be discovered in this amazing island world, such as special pets, impressive furniture or rare coins…etc., which may bring you extra rewards and bonuses when they are found! Hide your searchlight well especially when the rain is pouring so that nobody sees it shining from afar!

Challenge Tombs & Dungeons to Be Legendary

There are tombs and dungeons which contain rich treasures and legendary items like ancient crowns and scepters at the end of each dungeon level during the lost island game. The more difficult the dungeons are, the better treasures you will find. Challenge them to stand out from others!

Multiplayer Mode to Meet New Friends

You can challenge your friends or even random players around the world in multiplayer modes such as racing and survival games. It’s so much fun since you can both help and compete with each other at this island game!

MOD features

  • Unlimited stars and coins
  • Extra lives
  • Unlimited money

Steps to download and install the game

1- Click the download button and save the installation package or OBB file on your computer.

2- Connect your device to your computer and move the OBB file to the Android/obb folder.

3- Then you can install this file from Google Play directly on your Android device by tapping the down arrow at the top right corner of the Google Play Store.

4- Open extracted folder, double click “com.gamesapkworld.dan” icon to play it with Bluestacks! Have fun playing our game 🙂

5- If you are using Tekken Game for PC – Click Here For Details. After downloading it, connect the phone to the PC via USB cable/Bluetooth, then run TekkenGame.exe & choose ‘Android’ as the target device.

6- Install Game Guardian or Game Killer APK to hack coins, gems & resources unlimited!

7- If you want to run Dan the man game on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) – Click Here. It’s simple and doesn’t need bluestacks! 🙂

FAQS about lost island mod APK

Q: Why I can’t install this game?

This is an exclusive Android game, so if your device isn’t android, you will fail to install it. Android emulator for iOS is available at Cydia via IPA installer, but it requires a steep learning curve, and well-known emulators support not all the features.

Q: Why I can’t play this game on Bluestacks?

It’s because that bluestacks has the wrong graphic driver, which cannot support this kind of high-end mobile game well enough, even with an external GPU!

Q: How to fix lag issues when playing lost island mod apk?

A: 1- Make sure your device runs on a minimum of 60FPS.

2- Set rendering mode to “OpenGL” from “OpenGL ES.”

3- Close bluestacks and reopen them.

Artoolkit Plugin is required to play this game. Please install the plugin before you start playing the game!

Note: If there is no menu for plugins, please enable the unknown sources option to proceed with the plugin installation process via file manager or other apps as google play cannot do so because android prohibits it by default.

And also, a working internet connection is a must for installing plugins automatically via Google Play Store app, so please ensure your network status is good enough to download and install them!

This blog will not be responsible for any issue caused due to an error from these steps! So follow the instructions carefully at your own risk!

To ensure your device’s security, please don’t install any plugin which is not on Google Play Store’s official list! Thank you so much for being so cooperative!

For more FAQS about this game, please visit our Facebook Page.

Q: Why I can’t play this game?

A: Don’t be panic if you cannot play this immediately, especially after buying it because currently, only technology called “4K Streaming” is available, which requires a considerable bandwidth to stream 4k quality smoothly without lag issues, so the video quality will depend on your internet speed so please test before purchasing with PPSSPP Emulator free version first.

If you already bought it with the PPSSPP emulator and it still doesn’t work, try to delete and reinstall the game again!

Q: Is there any cheat code for this game?

A: No, there isn’t. But please read my latest blog post about lost island mod apk to know how to become ultra-powerful so you can trounce bosses without spending too much time on them, even with a weaker team!


Lost Island Mod APK is a game that will make you feel like an explorer who has just discovered something new. Play this game to experience the joy of exploration and discovery!

Lastly, if you are facing any issue related to download and installation then try to use comment section below we will fix the issue ASAP. Thank you

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