Granny Mod APK 1.7.9 (Unlimited money / God Mod) Latest Version 2022

Download Granny Mod APK and enjoy one of the best and successful horror game in this modern era on your smartphone.
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Download Granny MOD APK (Mod Menu) 2022 and enjoy one of the best and most successful horror games in this modern era on your smartphone.

About the Granny game 2022

As someone who is really into RPG games I always enjoy playing the latest released game in the market. And if that game has some sort of character creation feature then it becomes even more fun for me since I can spend hours customizing my characters.

Also, if you are looking for other amazing arcade games then try Specimen Zero, Blockman Go and War of Rafts which are also outstanding games to play.

What’s even better is if there are good looking skin textures for my characters or at least make them look more unique instead of using the default skin colors provided by the developer.

Also, the availability of different armor parts also adds to this customization feature which makes RPG games more enjoyable.

So when I came across this article about a “granny mod” on gamesapkworld , I was pretty excited and downloaded the APK right away so that I could get my own granny modded character in my mobile.

If you like horror movies and like to play horror and adventure games the Granny is for you and the story of the game is that the Granny lock you in a house and you need to escape from that house without making any noise also find different tools which will help you to escape from the house.

You will be given a time of 5 days to collect items that will help you escape from the house, and these items can be a hammer, shotgun, and crass bow to shoot the Granny.

The house in which Granny keeps you have different five floors which contain garage and attic areas.

 The player needs to clear the obstacle at the front door to escape from the house, and the other option is to repair the car in the garage, which requires many of the accessories like oil pump, gasoline, spark plug, battery, and engine parts.

To hide from Granny, you can hide under the bed and wardrobes. On the other hand, if Granny caught you, she can swing a baseball bat on the player’s head, and your first day will be ended here.

Moreover, you can get damaged if you try to jump from a very high place, and also a spider can also harm you, which will be there in the woods.

The game’s main character is cute Granny, who is very thirsty for your blood, so you need to avoid this old monster and crazy Granny to escape from this nightmare.

The creature is a significantly older woman, but it has sensitive hearing and other senses, so you need to act silent and avoid touching different items that may make noise.

On the other hand, if you make any noise, the Granny will be active and ready to hunt you and escape from this situation. It would help if you hid so Granny could not notice you.

Also, avoid kicking bats that can bite and kill you, and here will be the end of the game to fight these evils; try to explore the house and collect items and different door keys to move to the next level.

Lastly, you will enjoy the game as it’s fun and adventure to play Granny and is very popular worldwide as there are more than 100M downloads from the play store only.

Granny Mod APK download Outwitt is an RPG game available for iOS and Android, which is quite popular in China.

It’s not the only one Granny mod. There are lots of hacked version with different features like unlimited money/gold, max hero level, max level of all items unlocked…

If you don’t know how to play it yet, check  this  guide .

Requirements: Rooted mobile device (there will be no problem if you use emulator)

There are 2 things you need to change your game fully modded. First thing is “skill build”, second thing is changing display name. This tutorial covers both of them 🙂

1) Modding skill build (skills unlocked when hero reaches lv5 or lv10)

This is the most important thing. After modding skill build, you will be able to play many more different strategies!

(1) First of all, tap your hero portrait (in game menu). You will see 3 tabs like “skills”, “equipment” and “personal”. Tap the last one (the name should be your avatar’s name).

(2) Now there are 2 sub-tabs below: personal information and change info. Tap the second one (change info).

(3) There should be a few skills unlocked by default. We need to change those first so that we won’t have any problems later on …

(4) In this case, I want my hero to learn full magic power skill tree. So I need to change “curse of the forgotten” (lv5) to “full magic power”, also known as fmpl for short.

(5) To do so, you have to tap this red cross icon, then mark full magic power on the right-up corner and finally tap transfer button at the bottom center of the screen. It should take about 30 seconds 🙂

(6) If everything is done correctly, there will be no hint nor pop up on the screen when it’s finished transferring skills. You can turn back your hero portrait by tapping left side or leave the menu by tapping right side. Now curse of the forgotten has been replaced with full magic power!

(7) Repeat step 4 and 5 and replace other skills (lv5 and lv10) into magic power ones:

fire ball -> meteor shower;

lightning bolt -> thunder strike;

ice arrow -> ice age … etc.

After replacing these 2 skill, go to step 8. Otherwise skip this step and move on to the next one. Now you should see full magic power as unlocked skill also in personal information tab where you can spend skill points later on. Don’t worry about those additional lv1-4 skills which you don’t need anymore. They won’t affect your gameplay at all!

(8) When entering hero’s personal information tab again, tap change info sub-tab and then enter magic school: fire/light/ice. By default, it should be fire (red icon). If there is no red and white circle in the middle of the screen, that means you haven’t transferred all skills completely or something went wrong …

(9) Now we can unlock any skill we want to 🙂 Check this screenshot:

Here I unlocked ice age (lv1), meteor shower (lv2), magic machine (lv3), mental fatigue (lv4) and light barrier (lv5) which are all free lv1-5 skills! You can check other heroes’ portrait to see what’s available.

This method works for Fire/Water/Wind/Earth school too – just replace “magic school” with your desired school name in step 8!

