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Horrorfield mod APK is an action game for Android. The actual true nature of the experimental laboratory is revealed. The torture mechanism of this project causes them to become crazy. They are not puppets; also, they are alive! They feel pain, and they can die.
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Horrorfield mod APK 2022 is an action game for Android. The actual true nature of the experimental laboratory is revealed. The torture mechanism of this project causes them to become crazy. They are not puppets; also, they are alive! They feel pain, and they can die.

You will have to fight through many enemies who use different ways of killing you. Some are fast runners. Some are even jumping at you from high places, trying to make you fall or grab on your neck.

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Bad things happened in this town; maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go there? But did you ever want to see how a person reacts when he’s being chased by something that wants him dead? That’s why we built the Horrorfield attraction!!!

All these thoughts were destroyed with the last phone call my sister had. The police found her in the middle of an abandoned street. They told me she was screaming, “He’s back… Horrible things are happening again…” I could hear noises in the background, which sounded like screams, but they probably were just chilling effects for this horror attraction?

Horrorfield mod APK is a zombie action game full of thrilling levels and quests. Your mission is to eliminate zombies, save humans, stay alive and escape from the Horrorfields. For that, you have an exceptional weapon inventory with shotguns, grenades, launchers, etc. You can tap on your enemy to eliminate him or solve puzzles to open doors. But don’t forget about the ammo because you’ll need it too! If you want to survive all the levels, you will also have to help other survivors and ask for their help!

The mod APK is not an official version. It has been modified by Android users who wanted more than the developer had put in the game. This Horrorfield mod contains unlimited money, an unlocked level, and a God mode. You can download it from our website free of charge.

We recommend playing this game with a good internet connection because it’s a P2P (peer-to-peer) multiplayer game, but if you can’t make a connection work, then don’t worry, our Horrific mod APK includes single-player too! Just choose your character and play offline without having to worry about online.

Features of Horrorfield mod APK

1- The game comes with amazing 3D HD graphics.

2- Unique characters to choose from! Many horror characters, you can even become one of them.

3- Straightforward controls (tap the screen), but that is also available if you want to control your character manually.

4- You can open safes and doors to escape or stay safe inside rooms for a while by solving puzzles.

5- Easy missions with excellent rewards.

6- Add items like grenades, health pickups, etc., in the field when necessary.

7- Upgrade your weapon skills easily after completing certain levels! This depends on whether you’ve played well or not. That way, it’s more challenging! The better you play, the more points you get, and the more issues you have, the better your weapon skills.

8- You can find objects in missions that may help you to become a legend! Some will give you money for free; some others will make zombies easier to kill. Or even upgrade your character with armor, a helmet, or a mask.

9- Many kinds of zombies with different powers, each one. They don’t follow the same rules as ordinary people. Are they dead? Also,  Are they alive? Are they humans or not??! Be careful if you want to stay away from these dangerous creatures. If one of them makes a crazy jump at you, then it’s over for sure!

10- When being attacked, zombies always think enough time is left to jump on your back or stay away from you. They are very clever creatures.

11- You can become the best player in the world by ranking yourself on the global leaderboard. Check how are you doing against other players; who has more points?

12- Use our mod APK and get all these unique features for free! Don’t waste any more time; download Horrorfield now!!

13- More levels are coming soon. We want to keep providing updates so that every new group will be a surprise for you! Now download our mod APK … The suspense is killing us too!! HAHAHAHAH!

14- A lot of blood and gore in this game because we love it. Blood can be seen everywhere when there’s a battle between humans and zombies. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

This Horrorfield mod is the solution to all your problems. The game becomes much more straightforward like it’s on accessible mode 🙂 But not only this, but it also gives you unlimited money, so buy anything without having to worry about how much it costs. It also unlocks level 5, meaning that now you can play through all levels, including the last one! Last but not least, activate the God mode within the game itself, which will make you invincible! How great is that? So don’t wait any longer.

Steps to download and install Horrorfield mod APK

1- Click the download button like you always do on this website.

2- Click on install and wait for some seconds.

3- The game is ready to play! Enjoy yourself 😉

FAQS about Horrorfield mod APK

Q: How can I install the mod?

A: It’s straightforward; follow the steps that are shown in the installation guide. You’ll notice that it takes less than 2 minutes.

Q: Do I need to root my Android device to apply this mod?

A: No, you don’t! There is no risk involved, so don’t worry about anything 🙂 Just click the download button, and everything will be ok.

Q: It doesn’t work after installing; what should I do now?

A: Well, if you followed all of our instructions carefully, there is nothing more to do than wait for an update (this happens whenever we find a bug). If it still doesn’t work, then please contact us by email or leave a comment below.

Q: Is it safe to download this mod?

A: Yes, the mod is completely safe and undetectable by the game developers as long as you follow all of our instructions.

Last words on Horrorfield mod APK

A new level and unlimited money are finally here! Everyone will enjoy this mod, and we can all be happy 🙂 Thanks for choosing and downloading our product. We hope you had a good time with it! If you did, please share the experience by giving us five stars on google play :). That’s very important for us to get better every day. Don’t forget that we always do what we promise to deliver, so there is no doubt about that. Would you please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions? Good luck!

What's new

- Minor improvements and fixes overall the game



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