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The hair competition is a casual game where the player controls a girl with endless long hair who wins all kinds of attractive competitions. The game is completely inspired by the famous movie Tangled by Disney, including character creation, environment, challenges, and lots of fun. In addition, it has a friendly community of players and broad relationships to give everyone the best gameplay experience.


Hair racing has a simple content, so its gameplay is friendly regardless of its view or depth in each race or mission. People manage their behavior to move in a difficult and difficult way and collect a lot of hair to have long and smooth hair. It’s still the player’s main role, because they have to collect as many hairs as possible and pass all the special moments from their magic hair.

Hair competition

Hair competition


All the designs in each level exudes an attractive and funny beauty as they are all straight lines but twisted in 3D. Along the way, there will be traps or difficult problems to cut the player’s hair as short as possible, and there are also a few places for the player to sacrifice their hair. Besides those, the level also spawns more hair for players to lengthen their hair before everything is lost.


In addition to the design in each level, Hair Race has many different difficulty levels to make a difference in the game of everyone. The difficulty of each option has been shown to be useful, including character movement speed, hair restrictions, and many other features that make the player flexible. Although everything goes for relaxation and fun, the player can change the difficulty for more fun.


The most important thing in the game is the beautiful and bright design of the icon, giving players many options to enjoy everything to the fullest. The content of the design includes a variety of knowledge and designs from the East to the West and even has beautiful skins for the players. They can change the hair in any experiment and put it on a unique, realistic, and beautiful color.

Hair competition

Hair competition


Hair Challenge players always love the invisible challenge and challenge points of achievement, and more. Therefore, his score is only about the best players or in each region, but players can invite friends to join this game and together show themselves from the scores. In addition to that, some special modes will also allow players to compete against each other in real time.


If players are bored with keeping their hair as long as possible, the rest of the game will be different and more demanding. That includes cutting short hair as a tool or tool on the way, thus maintaining the score and keeping the hair clean and not loose or long. More exciting content will come to players regularly and give them the best experience through slow but fun gameplay.

The hair contest is one of the wonderful topics for those who like to play with the magical hair of girls. Moreover, it is also a new knowledge that players should not make the pitfalls when collecting more hair to overcome the hole or get the highest score. On top of that, meeting other players is always a bit of fun, enough to lift everyone’s spirits from this game.

Hair competition

Hair competition

– Creative arcade gameplay for fun anytime, anywhere.
– Beautiful and fluid hair for the experience.
– Lots of hair customization and gorgeous dresses.
– Compete with other players from the leaderboard.
– Play with friends in a real-time competition or try to work.

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