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Download the latest version of knife hit MOD APK, one of the best arcade game for android which includes unlimited coins and money.
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Download the latest version of knife hit MOD APK 2022, one of the best arcade game for android which includes unlimited coins and money.

About knife hit mod APK 2022

It is a pretty popular game, and it’s very addicting when you start playing. A knife hit mod APK is an arcade game for android with increasing difficulty.

Blockman Go Mod Apk

There are obstacles like wind and ice blocks that may change the blades’ direction, slow down your score, and increase the distance to the next block (1 point). If you touch any obstacle, your score will be reduced by 10 points.

You can play in three different modes: level mode, endless mode, and infinite mode. in the level mode, you have to hit all blocks on your way to get the maximum score. there are ten levels – 10, 20, 30 … 100 points.

If you collect one of four types of knife power-ups (penknife/fire axe/katana/chainsaw), you will get a new knife that is stronger than the default knife.

In infinite mode, every block starts at ten points, and there isn’t any checkpoint on your way. If you collect one of four types of power-ups (penknife/fire axe/katana/chainsaw), you will get a new knife that is stronger than the default knife.

In endless mode, there are no checkpoints, and blocks start at 10 points, but every block is worth 20 points, and you get a new knife for every fifth block.

For both level and infinite modes: after playing for a while, you will enter the frenzy mode meaning that if your next hit is an obstacle – you will lose a life.

If you collect a new knife, your frenzy mode time is refreshed to total duration. The maximum number of lives is 500, and it can’t be increased in any way. If you have no lives left, it’s game over.

You can choose difficulty between easy, medium, and challenging, which means how many blocks you have to cut.

You can also play in multiplayer mode, where you have the same knives as your opponent and a bunch of other knives that are stronger, but they will appear less frequently. There is no difference between different difficulty levels.

Basic controls: tap once on-screen to lock the knife’s position, tap again to release the blade. But remember lock-on wind or obstacle, and it will be game over.

In multiplayer mode, controls are different – both players make tap once to lock knives horizontal position, the second time for the vertical one.

It is a pretty popular game with lots of fans playing it every day. I hope you will enjoy playing as much as they do.

You can also play the game online on Facebook.

You can download a knife hit mod APK for free from our site here.

Try it and have fun! A final knife challenge is here! Toss the blades into the logs to break them. Cut the apples and open new blades. Chief shields each fifth stage – beat them to get elite blades!

Be mindful not to hit the blades or the spikes. Time your activities, target cautiously, and turn into the knife ace!

Would you be able to beat every one of the supervisors?

FAQS about the game

1- how to hack knife hit mod and get unlimited money?

– follow the steps in the article. If you have any problems, leave a comment, and we will help you out.

2- I cannot play knife hit mod online on Facebook.

– for this, you need two devices connected to the same network (e.g., wifi) with the same game progress.

One is yours and the second is a friend’s. Then they can see your game in their game center just like you see theirs.

There might be problems related to network connection between devices, but it shouldn’t be a massive problem if you both have a decent internet connection speed (at least 200kbps).

I’m playing knife hit mod online with my friend all the time on both android and ios devices.

3- knife hit mod keeps crashing?

– many different reasons might cause it, but the most common is that your device doesn’t have enough memory.

For example: if your device has 512MB of ram, it will work better than the 1GB version or vise versa.

You can also try to clear data of knife hit mod by going to android settings – applications – all (on most devices, not on htc, for example) – find knife hit mod or related game there and click “clear data” button.

It will reset the game, but then again, your online friend might have some problems with the connection.

4- knife hit mod is not running?

– you have to install the .apk file manually. Just go here, download the latest version of the knife hit mod for your device, and install it as a regular application.

You can also try to download one of the previous versions from the google play store, but it might give you some problems with the connection if another player already has the same version.

5- knife hit mod keeps disconnecting?

If you have decent internet connection speed (at least 200kbps upload and download), there shouldn’t be any problems with connections, but it might happen sometimes. First of all, your friend should check his internet connection because it is a common problem on lower-end devices.

Last words

We are sure you enjoyed playing our knife hit mod hack, and if you did, please share it with your friends. Also, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message with some suggestions. Thank you for reading! I hope this helped you out somehow

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