Left to Survive v5.3.0 MOD APK + OBB (Menu/Damage, God Mode, Ammo) Download

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Left to Survive: Survive. The Last State of the Dead opens an apocalyptic world that forces you to fight for human survival. The fierce war with zombies aims to destroy the human world. We allow you to use weapons, the most modern guns, in addition to helicopters to attack, destroy the enemy’s base of battle.


The world zombie apocalypse happened in the year 2024. A deadly virus spread by droplets attacked the world’s most populated areas. You play as a survivor named Michael, saving people and cleaning the area from the dead. Enemies can be behind every corner, but you will have to be armed with melee power and different weapons. Along with fighting zombies, equipping, and improving the camp, players will participate in solo and team PvP bouts.

Left to Survive: Survive.  The State of Death

The world becomes dangerous around the world

The story takes place when zombie forces suddenly attack the human world. They consider human life as food. The result is that there are zombies on the ground next to the destroyed buildings. This place is now no different from a wasteland filled with smoke, fish smells of blood. All survivors become gun-wielding heroes fighting to save the world, reverse the situation to prevent the apocalypse.

Left to Survive: Survive.  The State of Death


To support the mission of killing zombies attacking in every street and city, the player is provided with state-of-the-art defense weapons from Left to Survive : Survival. In the hidden treasures, appearing in front of you are pistols, machine guns, and sniper rifles. You will have the freedom to choose them whenever needed depending on the content and the purpose of use to complete his work, win for the players.

Left to Survive: Survive.  The State of Death


Left to Survive: Survive allows you to create them by gathering and combining detailed information to create unique weapons that only you can have. Your hero power will become important if you can upgrade the weapon to a new level. In addition, your power becomes more and more thanks to a special tool, which is a jet plane. They help you attack from above to surprise and crush the enemy in the form.

Left to Survive: Survive.  The State of Death


In the world left to survive: Survive in the apocalypse, all the lucky survivors turned into a reluctant heroes. Meet them and start talking to have a united army. In this process, each person has a different personality, ability, skill, and weapon. As a united movement, let’s strengthen the members’ power to destroy the destruction of zombies on people.


The time to destroy all the zombies forcing them to return to their homeland is to prepare a surprise attack. This time, the helicopter makes it useful while allowing you to explore the area and have a view from above. Thanks to that, you will come up with the necessary ideas, wisdom and initiative. You may have to rush into a fierce and fiery battle with your opponent, but the opportunity to collect zombie weapons is open, let’s dig and bring them back to the base .

Left to Survive: Survive.  The State of Death


For a safe, secure, and safe environment, Left to Survive: Survival encourages you to build your own army. This will be a place that allows you and other survivors to take refuge after returning from the battle and also a place where everyone comes together to develop ideas. In addition, all members’ weapons are carefully guarded in a secret room in a special military area.


  • In this survival game, you have to fight swarms of zombies.
  • You will have many options for tools if the world comes to an end!
  • Take them all together in this shooting game!
  • Engines are checked and ready to attack the base in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
  • Compete with other players in player against player matches.
  • Build a stronghold to secure your survival!

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