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If you have a little knowledge of the DC universe, you wouldn’t know that was wrong. It’s a story where heroes don’t act anymore, and they fight for different reasons. Here, for example, Batman and Superman become two evil kings, and they are the real kings of this world and rule everything with strict rules.

Injustice 2


With the latest update, players will be responsible for the battle to fight the Legendary Mr. Freeze. Push all the heroes into the Ice-themed arena. Everyone must save Gotham City before it is pushed back to the cold ice age by a supervillain.

A choice you will be happy about

Almost every character you know from the DC universe appears in the game. Iniquity 2 creates a world where everyone has a passion for fighting, and they can use any excuse to get into battle. Have you ever thought that the image of a hero with pride and the goal of justice will fight? All available here.

Injustice 2

Like I said before, Batman and Superman are really kings. A fierce competition ensues, where DC’s superheroes and supervillains meet in a setting created with an epic CCG. Heroines such as Super Girl, Cat lady, Raven, … In addition, participate in the competition to show their strength. They also have superpowers that can outright fight male heroes.


Iniquity 2 worships the battle, where everyone fights until a winner is found. Therefore, the game has created many different combat modes to help players diversify their experience. They use all their strength and their playing skills to fight for their goals.

Injustice 2

If you like Superman, practice Superman’s heat vision; If you’re a fan of The Flash, you can use lightning kicks or Harley Quinn’s cupcakes! Generally, each move in this game has a separate function. They make the fighting gameplay of Injustice 2 unique and different than all other games of the same genre.

Rewards from each battle and how to make your character stronger

Every battle you pass is rewarded with items. Of course, when you win, the items you get will be more valuable. They will be a good foundation for you to make your character stronger. Looks like you can use these things to create your favorite superheroes. Or players can also spend money to unlock and advance different levels.

Injustice 2


This is a unique feature of this series that I find intriguing. Iniquity 2 allows you to customize your character and equip them with various abilities. For example, Justice League Batman, Mythic Wonder Woman, Multiverse The Flash, and a slew of other people have special abilities that distinguish them from their predecessors in the Justice League. This shows that the two characters are similar and have different battles. A different aspect of the game’s gameplay is:

  • There are many types of options available.
  • Exclusive DC characters will be featured in the regular game
  • Characters from other worlds also show up and have many unique skills
  • Top-notch fighting gameplay, and amazing stunts Fierce action
  • Increase your character’s strength thanks to powerful gear
  • A battle that combines many characters of a party to create an irreversible change
  • Team up with your friends to create scenarios that make the attackers unstoppable
  • Unique 3v3 battles help players control the pace of the game

Injustice 2

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