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Free download kaboom mod APK 2021, an action game for android, and this cracked version includes all skins, VIP unblocked, and mod menu.
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Free download KUBOOM Mod APK Unlimited Money and keys 2022, an action game for android, and this cracked version includes all skins, VIP unblocked, and mod menu. You can check it on the Google play store.

About kuboom mod APK 2022

If you’re looking for a modded APK of Kuboom, then look no further. This site has the most up-to-date Android game modifications that are out there.

We’ve got everything from new levels to improved graphics and gameplay tweaks. If you want to get an advantage over your opponents in this fun puzzle game, then try our kuboom mod APK (unlimited money and keys 2021) right now!

Online fights with a large number of players from around the world! Tune your weapons, overhaul your character and win!

Lastly, if you are looking for other amazing action games then try Among Us, Climb the Stairs and ZOMBIE HUNTER which are also perfect games to play.

key features of KUBOOM 3D MOD APK

1- Game graphics

The game graphics are a mix of pixels and color to give the feeling of the cartoon while keeping the freshness and originality. The background of the kuboom game adds the main role in the style of pixel art, it makes you feel like playing on an old-school arcade machine.

2- Angry Birds mode

In this mode, the player does not have to worry about shooting the ball in the center of the block, this mode makes it easy to play for children. You need just use your hand to shoot balls at blocks to break them.

3- Puzzle Mode

This mode is used for brain training and thinking skills, players can solve puzzles by breaking their own configured shapes. The shape you configure should have at least three cubes. This model has 10 levels that each level becomes harder than before.

4- Easy control

You just need a finger for controlling the game, you don’t need to use joysticks or other controls. Slide your finger on the screen left or right or slide up-down, then release your finger when you see your desired position and the ball will shoot on that position.

5- Endless mode

This mode is just like Angry Birds, it has no limitations for time or balls to shoot, but the cube’s shape must be configured from you before starting to play. You can configure any shape you want with a size of at least three cubes. In this mode, your mission is breaking as many blocks as possible. The player will lose when his life becomes zero.

6- Multiplayer mode

You can choose between two modes :

a – Player Vs Player: This mode allows two players to challenge each other in a one versus one battle over a local network by connecting two mobile devices through Bluetooth.

b – Player Vs Computer: In this mode, the second player can control a bot that will help you to break blocks while playing.

7- Network multiplayer mode

In this mode you have three options :

Player Vs Player, Player Vs Computer, and Player Vs Server. In all these modes the first two players play with their mobile devices over a network while they are connected through Bluetooth or WIFI network. On the other hand, in the player vs server option, the players manipulate bots with their fingers over one device (by using the touchscreen) while controlling them through another device (computer or tablet ) through a network connection. Please note that both devices should be linked by the internet to access online networks (lobby). The objective of this game is to break blocks placed on board. The player will lose when all his lives become zero.

8- Sound effects

The sound effects of the game are original and lively, it uses sounds to draw players’ attention to the new cubes placed on board. Using notification style for different events: cube break, new cube placed…etc…We also try to use some non-standard music in the game for each level.

9- Shooting balls with a background image

This feature has two modes: normal mode and angry birds mode. Both modes shoot balls using the same way of controlling but in angry bird mode, you do not have to worry about shooting ball center of cubes. Instead, you just need to shoot at any part of the cubes without aiming center.

– Dynamic fights 5×5 group mode, with up to 10 parts in the “Deathmatch” with positions and matchmaking!

– Easy control with the capacity to auto shoot (can be impaired in settings)!

– Good advancement and high FPS!

– More than 20 painstakingly planned and adjusted guides!

– More than 50 units of various sorts of weapons!

– Weapon customization: sights, silencers, lasers, expanded clasps, compensators, and considerably more!

– More than 100 of the skins for weapons!

– More than 45 garments for character customization!

– Beautiful illustrations, not consuming a lot of room on your gadget!

– Clans with the chance of making family wars!

The game expects association with the Internet.

We don’t have any pixel weapons, just excellent models.

MOD features of KUBOOM Mod APK Unlimited Money and keys v5 0

1- More levels

We are working now on developing more levels, reaching 200 levels in puzzle mode is our goal.

2- More shapes

We are also working on adding many different shapes that might be unlocked by completing stages or buying them for gold coins, the player will have enough time to configure these shapes with different sizes.

3- More game modes

We are working on adding different game modes that might be unlocked by completing stages or buying them for gold coins. Each mode will be unique and separate from others.

4- Leaderboard

We are also doing some works on creating a leaderboard where players can compare their scores with other players around the world. We plan to create an online multiplayer lobby to make our game more interesting for players. this feature should soon become available in each version update.

5- Achievements

The achievements system is now available, you can unlock achievements while playing (and not only) by achieving what is described in its requirements. You can see your achievement list by clicking the “achievement button”.

Steps to download and install KUBOOM MOD APK free Shopping

1- Firstly, go to the end of the post and click on the download button

2- It will send you to download page

3- Here, tap on the download button and wait for sometime

4- Now move to mobile security options and enable third-party apps

5- Uninstall the older version if you have already installed it already

6- Lastly, install the downloaded file in the mobile file manager, which will take 5 to 10 seconds.

FAQS about kuboom mod apk

Q: Can I play this game on mobile?

A: Yes, it can be played on mobile using the touch screen. But this game is designed to work with a touchpad so you will have more fun if you use it.

Q: Why should I buy the full version of your game?

A: You can follow its development and see new updates that are often added to the full version. You also support our team which is working hard now on getting more levels, shapes, modes, and other features soon.

You should note that we do not intend to make any money from selling our game for no purpose (eg buying virtual goods or something like that). We want only people who like to play games like ours to pay for it because they enjoy it.

Conclusion of kuboom mod apk

The kuboom mod apk is a great way to add more levels and modes of play. If you’ve ever played the original game, then you know that there are only three difficulty settings in this version.

With the kuboom mod apk installed on your tablet or phone, however, it becomes much easier to explore all six different gameplay modes for a greater variety of challenges at any skill level.

Whether you’re looking for an easy mode where every block slides into place with just one touch or want to take on expert mode where blocks can be rotated by touching them from four directions simultaneously, the best part about these new features is they don’t cost anything extra! You get everything included in this app without

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