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Although it is a puzzle game and it seems boring at first, it is a game that will give you the best experience through the exciting challenges that are to come. Also, if you are not feeling any interest in simulation games anymore where you cannot make your choice freely, then this game will surely fulfill all your desires. Start your journey to conquer new goals and discover hidden surprises in this puzzle game.

life choices life choices

Repair your city and become any character

Life Choice will take you from one wonder to the next when constantly offered unique features, even more than just starting to experience, moreover you will integrate into this world and begin your exploration. The city you are visiting is in crisis and needs repairs to return to its original state, so your mission is to help Unicoville meet the requirements and open a new city of its own. Plus, you need to bring in new residents to this city and live like a real local.

However, the game will give you puzzles that make you think carefully to answer, so always pay attention and give the correct answer to overcome the challenges. In this game, you don’t need to be static, but you can freely transform into many different characters depending on the task you do, so start your journey now.

Rebuild new cities and hone your skills

The game won’t ask you to do anything, but you can, so play it according to your style and the requirements of the game. Life Choice will be a place for you to express yourself with over 1000 custom choices among characters. Your mission is to reshape and live their lives; You’re also the one who decides their fate through tough questions along the way, so don’t be too surprised when you start with a kid and end up with an older one.

life choices life choices

In addition, you need to build and renovate houses in Unicoville and make the city work again as it were. The game will give you sharp 3D graphics to easily inspect the city and remodel houses quickly. In addition, your lifestyle will be reflected in each character with different personalities, so search based on your intelligence.

Choose any job to live in the city

In this game, you will live and work like a normal person, so the first important factor is that you have to find yourself a stable job to be able to survive and make a living in the harsh city. Life Choices will provide you with a variety of options, so you are free to find the right job for you, including being a doctor, police officer or even the president. However, the first step you need to take is to finish university in order to have the opportunity to develop yourself further.

The exciting feature of this game is that you don’t have to live according to any framework because here you are. If you have the passion to save the world or the king who rules the country, then becoming a superhero is also a good idea. Even if you are lazy and want a more comfortable life, you can choose to be unemployed and earn money by serving others.

life choices

Be the good guy or play the villain

The new levels you unlock will have even more interesting stories with many unique and equally fascinating features. As mentioned above, this game will let you live with your style so you can be good or bad. However, in order to win the top spot and prove your strength, you will need to fight in the Karma leaderboard at the beginning of the role of the villain. In addition, you will face many difficult challenges that require players to make the right choices so as not to regret and conquer new goals. Be careful because the puzzles of the following levels are not simple, and carelessness can lead to unexpected results.

key features

  • The puzzle game with new themes promises to bring you the most unique experience, the game will not indulge in boring stories but you will discover many new things
  • Begin the quest with interesting stories revolving around the city of Unicoville. In addition, you need to build and renovate the city to bring it back to its original state
  • The game will give you the freedom to choose your own characters and live their lives, so you just need to find the character that matches your personality, then take the quiz
  • Built with 3D graphics you can easily inspect and rebuild the houses inside this city, while you also need to use your skills to answer questions.
  • With your character, you can find the object you want to marry, then give birth to and raise them, but you need to think carefully when making extremely difficult game choices.
  • Choose any job to live in this city, become successful businessman, beggar or villain. It’s all up to you.

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