(10) After spending all skill points, go back to personal information and replace curse of the forgotten again (lv5). Your hero will reset and you can spend full lv5 on this new skill build.

2) Change display name I don’t think this is necessary but might as well share it here since it’s pretty easy …

This method works for both iOS and Android:

(1) First off, check your display name by opening Game Center (on iPhone)/Google Play Games (on Android). If you see your real name there, that means we can change our heroes’ names! You need to reset your identity on these platforms first before doing so.

(2) Go to Setting app on iOS or scroll down Google Play Games to find “Link with other services”. Make sure it’s linked with your Game Center/Google+.

(3) Open Summoners War and change game language to English. If you see English name instead of Korean one, that means we can go ahead!

(4) On iOS, open Setting app again and scroll down until you see “Game Center”. Then hit the button called “Change Display Name” which should be right next to your nickname. Do the same on Android but under Google+.

(5) Now you need to check our new display name by opening Game Center/Google+ where it says “Summoners War”. Your name will appear there instead of your real name!

I’m not really sure how many steps it required to reset our identity on these platforms, but I did it too long time ago. My current Game Center (on my new phone) says “Kim Jang hoon” again even though I changed the name into “Spencer Pax” 😛

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Features of Granny Mod APK unlimited ammo

The game is full of features, and here we are going to discuss some other you will notice when you start playing the game.

  • New spiders added
  • New nightmare music and chases added
  • Frond escape door added
  • Easy to control the game
  • Scary music related to the game and perfect graphics
  • Very addictive game

About Granny Mod APK

The Mod APK of Granny is a modified version of the game. You can also call it a cracked version to win the game easily.

On the other hand, by using Mod’s latest version of Granny MOD APK not attack, you can go around the house and hide anywhere while the Granny will not notice you, and there is no chance of harming you.

In the modified version, you can find different items and equipment without any difficulty, escape from the house quickly, and jump to the next level.

Features of Granny Mod APK

  • Ads-free
  • You can quickly clear any level
  • Unlimited items to fight with the enemies
  • In the modified version, you can easily hide from the Granny
  • By collecting different things, there will be no noise
  • granny mod menu apk

Download Granny for Pc 

Granny download for PC and play the game like pro players and control the game using your mouse and keyboard.

By downloading the granny for PC, you will get everything you expect in-game which gives you the real-time gaming experience.

One of the best things about playing Granny game on PC is that you can play the game for the whole day and night without limitations.

When you play games on your smartphone, you need to recharge your phone after 3 or 4 hours, but here on PC, there is no limitation.

The features are same as Granny for android phone and Mod APK but on PC it is very easy to control the game and need not to recharge your battery.

Granny chapter two APK

Have you played the granny game and enjoy the game and looking for another part of the game

and confused about where to get the other part?

You are then at the right place because we are providing the latest version of Granny chapter two APK and can quickly get the game from

Let’s go to the story of the granny chapter two games as you know in the first part of the game there is a granny which keeps you look at the house, and you need to escape from the house in five days.

There are different strategies to escape from the house in the given period, and we think that you already know the story of the first part of the game.

Now let’s move to the Granny chapter two APK where there are a Grandpa and same old granny which lock you in their house, and you need to escape from the house.

To secure yourself from these monsters, you need to escape the house and keep in mind that you should be quiet and careful.

Here granny hearing is also fast, but the grandpa cannot hear sounds properly, but the hitting capacity of the grandpa is powerful.

Be careful while picking the things because if something falls on the floor, the granny will hear the noise and will run very fast toward you and try to kill you.

You are at the house for five days and make strategies to save your life and escape from the house and hide in different places.

On the other hand, if we talk about granny chapter two APK then mostly they are related to granny part one.

How to download granny Mod APK

1-Go to the download button at the bottom of the post

2- Click on the download button, which will start downloading in a few seconds

3- When the file downloaded-go to the file manager of your smartphone

4- Click on a file to install and allow a third-party app to run on your phone

5- After installing the app, you are ready to play the game

Important tip

If you have already installed the original app from the play store, then uninstall it first; otherwise, Granny hack will not work.

FAQS about Granny Mod APK


Mod APK is a modified version of the original app to make it easier to play games.

Is it possible to get banned by using the Mod version?

There is no chance of getting banned by using a modified version as we have tested before posting it. Also, you don’t need to worry about your privacy.

Is this Mod APK is free to download?

Yes, you can get this modified version of the granny app free of cost by clicking on the below-given button.

Can we use Mod APK on IOS?

No, this Mod APK is only available for android users.

Is this Mod is ads-free?

Yes, this Mod APK is free of any ads, so to get a real game experience.

Are there any hidden charges for downloading Mod?

No, you will get this Mod APK without spending any penny and no hidden charges.


We hope you would like the game because it’s a fun and adventurous game and not like other boring games like racing and many more.

The granny game is a little challenging, but if you download it for the first time, then we guarantee you that you will be addicted to the game and spend all the time playing the game.

Lastly, if you face any issue by downloading any other problem related to the granny app, you can tell us by commenting in the below comment section. We will try to fix the issue as soon as possible. Thank you

What's new

1- fixed all the errors

2- increase the speed for the player to move fast



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